Monday, November 29, 2010

The Suman Girls

Yesterday we snapped a quick family picture to put on our Christmas card. We waited until the last minute this year and needed something. Eric took these pictures after we were done and I'm glad he did. And even though Leah's hand is in front of her face in the first one, you can see how happy she is. I love my little girls.

Ava and Owen

Ava and Owen are birthday buddies. They both were born on December 7th. Since the Willards are here visiting we decided to have a little joint family party for them.
It was an ice cream party!

Ava was so excited about her party and especially gifts. She had the best expression for each one. She was genuinely happy with everything.

Group shot!

We had a pinata. Owen went first, then Ava, and then Lucy took one big swing and broke it open!

Party kids!

Thanks everyone for a fun night!


Thanksgiving was a tame one this year with only about 17 for dinner. Everything was very yummy and it was fun spending time with the Utah out of towners, Colin, Christie, and Adrian. We played games and ate a lot which continued throughout the entire weekend. Colin brought all of the Nintendo games you could desire and it was a 12 year old boy's (circa 1992) dream come true.

Speaking of dreams coming true, earlier in the day while letting the "kids" play at McDonalds and Eric found the giant floor keyboard just like in the movie Big...
(yes, he did play Heart and Soul)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Long Lines

Today we took the kids to Disneyland. Tuesday before Thanksgiving...every kid in southern California was out of school...annual passports were not was insane. It was fun to be there with the Blairs and Camille and her kids.

When we first got there we tried to find a "short" line before we met up with everyone.

We headed to Toon Town to let the kids run and play and not wait in lines.

The Blairs got Fastpasses for Big Thunder Mountain. It was Ava and Jeremy's first time on the "fast train" as Ava calls it. They all seemed to have a great time and love it. We'll see if she goes on it again because Ava said that it felt like her head was going to fall off while she was on it.

Afterward, the Blairs headed home and the rest of us when to visit Santa and his reindeer.

Anna was so cute with Santa. She was smiling so much and cuddling up to him. Leah, on the other hand, was terrified of Santa and cried so we didn't get a picture of her. Hopefully she was just tired. Ava told Mrs. Claus and Santa that she wanted make-up for Christmas. I guess she is turning 14, not 4. Even though Disneyland was crazy crowded we still found some fun things to do and of course, it was magical.

Willard Birthday

Last Sunday we celebrated Dana and Casey's birthdays. It seems like every week there is something to celebrate which always makes Sunday dinner special.

We also celebrate Kelly's 23rd birthday!

Ava made Casey a card and she was so excited to give it to him (sorry she didn't make one for you, Dana).

Group shot.

The kids are always having fun and being rowdy but tonight was extra special...wrestling!
Poor Jeremy.

Here they are pretending they aren't crazy kids.

Fun family!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tree Lighting

On Thursday evening we went to the South Coast Tree Lighting. It has become quite a little tradition for us. It's such a fun event and even the littlest of kids were entertained. Thankfully the Suman parents saved us seats so I could show up a little later with the girls. Eric had OCMCO and couldn't come but we had lots of family there and met up with the Lucas and Holmes families too. We miss having them around and it was fun to see the kids pick right up and be friends. Lucy, Ava, and Anna sat next to each other during the performance and were so cute clapping and waving at Santa, Frosty, and Rudolph. Afterward Ava said that she loved the girls wearing reindeer costumes tap dancing. Leah was really cute sitting on my lap the whole time bouncing to all of the music and clapping. It was pretty late for her but she was still into it. Everyone loved the fake snow too. It was pretty early to be thinking about Christmas already but it got us into the holiday spirit!


Leah is quite the little climber. She started doing this new stunt last week.

The first time I caught her up there I almost had a heart attack. She knows that I keep a lot of fun things out of her reach up there like crayons, markers, scissors, play-doh, and Old Maid cards. So now she has learned to help herself. I might need to move them to a higher shelf.