Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finally, Our Big Girl

Ava has two new additions to her princess collection, Tiana and Mulan. She got these two dolls as rewards for being a "big girl". She is completely done with bottles and pacifiers. Ava was probably the only three year old still using a bottle for milk. We had tried multiple times to rid her of it but she had gone more than two weeks without drinking milk at all so we figured having milk from a bottle was better than no milk. She drank everything else just fine out of a cup just not milk - she is a very, very stubborn girl. Anyways, bribery worked and when it worked for bottles, I figured it would work for the pacifier too. She is so in love with these little princess dolls. I am so proud of Ava for finally being a big girl and making the decision to stop using her pacifier and bottle. Both transitions went much smoother than I thought they would. Hooray for Ava!

More Trees

With birthday money from the Novaks, Eric purchased two more fruit trees; a Gala apple tree and a Dancy tangerine tree. We have a mini orchard developing over here. These are Eric's babies and he is constantly checking in in them. I hope they grow up to make him proud.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Leah: 7 Months

Miss Leah is seven months old today.

She still is as sweet as ever and her personality is developing more and more. She is starting to have a little opinion about things. She doesn't like having things taken away from her especially things that she isn't supposed to be playing with like remote controls or cell phones (or eating, like paper). But, she does seems to like most food. She hasn't denied anything yet (which explains the chubby thighs) although, it takes her a long time to eat (sweet potatoes, green beans, pears, applesauce, bananas, peaches). She has been eating two or three meals a day now. Today she started sitting in her high chair at home to eat instead of just the Bumbo seat even though she's been doing that for a while at Gram's house and even once at Cafe Rio.

Leah continues to nurse but she is going longer between feedings during the day and with eating solids she is starting to sleep even longer at night (we had a couple of 10 hour stretches=heavenly). She is growing a lot and I am always surprised when clothes and shoes that fit days ago don't fit the next time. She is starting to get up on her knees to crawl. She scoots, pulls, and wiggles her way to whatever she wants to reach. It won't be long until she starts crawling for real.

Nothing makes her smile more than her big sister.

I also think that Leah is trying to learn to wave and she mumbles a lot, attempting to talk - she sounds just like Owen did which is so cute. She has found her squealing voice as well and I often mistake the screeching for Ava. They sound a lot like. Also, a top tooth is finally starting to break through. The first one! She falls asleep on her own, takes regular naps in her crib, takes a bottle when necessary, finds her thumb if her pacifier isn't available, etc. We love you little Leah. Thanks for being such a pleasant baby girl.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Little Dancer

Ava began her first dance class today. She was so excited to start, especially to wear her leotard and shoes. The first class was kind of hilarious. When we arrived we found out that Ava was the youngest in the class and only first timer and they were switching it to the older curriculum. So, we stayed for this class but switched to the younger class that will begin next Friday. Considering the circumstances Ava did well but it was funny to watch because she really didn't know what she was doing at all and the teacher had to ask her to sit down about 20 times. Hopefully she will be on the same page as the other girls in her new Twirly Tot class. She said she loved it and as the class went on she started catching on. She looked pretty cute and is excited for the next class. The pictures didn't come out so good since they were taken through the glass. Next week I'll have to take one of Ava in her outfit before class. I loved being able to watch without her seeing me.

Bath Time

Ava and Leah took their first bath together this afternoon. it was also Leah's first bath sitting in the big tub. She wasn't sure about it at first but ended up loving the water especially when Ava would splash. Leah was laughing really hard. We love hearing that little laugh! I took a video because it was so cute. It's funny because since Leah's head was turned you can't even see her face, just hear her silly laugh.


Monday, January 18, 2010


Happy Birthday, Eric!

Eric joined me in being 30 years old yesterday and we're starting to feel kind of old. We actually went to a movie on Saturday night to see Avatar in 3D. That hardly ever happens so it was a special treat and we really enjoyed our classic date night. Eric's parents took him to the nursery and let him chose a tree of his choice - we now have a Valencia orange tree! My parents also have a Valencia orange tree and Eric loved it so we will look forward to eating our very own oranges this spring potentially.

