Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Capturing Chipotle

While we were at Chipotle in Sugar House with Jarond, he took some pictures.

Thanks for capturing our kids.

House Anniversary

One year ago today we moved into our new home! Time really flies. I feel like we have accomplished a lot in this short year although there are many more projects we'd like to do. We are so pleased with our home and we really love it here.

While we were gone Eric's garden flourished. It looks a little out of control but most of those are watermelon and cantaloupe plants/vines.

See the tiny baby watermelon?

And Ava was most impressed by the pumpkin plants. She said, "Those pumpkin plants are out of control!"

Anaheim peppers:

Cherry tomatoes:

Happy Anniversary to our house, we're glad you're our home!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Utah Again

Since we had two weddings to attend on opposite weekends we stayed the week in Utah. We shacked up with my brother and his family and had such a great time just hanging out and playing with cousins and friends. On Friday night Eric went to a bachelor party for Colin. He joined them for pizza at The Pie but since Eric was sick and drove all day long he called it an early evening. Saturday was Colin's wedding and all of those festivities.

Sunday was Father's Day and despite no pictures, it was a great day. The primary kids sang two songs in Sacrament meeting and Ava went up with the rest of the kids and sang her little heart out. We had steaks on the grill and went to see Toy Story 3 in 3D, which was so fabulous by the way, loved it. The kids looked cute in their 3D glasses and I regret not taking a picture.

On Monday we had a hard morning with the girls. Being on vacation is fun and exhausting. Little kids out of their element isn't always a good thing. It seemed like every other day was a rough one but we survived. Kayla runs a daycare out of her home and Ava loved the instant playmates. She and Kimmy played with princesses constantly and had little parties with the neighbor girl. They were such girls, playing dress up, putting on make up and watching movies with popcorn and candy.

On Tuesday we went to the Murray Aquatics Center to swim with Bill and the kids. This pool is perfect for little kids with the zero depth entry and waterfalls. It even has a water slide. We begged Ava to go on the water slide with us but it wasn't until the last hour that she decided to brave it. It wasn't long before she went down all by herself. And the kids were in a constant rotation of going up and coming down the slide. She had the time of her life. And it was a little strange to see how big she seemed going by herself. Little Leah even got to go down too!

That evening Kayla watched our kids while we went out to dinner with Bill at Red Iguana, which is a hidden little mexican gem in Salt Lake that is Bill and Kayla's favorite place. I can't believe that is the first time we had been there and we're glad we were introduced.

On Wednesday (iPhone day for Bill) we met up with Jarond Suman for lunch in Sugarhouse. Then went to Temple Square to walk around. Ava loved riding the elevators in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and we enjoyed the pretty mountain and temple views. Later that evening we went to Mark's house for a BBQ with the Blairs and then headed to the splash pad by their house and out for ice cream. Later that night Eric went to Gordon's surprise bachelor party where they went to dinner at Chili's then to Park City for swimming at the Marriott and back to Gordon's house.

On Thursday we laid low. We enjoyed rediscovering Great Harvest Bread and visited Tyson and Amber at their new apartment in the Avenues. Later in the evening let the kids play in the sprinkler and went to Carl's Jr and let the kids play.

On Friday we finally made it down to Provo. We strolled around BYU campus and visited the Art Musuem and the alumni art show in the HFAC. Afterward we met up with the Millers at Veterans Memorial Pool.

The Millers hosted a BBQ at their house and got to visit with them, Blairs, Sumans, Henries, and Taylors. Sadly, no pictures. But, it was a good time as usual and we were sad that it would possibly be our last BBQ with the Millers in Provo since they are moving in a couple of months.

Saturday was Gordon and Lisa's wedding and Leah's birthday. Bill and Kayla watched our girls for us while we were at the temple. Ava had so much fun with her cousins and is already asking, when we are going back to "Kayla's house".

We were on the road back to California at 4:30am! The girls did great in the car and even though we had so much fun with all of our friends and family it was really great to be home and the girls squealed with joy when they saw our green house! Thanks for such a fun week!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Leah is 1!

Leah turned one on June 26! She cut two new teeth (top) and started walking right before her birthday. She loves her blanket and blowing kisses. This year went by SO fast. It is bittersweet to have a walking one year old. She doesn't seem much like a baby anymore and is quickly becoming a mischievous toddler. She loves getting into everything and exploring her territory. She is still really sweet though and has a smile for everyone. She had her first big tantrum while we were in Utah but hopefully we can keep those to a minimum. She wants to follow Ava everywhere. She still eats almost everything. She loves water and splashing. She goes to bed early and sleeps in late but still wakes up to nurse once in the middle of the night. We were in Utah for her big day, which was also Gordon's wedding day. Before the wedding we opened a couple of gifts. Ava couldn't stand only watching and had to help Leah.

When we got home from the reception (at 10:30pm) we had cake! Bill made this giant cupcake for Leah and it looked awesome!

Blowing out the candle!

It was a fun little birthday party for Leah with the Novaks!

Leah's stats with Dr Gordon = 30" / 21lb 7oz

Gordon and Lisa

Gordon and Lisa were married in the Draper Temple on June 26, 2010. We're so happy Gordon found Lisa. The wedding was like a singles ward reunion. It was so much fun catching up with old friends.

Mr and Mrs Gordon Peterson!

Fun friend group shots.

That evening we went to the wedding reception at The Memorial House in Memory Grove Park. The location was pretty and Gordon and Lisa looked so happy. It was such a fun night.

Photo booth fun.

Little Leah and Ava were looking pretty cute too!

Ava like the sparkler exit and we had so much fun hanging out with friends that night!

Congrats to Gordon and Lisa!