Sunday, May 29, 2011


75 Chocolate Chip Cookies

Eric's family recipe found here on MADE.
Yum, yum!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Random Pictures

Here are some random pictures from the iPod.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Swimming Lessons

When we got back from Florida, I knew I had to get Ava into a swimming class as soon as possible. The weather hasn't been swimming weather so I didn't want her to lose her new skill. We went to trusty Cal Elite and got her in a week long session, every day for a week. Ava was so excited to start her swimming lessons. Look at this pose she gave me while she was waiting for her first lesson to begin.

The first question she asked the teacher when she got into the pool was, "Do I open my eyes under water?" She is always so concerned with not opening her eyes.

She is becoming more confident and in the second lesson she was swimming more on her own.

Here is a video of Ava at her second class:


I wanted to get another video and pictures on her last day but I had Leah with me and was occupied. She is swimming more on her own and it was great to get her in the water again. I think we will do private lessons this summer. I am so happy that she can swim on her own! We are proud of her.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Josie is 2! Tessa is 5!

The girls have two cute friends that we met at gymnastics, Addison and Joselyn. They are sisters and they are the same ages as our girls. Josie turned two and we were invited to Tanaka Farms for a strawberry party. It was a really cute party and it was fun to get to know Heather and Pete better too.

Ava went to another birthday party recently, for Tessa. She turned 5 and had a cooking theme. Here is the picture of all the little chefs lined up. Ava loves being in playgroup with Tessa. The Richardsons are a great family.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baby Griffin

Last night we went to visit the Blairs at Hoag Hospital to meet their newest addition, Griffin Porter Blair. He was a perfect little baby. We love new cousins and will be getting a few more this summer! Congrats Cameron and Wendi!

Born May 13, 2011 at 9:50pm
7 lbs 11 oz, 20 3/4 inches

Spring Show

Ava had her gymnastics recital yesterday. She was really excited to perform with her class. Here is the Kinderoo Squad with their coach, Miss Ofie.

Here is Ava's excited face right before the show began.

After the performance the girls received medals for being "star performers".

Our little gymnast with her parents. Gotta love that little smile.

Gram, Grandpa, and Jill were there to watch the show too.

Here is the video of her performance.
It was a really bright recording. Ava is the 5th girl counting from the left.

And here is the end where all of the performers are out on stage. Eric eventually zooms in on Ava as best as he can.

We were proud of Ava, she has learned a lot in the past few months and has gotten a lot stronger.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Florida Trip

We had such a great trip! It was a much, much needed vacation with lots of family time. The girls warmed up pretty fast and it only took them a few days to adjust to sleeping there.

While in Florida we went swimming almost every day. Ava swam in her ring, floaties, a noodle, and finally got brave and learned how to swim on her own in the shallow end of the pool. We were so proud of her! Leah loved jumping in over and over again and waving bye to everyone before she jumped. We wasted no time at all getting in the pool as soon as we got into town.


The girls usually went in the pool every evening and then got in their jammies for bed. The pool worked magic for wearing them out.

One day we went to Lowry Zoo in Tampa. Leah was Grandma's little buddy all day long and Ava was Eric's little buddy. It was pretty cute.

We really enjoyed this zoo and saw a lot of fun animals and the girls were excited about all of them.

This zoo has splash pads and kiddie rides.

We convinced Ava to go on the flume ride. We got soaked! But it was fun so we went twice.


The carousel is always a hit!

We were able to feed the birds. The colors on these birds were incredible.

Ava got to ride a camel! She loved it and was such a big girl up there all by herself.

We reached the end of a long, fun day!

We got together with Scott and his family a couple of times and played in the pool and played games.

Ava wanted to show off her batting skills. It was fun to play with the cousins too. Katie and Emma were so fun to play with. The girls love them!

I loved being there for Mother's Day. I posted the pictures earlier but I found a couple more.

We spent a day in Fort De Soto Park.
My parents treated us to a Segway tour and we loved it! We went on different terrains and went 12 mph sometimes. Our tour guide was from Lithuania and I had a hard time understanding everything he said and had a few funny misunderstandings.

We met my parents and the kids by the water for a break during our tour. They had this cool bench swing that the girls loved and it had a beautiful view.

When the tour was over we met up with everyone again and our nice guide let Ava ride the segway. It took a little talking into but she loved it. I was super nervous but she did great and didn't go too fast.

Afterward we went to the beach. I love how warm the Gulf water is. Everyone had fun swimming in the waves.

The next day we traveled down to Naples, FL to visit the Miller family. We stopped to see the Tervis company on the way there. We like their cups - they keep our soda cool for hours. :)

The love bugs were out and we smashed a million on the way there. We even had to stop halfway to wash the windshield since we couldn't see.

We went to see the Miller's house and then picked up Chloe from school and headed to Chipotle for lunch and then to the beach. The girls were happy to see each other and played really well together.

That night was Kam's baby shower! Baby Alice will arrive in less than two weeks and I was so glad we were there to help celebrate. All of Kam's friends were super nice and made me feel welcomed. Gerrit and Eric stayed home with the four girls, ordered pizza, and played. We are so glad that we were able to get a glimpse of their Florida life.

Not only were we there for Mother's Day but also my Dad's birthday! We celebrated with ice cream cake and gifts. Ava was super excited.

On our way out of town we stopped for burgers and shakes. Leah and Papa wore their hats together.

The girls slept almost the whole way home. It was a great plane ride! We get to see the Novak parents in two weeks in Utah which made it a little easier to say goodbye!