Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sisters, Space, and Gymnastics

One of the girls' favorite activities is to color. Here they are at the bar coloring away. They are turning into little twins.

Ava had her first peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She has had many, many just peanut butter but finally tried some strawberry jam on it. She ate about a third and she was done. She hasn't asked for a pb&j again. Oh, well - at least she tried it.

Leah with her bubble mustache in the bath.

Eric has been enjoying talking to Ava about space, the moon, and astronauts. She has become quite interested. Eric took some night pictures. Here are a few of the favorites.

Ava loves snuggling in my snuggie. She laughs at how long the sleeves are on her. Eric took this picture on the way out the door one early morning.

Little Leah joined us for a Rapunzel story before bed. Eric was trying to be sneaky with his picture but I think the girls can smell a camera. It's hard to get candid when they are always cheesing it up!

On our way out the door for gymnastics Ava said, Mom, take our picture and then posed like this. How could I not? Good ole phone camera.

Speaking of gymnastics...Ava has moved up to the next older class and is still on the team, Kinderoos Squad. She moved up with two of her little buddies from class, Addison and Isabella. She has a new coach and she is not the lovey dovey Miss Jamie but after a few weeks Ava has learned to love Miss Ofie and her stricter ways. The girls are corrected on everything and have to do stunts again and again if they don't do them correctly or toes aren't pointed or landings aren't finished. It's pretty intense but she has grown so much in the class. The first week she had tears in her eyes and she was disappointed (along with the other new girls) that she couldn't do all that was asked of them but today she seems to be caught up. Ava got a good evaluation and Miss Ofie is really proud of her progress. She is doing things that she didn't think she could yet!

Today they worked on the high beam which was a first for Ava since they usually just work on the low beam. I was really impressed with how well she did and how comfortable she was walking, turning, and dismounting.

Right after the above dismount, Ofie was quick to remind Ava to put her feet together and arms up higher. She doesn't let anything slide. It's good for Ava to have so much structure and she is exhausted by the end of class. I love little Leah watching in the foreground.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Today we went to California Adventure for a few hours. The weather was perfect! We renewed Ava's annual pass that had expired. My camera was out of battery power so we utilized the phone camera instead. For most of the rides there were pretty much no lines, which was amazing. We went on Monsters, Inc and enjoyed all the rides in Bug's Land.

Ava looks really happy but her eyes are so exhausted looking in the picture above, yesterday she was really sick but today she was feeling back to normal although looking a little worn out at this point.

We also went on King Triton's Carousel...three times - Leah was really sad to get off.

We only waiting about 25 minutes for Toy Story and as always, it was worth it - such a fun ride!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pig Tails

Leah let me put pigtails in her hair today. She's done pretty good at keeping them in. It's 11am and one is still in which is a huge improvement for her. She hates having clips and things in her hair but I love it since you can see her little face so much better.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy 31, Eric!

Last night we celebrated Eric's birthday with the family.
We used sparkle candles which were actually kind of fun.

Poor Leah was sick. Look at that chubby little face.

Today Leah, Ava, and I had fun making cards and setting up a little sign for Eric to come home from work to. Eric is not a big birthday guy which includes presents. Practical, practical if anything so we picked out some seeds to plant in the garden and some weed and feed for the lawn. He will get a new house plant and Vans when we go out this weekend. Haha. Pretty exciting stuff.

We met up with everyone at The Hat, Eric's birthday choice for dinner.

When we got home we sang happy birthday and opened gifts. Ava is so excited for every birthday. Having kids makes celebrating so much more fun. So, even though Eric is not into birthdays, I think he had a nice evening. :)

We love you Eric! Thanks for being such a great Dad and husband.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

January Beach Day

Today the coastal weather was 75 and sunny. It was perfectly beautiful outside. A great day for the beach. We've had some cold (ok, cool) and rainy weather so far this winter so this is a welcomed change in deed. We went to Crescent Bay. The girls were in heaven.

Afterward we went to Al's.
Can't go wrong with a January day filled with the beach and outdoor pizza dining.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Leah Talks

Here is a video of Leah saying some words. She is chomping on popcorn the whole time so it's kind of nasty but she was in a good mood and I wanted to take advantage of it for some videos. She can say a few more words too but these were all I could think of in the moment.


Saturday, January 08, 2011


Sara posted this picture on her blog of some of the cousins over New Years.

Here is the old version of picture taken in April 2010.

We love these cousins.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Back to Reality

Now that the holidays are over, we are back to reality. Life at home is good. I like our little schedule and it's nice to just have quiet time at home so the girls can play together.

I love when I just "catch" the girls doing something. Yesterday I caught Ava just running back and forth in the yard while talking. She loves to play pretend and she makes up stories and songs all day long, performing her own little shows.

At the same time as Ava running, I caught Leah "reading" by herself in the playroom. She was also just jabbering away with her nonsense words reading in the book.

Today has been such a nice day. When Ava got home from preschool we decided to play outside. Leah got into a huge, fun mess playing with chalk.

Ava was pretending to be Dancing Girl (a regular character) and put on about 5 shows for me. She instructed me on what to say and when to cheer and when I could take a break. She likes to be in charge and she likes to perform.

Here is a video of the Dancing Girl. I laugh because Ava is completely directing me. I love that she falls in it. It's just funny. And Leah is just rolling round getting dirty though the whole thing. Cracks me up.