Thursday, September 30, 2010

Princess Loving Cousins

I am boring myself with posts about Disneyland and princesses. BUT, how cute are these adorable girly cousins? I love them. Ava is so happy to have her cousin, Jill, living in Huntington Beach now and Savanna visiting this week from AZ. The three of girls are all 3 years old and were born within 6 months of each other. We all met up at Disneyland and while the boys were off on the big rides, the girls got to visit the princesses. On the way over there we bumped into Pocahontas. It was our first time seeing her and Ava was thrilled.

The girls waiting in line.

And, finally the princess greetings.

 We had our own boat on Smallworld!

Unfortunately, our evening ended on a bad note when Miss Ava had a meltdown, tantrum. I must say that it was not very princess like at all. :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sick Babies

No one likes having sick kids. Ava has been sick for almost a week now with a double ear infection and pink eye. Yikes. She got all of this after just two days of going to school. What will the winter bring? We have had two trips to the doctors and 4 different meds. Poor baby. Leah had a day or two that she was a little under the weather but she have dodged the majority of it for now. Eric has been sick with a cold also. Fall brought on some nasty stuff in our house. Luckily I have made it through unscathed, so far. Here are the two sick girls last week.

Even though Ava had been throwing up all day before she still had to pose for the camera and was dancing around. She always wants to perform. She is also showing off some new school sneakers. :)

Ava likes to have Eric pose too.

Leah has been so fun lately, she is jabbering more and more and will soon be making those sounds into real words. She still just says the basics, mom, dad, hi, bye, ball and maybe dog. I'm trying to get a little video together.

Here is Ava today, she is starting to feel better. Hopefully another day at home and she'll be back to her normal self. She is excited to get back to school. Her 3 doctor stats were 34 lbs, 41 inches at 3 years 9 months.

Meanwhile, since we were spending so much time at home we painted our family room and dining room. It's been fun making our home our own. There is an endless list of projects and hopefully now that fall is here we are hoping to work on the backyard. When Ava went back to school she literally ran to her classroom. She is so happy to be back!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Days of Preschool

Our big girl started two different Preschools this week. Ava started a home preschool with 3 other little girls. She is so excited to go to different friend's houses to play and learn. She was excited to be on her own too. She gets to do this once a week, then every 6 weeks they come to our house!

She also started Preschool Connection at Robinson Ranch Elementary School. She has been waiting to go to the "blue school" ever since we moved here. She goes twice a week here and is already making friends. Today was orientation and she met her new teacher, Ms. Karen and her assistants Ms. Mary and Ms Kelly.

Ava wasted no time in finding the dress ups and doll houses. Her class has 11 boys and 6 girls.

Afterward I took Ava to Cinnamon Productions for a yummy pancake breakfast. It was a good time to talk about what to expect and what is to be expected of her for school this year. Although, she nearly started crying when she heard that her teacher preferred her to wear sneakers vs sandals or dress shoes.

This week she grew up a lot! I can't believe she has two full years until Kindergarten, she seems so ready. It will be nice to have a little one on one time with little Leah.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


DL is our code for Disneyland, pretty secretive. Yesterday we headed back to Disneyland with Jeremy, Camille, and Anna for a last hurray before school starts on Monday. Before the Eisenbise's got there we visited Pixie Hollow and then randomly saw Sleeping Beauty and Snow White out by the castle. Lucky us! Leah was attached to her bottle and couldn't care less about them.

Ava was funny on the carousel because she wanted to sit on the bench all alone. She was so contemplative for such a little girl.

This was Anna's first trip to Disneyland. She loved looking all around Small World.

Ava and Jeremy got to ride alone on Peter Pan together and the whole ride Camille and I talked about what would happen if Ava fell out. Kind of morbid but it was weird seeing the two of them ride off into the dark on a flying boat after realizing that Jeremy was the responsible older one. They were safe, of course, and had a blast being big kids.

Disneyland is fun with friends. We need to do that more often. Now it's back to school time.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Celebrating Camille

We celebrated Camille's birthday last week. We love living close to the Eisenbises and Camille is about as nice as they come. Kathy organized a birthday lunch at BJs. It was fun to be out with the ladies but in hindsight it would have been way more fun without my kids! It was a yummy lunch and Camille got a Pizookie that somehow Ava ended up eating most of.

Later that evening we met up again for some more food. We went to Yogurtland. Of course we had to take a bunch of silly pictures.

On Sunday we had our usual family party. Bryan's chocolate cake was a huge hit.

Happy Birthday Camille!