Thursday, December 31, 2009

Leah: 6 Months

Leah turned 6 months old on December 26th, a whole half year old already.
She is seriously such a delightful baby.

She is now sitting up better on her own. She can sit up and play at the same time for a few minutes which is a pretty big deal. I love when she pushes herself up onto her hands to look around. She is so curious and very social.

She always has a smile for everyone.

She is rolling all around the room and when she sees a toy she wants she manages to get to it somehow. We even can prop her up in a standing position for a short time. She always seems pretty happy about that.

She drank water out of a sippy cup for the first time this week. She really liked to gnaw on the spout mostly but when she actually would suck up water she seemed so surprised and liked it. We've introduced bananas and sweet potatoes mixed into rice cereal. She seemed to like sweet potatoes more than bananas. I love Leah's eyes in this picture.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas in Florida

We were fortunate enough to travel without problems this Christmas to Florida! Ava was SO excited to go on the blue airplane. She has been talking about it for months. Here are some airport pics.

We spent 11 days there playing and eating great food with the whole Novak family. My parents were great hosts. Lots of great food and fun! They created a bedroom out of the living room for us and even put up temporary walls. Eric was in love with the fresh oranges and grapefruit right off the trees the in backyard and the walnuts from Kayla's grandma. My parents spoiled the kids with great Christmas gifts and their home was decorated so beautifully. Ava was so into all the snowmen and their huge Christmas tree.

The Sunshine State wasn't too warm while we were there but the kids still managed to get in some swimming time. The first day Eric went running and then jumped in the pool...the kids followed him in. The water was pretty cold and they were all shivering and ready to get out. We spent time warming up on the patio with the Grandmas too.

One night Eric went with my parents, Bill, Kayla, and Lauren to the NCAA Women's Volleyball Championship in Tampa. The undefeated, Penn State won but it was a great match and they all had a fun time, especially Kayla!

We spent time at Scott and Holly's house. We don't get to spend too much time with Katie and Emma so it was so fun to get to see them more this trip. The girls had so many fun toys and Ava was in love with their little princess dolls. I was so glad to see that she liked them since that's what we got for her for Christmas! All the kids (and Papa) had a blast in the hot tub at Scott's house. It was funny that they were in bathing suits while the rest of us were huddled around the fire pit with blankets.

It was cute to see how much Katie loves Eric! I don't know what it is exactly but she is always seeking him out to talk to, make funny faces at, tell jokes with, etc. It's pretty cute!

We opened Christmas gifts with Scott's family early since we weren't going to see them on Christmas day. We had a lot of fun with Katie and Emma and getting to know Kyler and Lauren better.

Our little family took a day and went down to Ft Myers to visit Jason,Wynnter and their girls. It was so fun to see their family and home in Florida. Lilly and Ava seem to be similar personalities and clashed for the first hour or so but by the end of the night they were running and playing together. Mia is so adorable and just taking steps. We went to dinner, played outside at the mall, and then to Bass Pro Shop where they had a huge fish tank and games for kids set up near Santa. Then we went to a gelato shop for dessert. I branched out and it was really good.

Over the trip we played a ton of games. Scottie got Uno Attack and Rummikub for Christmas and they got a lot of use.

Finally it was time for presents! Christmas Eve couldn't come fast enough for the older kids. So, the kids opened a few gifts here and there throughout the week. They were all patient as it took Ava forever to carefully remove the paper off of every present.

We decided to open everything else on Christmas Eve after dinner. The first gift was pajamas, of course, so the kids changed into them and finished opening. Ava really got it this year. It was pretty cute to see how excited she was over everything and watch her say thank you to everyone. Whenever we said to say thanks to Grandma she thanked both of the great-grandmas too. She was so confused with so many grandmas! My mom made these great family history books for us too. So much work went into it and we appreciate having it, great gift.

The day after Christmas, Uncle Tom and Aunt Maureen came over. They moved to the east side of Florida 8 months ago and it's been over 2 years since I have seen them. It was fun to visit with so many people from my family this trip!

Leah won over the hearts of all! She was so sweet the whole trip and loved being held. She had smiles for everyone. She was never fussy and we're both missing all the attention she got now that we are home!

We took family pictures. The weather was cold and windy so we didn't go outside and our backdrop didn't work out the way we wanted but Bill worked hard and here is our finished product!

My parents really made it a fun Christmas for all of us. Thanks Mom and Dad! We already miss them. As we were driving home Ava said she didn't want to go home to her "green house" she just wanted to go to Grandma's house. Merry Christmas!