Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tide Pools

This afternoon we took the family down to Crystal Cove to walk out onto the rock and tide pools. The sun was out and it was gorgeous down there.

We had a lot of fun exploring and trying not to slip on the mossy rocks.

We saw a lot of crabs, some little fish, sea anemones, and our best find - two sea slugs.

Leah was so content in the Bjorn and Ava loved running around collecting shells and rocks and splashing in the water.

Attempted family photo: FAIL

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Leah: 8 Months

Our baby girl turned 8 months old yesterday.

We all love her.

She isn't crawling quite yet but any day now. She has the army crawl, scoot, and roll mastered. She gets everywhere she wants but hasn't gotten into too much trouble yet. Such a good girl. Here is a short 30 second video so we can remember what this cute little stage is like. Plus we can't resist those chubby thighs.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Painting the Kitchen

Normally I probably wouldn't blog about painting the kitchen but since I painted the kitchen walls three different colors in the matter of a week I thought I should at least give it a mention on here. We went from the original tan, to gray, to yellow, to blue. So, 7 coats of paint and one sanding job later we have a kitchen back to normal working status and a color that we actually love, which I wasn't sure was going to happen. And although I still see tiny yellow sanding particles in crevices and cracks from time to time I'd still call it clean. The problems started when the gray clashed with the countertop - don't ask how we didn't see that coming. Then after the final coat of yellow (it took 3 to cover the gray) we started to remove the tape and layers of paint started to peel off with it. Ugh. We borrowed a sander and cleaned up the walls only to decide that I wasn't 100% happy with the color so we went in a different direction and this time - we finally succeeded. We won't be painting the kitchen again for a long, long time. Next we will paint the living room and girls bedrooms.

Doesn't it look nice and relaxing in there?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day Date

Saturday afternoon Eric and I escaped without the kids and went on an actual date! It was marvelous. We headed to Disneyland and renewed our annual passes after participating in Give a Day. Get a Disney Day. We only had a short time to spend there and scored a Fast Pass from the cast member for Indiana Jones and then went on Star Tours. We tried to take some cheesy pictures and even stopped in between for a quick picture with the castle.

Afterward we headed over to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for dinner. Yum! Thanks to some of our favorite clients we had our first experience and loved it. I always love a perfectly cooked steak and this was one of the best. And, I loved having our reservation right as the restaurant opened since we practically had the whole restaurant to ourselves.

I love dates with my husband! We must make that a habit.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Eric got each of his girls a beautiful spring flower.

I love that it's going to be 78 and sunny here today. It really feels like spring.
We had a yummy red dinner at Eric's parents house and Camille made this yummy four tiered strawberry cake.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baby Cow

The girls and I went to Centennial Farms yesterday and they had a four day old brown cow there. She was so cute. We had to take a picture. Look at that face.

We had fun seeing the baby cows and pigs and hearing the roosters actually say "cock a doodle do".

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Me and Michelle.

Photo taken hastily at the last minute in the car after walking through a rainstorm by Miss Ava but nonetheless, we have a photo.

Disappearing Act

I turned around and couldn't find Leah...

Found her.
I think our couches are too high. Ava nailed this trick too a few years ago.

Thursday, February 04, 2010


We try to go to the park a couple times each week. There is a great group of girls that we usually meet up with there. It's been fun getting to know the moms in the area and making some new friends. Today Leah went on the swings for the first time. She loved it and just giggled the whole time. I love hearing her laugh and seeing her smile!


February at the Beach

Yesterday we were getting a little restless at home so we headed down to Laguna Beach. It was so nice to be at the beach again and just let the girls enjoy being down there. We played on the playground and walked on the boardwalk. It was cool but still nice and sunny - we are loving the beach in February!