Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nature Activities

We have spent the last two days enjoying nature with the whole family. On Monday we went for a hike down by Tijeras Creek/Arroyo Vista. It was fun to see the kids exploring and playing in the creek. All of the kids did so good and were great little hikers.

Afterward we all went to the Round Table buffet. Then, I got to go shopping and Ava went to play with Jeremy. Ava called me and asked if she could spend the night at Gram's house since Lucy and Owen were coming into town that night. She was so cute saying that she could do it without crying now because she was 5 years old. And, she did! She didn't cry and had fun on her sleepover with Lucy in Meredith's room. After the kids went to bed (Leah went to bed for a while, too) the siblings all went to In-n-Out. It was such a fun night.

This afternoon we all went for a walk around the RSM lake. The kids brought scooters, fed the ducks, and climbed on the rocks. Leah and Ava were both really tired so it wasn't the most enjoyable outing for me but it was still good to be with everyone and out enjoying the beautiful weather we are having.

Christmas 2011

Christmas morning was so much fun with these two little girls. I heard Ava's door open around 6:30 and her first little shriek with delight when she started opening her stocking gifts from Santa. I went into her room and she was shaking with excitement as she opened each gift. She was so cute in there by herself, she even set up her stuffed animals to watch her open them.

She played with her new things for a little bit and we waited for Leah to wake up. I am sure it was the longest half hour of her life. We all went in Leah's room to watch her open her stocking too. I love these tired eyes and bed head hair.

Then we all came down stairs to check out the tree and all of the gifts.

Ava wanted to open everything as fast as possible. She had little patience for Leah to take off every scrap of paper, tape, and even tags. They got a slew of dolls and little figures...just what they wanted. It was a fun Christmas morning.

A couple of videos of opening gifts.


Eric surprised me with this pretty little gold heart ring that I had wanted.

We went to church to hear the musical program. Ava sang with the primary for two songs. Gram, Grandpa and Meredith came over afterward for lunch and to exchange gifts.

We spent the afternoon playing and then headed over for Sunday dinner. It was a great Christmas Day!

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve with Eric's family, the Andres and the Peeples. We caroled to the fire station and then went back to the Suman's house for dinner and a program. The fire fighters opened up the garage and let the kids climb on the truck and gave them hats. They loved it!

For the program a few people performed. The girls both wanted to sing songs. Ava sang Up On the House Top and Leah sang Jingle Bells.


Cindy told a story.

The sister missionaries performed a violin and piano duet.

Then we all sang the Hallelujah chorus.

A fun night with friends and family!

We got home late and the girls were SO excited to go to bed so Santa could come. Eric and I worked our magic and got everything set up for the morning.

Carrot Christmas

On Christmas Eve day we spent the morning outside in the yard. Eric decided it was time to harvest our carrot crop. The girls were excited to help pull out them out of the planter. Eric had a mixed seed packet with purple, white, yellow and orange carrots so it was exciting to see what each were when they came out.

Here is the harvest!

We cut and peeled a bunch of them and brought them to Christmas Eve dinner and it was fun to hear other people's reactions to the colors and hear which one they liked best.

Leah was being cute outside so Eric snapped these pictures of her.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Cards

I love December for so many reasons but most of all I love the cards we receive from our friends and family, near and far. It makes it the most wonderful time of the year. I love to hear what everyone has been up to and see how families have grown and changed over the year. Thank you for all of your beautiful cards and notes. Merry Christmas!