Saturday, February 26, 2011

Debra's Shower

Today I went to Debra's bridal shower in Glendora. She was one of my roommates for a few different years in Provo. We have a ton of great memories together. She was the first to bring me to Southern California, In-n-Out, Disneyland, and Huntington Beach. It's been far too long since I have seen her. It was really fun to catch up with her and hear about her future plans with Jared. Her two girls were there and I haven't seen them since they were babies and now they are 8 and 9! I love this picture of Debra because it jut captures her - she is always smiling and laughing.

Debra is so much fun! I'm so happy that she found true love. Congrats!

Friday, February 25, 2011

THE Ultramarathon Man

Here is Eric's post about meeting Dean Karnazes and running with him:

Bryan lent me his copy of Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes about 3 years ago. Dean's stories about his 100 and 200 mile ultramarathons were so engaging that I read the book twice. He then ran 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 consecutive days a couple years ago. And then yesterday, I checked Facebook and Dean had posted (I "like" Dean on FB, haha) that on Friday morning, Feb 25th, he would start running from California to New York City over 75 days, beginning at Disneyland!!

When I checked his real-time map this morning, he was running east on La Palma toward Yorba Linda. I decided I couldn't miss the chance to run with Dean, so I drove (changing into my running clothes as I drove) up to Gypsum Canyon Rd and La Palma to find him (I stopped at Bryan's office on the way and he lent me his tablet so I could get real-time info on where Dean was). And there he was, running down La Palma. I pulled into the first parking lot I saw and joined him in his run. He had two support guys on bicycles with supplies. But other than that, it was just him jogging along. He was super cool and friendly. I asked if I could run with him for a bit and he said, "Of course!" With a confused look on his face, he asked me a couple times, "Wwwwwhere did you come from?" I told him how I had checked his map, took an early lunch, changed in my car, and jumped out the second I spotted him. He just laughed and said, "Ha! What a trip!!!" He's a genuinely happy guy. After having problems taking pictures with Bryan's tablet (Suman hands don't work well with touch-screens), I finally got a picture with my cell phone. Other people would jog or bike by us in oblivion as to what he was doing. I told him thanks for everything he was doing and turned around to jog back to my car. On my jog back, I caught up to a lady that had passed us before. I had to tell her, "That guy over there is running across the United States!!" It's so insane and cool!

Anyways, that turned into a long post, but it was just really cool to meet him and engage in the very activity with him that makes him so inspiring in the first place.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today we read our Valentine's Day notes,

ate and delivered yummy treats,

had a quick trip to IKEA,

we each got some spring flowers from our #1 Valentine, Eric,

get some froyo,

and spent time with our loves.

What a great day!
Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day too.

Oh and here are a couple of out takes from our little photo shoot...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sick Ava

Ava has a major case of the sickies. She has been to the doctor twice in a week and the final diagnosis is ear infection and pneumonia. Poor girl, she was kind of miserable for a day or two. Although, now that she is on antibiotics she is acting pretty close to normal and it's hard to keep her resting. She is off playing around the house but she is home from school for this week and all other activities. She is missing out on her fun Valentine's Day party. Life is rough as a kid some times. Here she is at the doctor's office inhaling some medicine that the doctor said would help her breathe better and would make her hyper...oh boy!

The girls were really good while in the doctor's office but then we had to wait an hour for Ava's prescription, ugh.

I really hope that this little girl stays healthy.

At home we do this multiple times a day now.

At the doctor's office Ava weighed 37 lbs and was 41" tall. She is 4 years and 2 months old.


The weather has been fabulous. Unfortunately, it's supposed to get cool and rain this week but we have been loving the 75 degree sunshine. The plants have loved it too. The fruit trees are growing and flowers are blooming.

There is even "popcorn popping on the apricot tree" in the Suman's backyard.

The girls love tending to the garden with us.

Meredith's Birthday

Meredith is 21! We celebrated her today with a fun Valentine's red dinner and treats.
Unfortunately, Ava was too sick to come so Eric stayed home with the girlies. We missed them.

Here is Mere with her extremely tall pretend husband...

Cindy planned a little Q & A game and when Cindy asked, when will you get married? We silly stringed her. She looked crazy with all of that on her.

Happy Birthday, Meredith! We love you!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Our Valentine's

Last week I was trying to decide what to do for Valentine's Day cards and this is the photo that I sent out to some family mounted on red card stock which was similar to last year's photo card. (PS: Local family will be receiving theirs on Sunday)

For Ava's preschool class I wanted to do something really fun and even though this may be "so last year" or maybe "so 2009"...I couldn't resist. The idea came from here.

And besides our front door, we have a few little decorations around. I am excited to leave love notes in each of the little mailboxes. I think the girls are going to love getting their "mail".

I made these table toppers following Dana's MADE tutorial, here.

And see these candies in here? Some how I keep having to add more. The girls think it's their personal stash.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Disneyland Wednesday

Wednesday is our "free day" now, the one day of the week that there isn't some sort of scheduled activity. We went to Disneyland again and I love how empty it is in the middle of the week, during the day, in the winter. It was pretty windy/chilly this day but the sun was out and the sky was so blue.

We went on a lot of rides and as we were leaving we stopped to visit the fairies. I thought Leah would be into it this time since she loves Tinkerbell but nope, she just wanted to watch from my safe arms.

How many pictures do we need of Disneyland and characters? Too many I guess, but I can't help myself. Tinkerbell was funny this time - she was playing her character well and since Ava hadn't met Iridessa before she ran straight for her and Tinkerbell was acting jealous and getting mad that Ava wasn't paying attention to her. It was cute.

Saturday Afternoon

Ava and I spent all of Saturday afternoon learning to hit the ball with a bat. I was surprised at how quickly she picked it up so we took a couple of short videos to show Eric. Later, we worked on standing correctly and she is doing really well. This morning as I was uploading the videos Ava said, "Hold on Mom, I'm going to go get Dad to come watch me play soccer." I said, "It's not soccer, honey." She replied, "Oh, I yeah, I mean basketball." Haha! Funny girl. And, I really can't explain her outfit...


Young Singers Chorus

We signed Ava up with OCMCO for the Young Singers Chorus (age 4 - 1st grade). She had her first practice last week and the parents of the new participants were able to sit in and listen. Brett Stewart really was great with the kids. I was surprised at how well they listened. He taught them about proper sitting and how to stand at performances. They talked about different musical terms and simple theory, I hope that Ava will learn a lot. Brett asked a lot of questions and Ava raised her hand to answer every single one of them even though she did not know the answer. When he asked who was taking piano lessons she raised her hand. When he asked who was taking violin, she raised her hand. He actually did call on her once when he was asking for the answer, G Clef and her response was just, "Um, um..." Ava is in the front row in the middle so it was impossible to really get a picture of her but here is the group.

Ava is sitting right in front of Brett and of course, she is raising her hand.

It was cute to see them do different exercises and start to learn the songs for the spring concert. Here they are warming up with do - re - mi:


Singing Popcorn Popping:


At then end they took roll. It was just cute to hear Ava say "Here." Haha!


Hopefully it will be a good learning experience for her and she will want to continue with it.