Sunday, November 29, 2009

5 Months

On Thanksgiving, November 26th, Leah turned 5 months old.

We love little Leah. She is trying so hard to sit up and I'm sure it won't be long. She is so observant. She loves to find the tags on her toys. She loves any sort of paper and the look of the remote - I don't think she has touched it yet but really wants to. She is so interested in our eating also. She watches us so closely. She gets so excited when she sees a toy coming her way that she starts shaking. She is so easy going. She loves to be held and will always fall asleep in my arms. She continues to eat well and sleep well. Leah is my biggest fan and I look forward to her smile all the time. She seems very social. She rolls all the time and spends a lot of her floor time propped up on her elbows on the floor. She isn't swaddled anymore and I love when I put her in bed she rolls to her side. She typically goes to be awake but drowsy and puts herself to sleep. She is spitting up less but drooling more. Most things that Leah gets a hold of goes straight to her mouth. She spends a lot of time in her car seat but always seems very content. I can't believe our baby is growing up already!

**On December 14th Leah had a doctor's appointment. She was 5 1/2 month old. She weighed 16 lbs 8 oz and is 26 1/2 inches tall. She received 3 shots and cried super hard. I hate to see her so upset and scared. She is too sweet. She is a healthy baby and we are going to introduce sweet potatoes, bananas and pears into her rice cereal diet.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving in AZ

We had such a great Thanksgiving! We attended the Boswell Thanksgiving with 90 of Eric's relatives. We drove to Arizona with Meredith on Wednesday and kind of had a long trip there but at least we saw this billboard.

We hit traffic and then Ava totally was throwing up. It is sad to see little kids helpless and sick. Luckily it just must have been something she ate because she was doing better by the time got to AZ and we met everyone at Cafe Rio. We stayed with the Bates. They are great hosts. I can't believe the amount of soda they had stocked up on. Look at how cute the little babes are together! Gavin and Leah are only 2 months apart (3 and 5 months old).

The set up at Craig's house was pretty amazing with real tablecloths and silverware. Jessica had created a little tent/fort for the kids. It even had lights inside and before dinner it was filled with coloring pages, crayons, and stickers. So fun for the kids. Jill demonstrated for me.

Dinner was really yummy. It was great to visit with all of the family that was in town. Dawna said there were 87 people for dinner! Wow. 100 lbs of turkey - 3 gallons of gravy - 14 dozen rolls!

Later that night we watched a slide show with old pictures focused on Granner, Grandpa Boswell and Uncle Bruce. It was strange to be in AZ and not go to Granner's house. Afterward, Santa came to visit! He brought a gift for each of the grandchildren. It was cute to see some of the kids so excited about him. Ava wasn't very into it though. She was actually kind of scared and just kept saying that she wanted Eric to go up and sit on his lap. Finally though, just as he was about to leave she let me carry her up. She got a fun present, a crown and little heart bag/necklace. She was so happy about her gift. (Thanks Gram)

The next morning the boys played soccer and the girls let the kids play at the park.

Ava wasn't getting much sleep and all she wanted to do was lay down so she rested for a while in the snap and go stroller basket.

On Friday Eric went to Bookmans and I went to Buffalo Exchange with Camille, Meredith, Carly and Tori. We met back up at Craig's house for the Mexican Freakin' Fiesta. Another 80 people for dinner and fabulous food!

Ava was in love with the dogs at their house. The kids kept them all very busy. She is still talking about each of them by name.

On Thursday and Friday nights after the kids were in bed we played card games at the Bates house. It was so fun to just hang out with the cousins and relax. We stayed up too late but had so much fun. I love that Eric has so many cousins close to our age and that we all get along so well. Here we are in our matching gray and yellow!

On Saturday we went back to Craig's house for meal #3! The Kick Butt Breakfast! So great...made-to-order omelets. I can't believe how much food we had in these few days of vacation. The Boswells were amazing to host all of that! After breakfast Eric and I went to visit Meredith's friend DJ at work.

We hung out at Rachael's in the afternoon. Savanna and Ava are becoming good little friends. I love that all the kids played nice together. Here are the girls playing together in the closet.

Later in the evening we went to the Smith's house to hang out. Kate is such a good little babysitter in the making. Ava went on the trampoline with Chloe and Carter. Savanna and Ava had fun dressing up and dancing like princesses.

Karen brought stuff for the kids to make gingerbread houses.
They loved placing the candy and eating it too.

It was shortly after this that Ava ended up having a major breakdown/tantrum. We decided that Saturday night was just as good as Sunday night to head back home so we packed up and started driving home to California. The girls slept almost the entire time and we hit no traffic at all so it was a much better experience this time around!

**Thanks to Rachael for sharing some of her pictures with me!**

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Few Random Updates

Last week Ava and Leah both had little colds. Nothing too bad but just kind of had them down a bit during the day and up more at night. We still tried to make it out of the house and get to the park. I can see how tired and sick they are in their faces but they were still having fun.

Later that afternoon Ava had fun being a "princess" in the backyard, twirling in our little clover field!

Ever since Daylight Saving ended Ava has been waking up pretty early. When Eric is still home in the morning he sets her up downstairs with the Disney channel and some yogurt and that gives me a couple extra moments to rest. I found this picture on the camera. I guess Eric thought she looked cute sitting there in her zone with her blanket and yes.....still the pacifier.

Lately Ava's favorite book is this journal book. It's actually a really amazing book. Last year Ava gave it to my mom for Christmas. It's specifically for "Grandma" and asks prompting questions about my mom and her life - growing up through the present. I thought it would take my mom years to complete it but of course, she was done within weeks and sent it back to us in the mail...complete with little pictures and everything. It's a gem especially because it's hand written. Anyways, Ava always wants to read it and look at it. So I'll read her an excerpt here and there. It's cute how interested she is and she wants to know who all the pictures are of - even the old black and white ones. Oh, and yes - she is wearing a cowgirl costume. I got it half off after Halloween. Funny little girl.

At preschool a couple weeks ago they made Thanksgiving decorations. One being a turkey hat. It's so cute to see her creative side come out. She loves gluing, coloring, painting, etc. She is really into art projects. She loves to wear the Snow White costume at school too. In these pictures all the kids are dancing around and pretending to gobble like turkeys but Ava is just sitting on a chair watching - maybe she was tired or sick? I don't know. Little kids are so funny sometimes.

Speaking of being creative - one day Ava took all of the baby stuff out of the cabinet and then came and brought me into the family room saying - "Look Mom, it's an octopus!" I guess it does look like an octopus. Abstract art.

We celebrated Karen's birthday last Sunday. Ava had to assist her with the gifts and the candles.

I wasn't feeling good this night so I missed out on getting a group shot around the cake but look at sweet Leah sleeping in my arms.

Such a good little picture of Grandpa and little Leah.

Of course, Jeremy and Ava had a little late night dance party all their own. They love dancing together and they both have some really sweet moves. This week they danced to Eric's Halloween mix CD.