Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Leah: 10 Months

Leah is 10 months old! Yesterday she marked her birthday by attempting the stairs for the first time. She made it about 3 steps up before got turned around and couldn't figure out how to get down or up. In this picture you can see that she is starting to get little curls in the back of her hair like Ava had.

Last night after dinner we went to the park.
Leah is just learning what the park is really about, slides and swings.



Leah loves trying to play with her big sister. She is Ava's biggest fan. She squeals with delight to see all of us in the morning or when Eric gets home from work. She is constantly making noises, trying to talk. Her little babble is really cute but when her and Ava start squealing at each other, look out. We definitely have a house of girls! She tries to say mama and dada and has her own little words for Spike and Ava.

Leah is standing all the time. She can stand on her own for a few seconds and when she lets go herself she is so proud. I am sure she is moments away from taking her first steps. She is a fast crawler and gets into cabinets and bathrooms and drawers. The tops of Leah's feet are always dirty but the bottoms are clean from crawling everywhere. She is still so easy going and eats everything!

We love you little 10 month Leah! Stop growing up, please.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Birthday Parties

Throughout the year we get to go to lots of fun little kid birthday parties for Ava and Leah's friends. In March we went to a couple of Park parties for friends down in Huntington Beach. Julie took these pictures of the kids at Chase and Ellie's birthdays and I thought they were so cute. We love visiting with our old friends!

It is also fun having parties with our new friends here. Went to a Lego party and a Rock and Roll party recently. Our friend, Allyson is a great party thrower and this past weekend had a Pirate party for Luke's birthday. Ava loved racing the boat she made.

We all came to party, even Jack!

Living close to Eric's family we celebrate a lot of family birthdays too. This week we celebrated Jeremy's 8th birthday. On the actual big day we went to breakfast at Cinnamon Productions and then on Sunday had a family party. Always a good time and you never know who will be there. This time, Cameron and Wendi were here for the party!

Fun "big boy" presents!

And of course, some random fun!

Last night we threw a party for Cindy's birthday but that requires it's own post.
Thanks friends and family for letting us celebrate with you!


Eric has had the past two Fridays off from work, which has been so fun!

We did a little gardening last week.

Eric ended up with blue hands from the grass seed.

We went to lunch.

Ava played in the splash pad and laid out in the sun to warm up.
I had to get a picture of this cute little bum.

We saw this license plate on the way home.
Eric instantly thought Conan O'Brien, I thought Coco Chanel.

On Sunday we saw a pretty spot to take a picture.
Too bad the sun was right in our faces.

This week we went to Disneyland.

Here is my really cute view of Leah from the driver's seat.

We went to ride the big orange balloon at Orange County Great Park.

We waited for over an hour but had fun relaxing on the grounds.

Ava has really been into the My Little Pony Memory game so she was excited to see a flower matching game in her Highlights magazine. (Thanks Grandma and Papa!) It comes everywhere with us.

Unfortunately, after an hour of waiting, the balloon rides were all postponed due to strong winds. We'll definitely go back another day though.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sawdust Festival Family Day

On Saturday we went down to Laguna Beach for the Sawdust Art Festival's Family Day. We have never been before and we were pleasantly surprised. We were able to explore and create with the girls. There wasn't a huge crowd so it was perfect for our impatient three year old. The buildings were unique and surrounded by huge eucalyptus trees.

There was colorful tile on common things.

In this building they did a glass blowing demonstration.

Ava wasn't all that interested in the instruction but she took her artwork very seriously.
They had a lot of painting, coloring, ceramics, and crafts.

Leah was a little angel hanging out with Eric and in the stroller the whole time.

There was a band playing and Ava danced with them.

The girls had balloon hats made for them and they looked so cute wearing them together.

We left covered in paint and tired but we had a lot of fun creating art together.
This is something we'll go to again next year!