On Sunday we had family dinner and a party at Eric's parents house. Eric is always no frills so we had a simple cake and practical gifts.

Of course Eric had to get his very own Snuggie!

Happy Birthday, Eric! Thanks for being such a great dad and husband. We all love you.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Visiting an Old Friend

Last week Michelle moved to LA. I never thought that would happen but I am so happy about it! Mike was off at work but I was able to spend two hours with Michelle. I had the girls with me and we just hung out in her temporary apartment near LAX. Ava was in love with Stanley the dog and her kitties that took cover under the bed. I can't wait to spend more time and get reacquainted with my Michelle especially since the last time I saw her Ava was seven months old. It's been too long.

I am so disappointed in myself for not getting my camera out. We need a picture together but I snagged these two of the girls off of her Facebook page. Can't wait to see her again and get the husbands together too!

Canyon Drive

I've taken many drives with the girls around our new area. Ava typically falls asleep on the ride so it's a nice way to get her to take an afternoon nap still. There is a lot of beautiful scenery with the mountains, horse ranches, and Live Oak canyon right near our house. Today while I was out I stopped to take a couple of pictures. Everything was really green since it rained this morning. I love this section of the canyon road where the trees almost connect overhead. Not to mention the winding, narrow road reminds me of Connecticut.

Coming out of the canyon there are rolling hills and this abandoned truck.

And finally, the view of the mountains from our neighborhood.

Parts of Orange County are so pretty.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Back on the Bike

A couple days later Ava was back up on her bike riding again. I am proud of her for continuing to practice. She did a good job and is getting more confident.



Monday, January 04, 2010

Sitting Up

Leah is such a pretty little girl. She has mastered sitting up and I love it. She is so happy to sit and play. She is growing up and I love to see her interact with her sister. I hope that they are always good little friends.

A Sunbeam

Yesterday Ava became a Sunbeam! She was so excited to go to Primary although she was sad that being a Sunbeam didn't mean she could get up in Sacrament meeting to sing. That will be interesting to witness one day though.

Ava and Luke were the first to arrive in the Primary room and they were cute sitting together, holding hands, and talking. Too bad later in the day I saw them pushing each other in the hallway. They have a little love hate relationship going on.

I guess every kid had a little "moment" during class but all in all it was a successful first Sunday. Ava is going to learn a lot especially about staying seated in her chair. I really appreciate her new teacher.

In My Car

This is what the backseat looked like on my way home from errands today. I love all of my girls especially when they are all safely strapped in and sleeping.

Sunday, January 03, 2010


While Rachael was in town Ava got a little haircut. It took a bit of bribing with marshmallows but we got her to sit for it. Thanks Rachael for the cute little bob.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year's Day

On New Year's Day we went down to Newport Beach. The kids played on the swings and playground by the Balboa Pier.

We took a walk on the pier. It was a pretty day. I am happy that some warmer weather is back for a while.

While we were walking on the pier we were talking to a fisherman and the kids were checking out his bucket of fish. His pole started to bend and he grabbed on to reel the fish in when a sea lion came and snatched it right off the hook. Here he is, leaving with the guy's catch!

Ava brought two of her little princesses for the walk. Whenever she looked over the edge she would hold them behind her back so she didn't drop them into the ocean.

Afterward we all went to Cafe Rio! It was just like old times, staying there for an hour later just talking with the Willards while the girls played with princesses. It was a fun New Year's Day!

Later that night we had one more Christmas. This time with the Suman parents and Meredith. Ava got a Tiana princess dress, the same as Lucy and they looked so cute wearing it together. Too bad there were no good photos to prove it. Leah got a fun Winnie the Pooh set of toys and she has been playing with it all week long. Thanks guys!