Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Eggs

Ava and I boiled and colored Easter eggs tonight. She loved it. I actually think this is the first time that we've done this. She is just old enough to understand how it works and have the patience to let it work. She did a great job and cute little Leah was just hanging out sucking her thumb, watching us the whole time.

Easter Bunny

Today Ava, Leah, and I went to Fashion Island to have their picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Ava thinks the Bunny is like Santa, you get to tell him what present you want. Little did she know, the Bunny doesn't even talk. Leah was fascinated by the Bunny. She didn't cry and barely smiled, she just wanted to stare.

I love how in this picture you can see Ava's love for Leah. Her face is so happy as she is trying to help Leah smile for the camera. I actually have a lot of pictures just like this, with Ava lovingly looking at Leah. It's really sweet.

Such pretty sisters. I love my two happy girls.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Leah: 9 Months

On March 26th Leah turned 9 months old. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think to myself, Leah is such a good baby! I love to see her crawl and suck her thumb. On our Arizona trip she stopped accepting a pacifier all together. She is starting to get into things more, like unrolling toilet paper. She is starting to have an opinion and letting us know about it. She is starting to fight back with Ava when she takes her toys. She smiles all the time. She acts coy and flirts with strangers. She waves. She can pull herself up to a standing position on soft surfaces. She eats everything. She seems to love all food and is getting more and more table foods and gets mad when she can't have something. She will always giggle at her sister.

We switched health insurance and started seeing a new doctor. We loved Dr Chang but having a doctor in Huntington Beach wasn't the best option. So, Dr Gordon is our new pediatrician in Mission Viejo and she seemed really great and the whole appointment went really smooth. Here are the stats: 29" long (90th percentile) - 18 lbs 15 oz (average) She is in great health and feel so lucky to have had healthy babies! Later this week we need to go back in for immunization and flu shots. Poor baby!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

AZ Trip

Rachael and her kids spent their spring break here in California. It was fun to have them here and we decided that the girls and I would drive back home with them to Arizona. I was a bit nervous to have 5 kids under 5 all in the car for 6 hours but it went really well. We only made one stop for lunch and everyone got along well. We spent almost a week there playing and we flew home on Saturday. Rachael is always on the go and we did something fun every day.

We were there to celebrate Savanna's 3rd birthday! We went out to the Olive Garden and the kids loved walking on the yellow beam while we waited. Baby Leah and Baby Gavin (only 2 months apart) were such good babies the whole trip and were pretty content just hanging out in their car seats. Back at home we had cake and Savanna opened gifts and she got these fun dress ups that all the kids loved trying on.

Since Carter's birthday is also in March they threw a joint birthday party. It was so much fun, we had cupcakes and pizza at the park and then headed over to Bounce Jungle where the kids (and parents) had so much fun playing on the big slides and running from room to room.
Some "kids" got some serious air on the slides.
Rachael and Karis



Fun groups went down together too.

I love that Leah is waving at me in this picture!

We tried out some fun new restaurants too. San Tan Flat was a fun restaurant where you sat outside a picnic tables and there were fire pits that kept us warm and a stage with a country singer. It had a cool old went vibe and the kids enjoyed running around, dancing and roasting marshmallows. We went with Rachael's good friend Amy and her three kids too. It was a fun time.

We also tried Joe's Farm Grill. It had good lighting and yummy food. Both restaurants were really crowded but I'd love to go back to both some time.

We also went with Karis to Jason's Deli and really loved it. It was fun to hang out with the Smiths while we were there. I loved the ice cream at the end...that makes every restaurant the best!

The last night we were there Rachael and I tried making Dana's Peeps Bunny Bunting but Rachael's sewing machine was having issues and weren't able to finish. Here is Rachael trying to maneuver her sewing machine and my first bunted bunny. It was actually kind of fun using a sewing machine which I haven't done since I made my dress for Dana's wedding.

Such a fun trip! I'm glad that this March trip has become kind of a tradition now. This is our third year going out there while Eric is in the middle of his very busy tax season. It was a fun break from home!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Shower for Camille

A few of us got together and threw a fun baby shower for Camille's baby girl coming in just two weeks! We are so excited for her and loved that so many people came to helped celebrate her baby.

All of the kids were next door being watched by Eric, Bryan and Bill. After about 20 minutes the kids were hanging on the fence yelling over "Is the party over yet?" And a few minutes after the shower was supposed to be over they opened the gate and here came all of the little kids. They were dying to be apart of the fun party and all of the yummy food!