Thursday, December 30, 2010


With no school this week and visitors from out of town, we've been having a fun week playing with cousins. We've gotten together every day to do something. Some days we just played at Gram's house, we've gone out to lunch, and hit the town.

We went to Jump 'n Jammin in Mission Viejo.

Some of the group went down to Laguna Beach to play on the playground and sand. Gram was nice enough to invite Ava along. Camille took this cute picture of them together, so cute! Ava and Jeremy ended up getting really wet...the ocean water must have been freezing!

Since the Lucas family was moving to Oregon, Sherri came over to say goodbye. We'll miss them. Such a good family!

So sad that our 6 weeks of visitors is over and it's back to reality - kids schedules and busy season.

We also got the 3rd volume of our blog book in the mail, 2009. The books get larger each year and 2010 will have to be split up into two different books. Hopefully that will be printed next week. I love our blog!

Monday, December 27, 2010

School Pictures

We got Ava's school pictures back and now that I got the new scanner, I can share then on the internet. These were taken in November.

Ava at 3 years 11 months:

Teachers: Ms Karen and Ms Mary

Christmas Card 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas morning finally came! The girls' stockings were hung on their bedroom doors. Ava came running in our room so happy to see her stocking and to tell us there were presents under the tree. She and Leah came in our room and opened their stocking gifts on our bed with us and then played with the little things in there while Eric and I got ready.

Then we all came downstairs together.

And let the unwrapping begin. Paper was flying!

The girls were so happy with all of their gifts. When Ava unwrapped Prince Eric from my parents she was so happy and exclaimed "It's my dad in a box!!" I think she has told everyone that same phrase over the last two days. She was so excited that Prince Eric and Dad have the same name. We took a video of Leah opening her cat keyboard from my parents. Every time we go to Target she plays with this toy, we knew it would be a hit. Both girls have really enjoyed playing with it - all of the different noises and the microphone too.

Even Mom and Dad got to unwrap a few things.

Bill, Cindy, Meredith and Jeremy came over in the morning and we exchanged gifts with them too.

After we were all done unwrapping, it was time to play and assemble.

We had an exciting and merry Christmas here at home. It was so nice and quaint. We hope it was the same for your family too.

Leah: 18 Months

Leah turned 18 months old today, December 26th!

She still doesn't talk a ton, she says a few words and is starting to learn a few more. Every time the front door opens at home she yells, "dad"! But, her favorite words are "mama" and "bottle". She still drinks milk from a bottle. As soon as she gets in the car she asks for her bottle and blanket. It might be a very hard habit to kick - a possible New Year project. She loves her mom and wants to be held a lot.

Leah has so many great reactions.
She makes surprise noises all day long at things and makes this face.

She is opinionated and knows how to throw a tantrum but moments later, she can just be the sweetest little thing.

She had her first days in nursery and the second time she did very well. I am sure she loves playing with the toys. Leah always has a smile and "hi" for everyone. Her favorite little buddy is Anna. Leah just lights up when she comes in the room and now that Anna is crawling, Leah likes to crawl right along with her. I think they will grow up to be good little friends.

It's not all smiles and giggles. Leah tries to climb out of the cart and runs from me at stores. She is learning to scream at the worst times. :) She has had a couple of time outs for hitting either me or Ava. Pretty much she is just a regular kid. It's not reassuring to remind myself that she is the "calm" one - haha!

Our little sweetheart is definitely growing up and turning into a toddler!

Dr. Gordon Update: Leah had her well-baby check up on 1/4/11. She was in fine health and received three shots. She cried over everything, getting weighed, measured, shots, etc. She was pretty dramatic but when I would hold her she would stop pretty quick. She was really cute in the waiting room with me, bringing me books to read and sitting like a big girl on the chairs. Here are her stats: 25 lbs 8.6oz and 32.5"length (75%) and 47 cm head circumference

Christmas Eve and Eve Eve

Christmas Eve was spent at the Suman's house. We got together and caroled at the fire station. The girls were excited to wear Santa hats.

Then we went back to the house for dinner and a little program. Ava wanted to sing a song and she was pretty cute singing a capella alone. She did a good job and sang the primary song, Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus.

When we got home it was time to get the kids tucked into bed but not before we put out milk and cookies for Santa and some carrots for Rudolph.

Then Santa went to work and got the stockings and gifts ready. Eric and I were so excited for Christmas morning with the girls.

The night before, Christmas Eve Eve, we decorated cookies and Eric took silly kaleidoscope pictures again.

Jeremy got Ava a really thoughtful little gift of princess pencils, paper, and ring pops. It was her first Christmas gift of the season and she was thrilled.

Earlier in the day the girls got their finger nails painted. It was Leah's first time. I tried to get her to show off her nails like Ava did but we just got silly smiles instead.

We love having family in town and sharing all of the Christmas festivities with them!