Saturday, October 31, 2009


This is going to be a long post since we've had some fun Halloween activities this past week. At preschool on Thursday the kids got to wear their costumes. They were told Halloween stories and sang Halloween songs. It was fun to see the little classmates dressed up.

On Friday night we had our ward's Trunk-or-Treat. Eric and I are on the Activities Committee so it was interesting to be on the other side of the action. Ava enjoyed the bounce house, watching Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, and visiting the cars. She was really cute saying Trick or Treat to everyone. Some of the cars were really decked out.

Our cute new friend Wendy was there.

After Ava got her pumpkin filled with candy she sat down and just chilled. She looked so sweet in her witch outfit and the shadows were cool too.

Family pictures!

Leah was so sweet and just let me hold her in the sling all night long while I helped with the food and even washed dishes. She was dressed as a little black cat but no makeup tonight since I didn't want it all over my clothes.

On Halloween we got the girls dressed up and took some pictures of their costumes.
Ava the witch and Leah the cat!

Halloween night started off with going to Eric's parent's ward Trunk or Treat. Cindy did a great job being in charge of the event. Ava was excited to get her bucket filled again.

More family pictures!

The Eisenbises were there and they invited their friends, Heather and Pat. Their boys always have the best costumes. This year - Ghostbusters! Jeremy also looked great as a turtle.

Again when Ava was done going to each car, she just sat down on the curb and had some treats. She kept making friends with "big" girls and followed them around each night. She thought the girls dressed up as Hanna Montana were "dolls". She was star struck by them. The kids looked pretty cute all lined up long the curb.

Afterward we went home to our neighborhood and went Trick-or-Treating down our street and the next street over. It was a perfect opportunity to meet some more of our neighbors and to get some more candy! Ava did a great job walking around. She was happy to go to every house and didn't complain at all. I love how excited Ava is about all of the holidays! Spike followed us around the whole time, too. Of course, Leah was an angel both nights. I can't believe what a good little girl she is!

Ava looked so cute going up to the doors by herself. Just a little witch on the doorstep.

We came home and Ava and Eric dumped out the candy and man, she has a lot of candy and they both were very happy about that. I love that we have such a great house and neighborhood to start our family traditions in.

Also, on another note, I've started hanging up Ava's artwork in the playroom. It's a perfect place to display it since it's her own space and makes it a little festive in there. She does a lot of projects during preschool and it adds a personal touch to the garage.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Photographer

Lately every time Ava seems my camera she wants to take pictures. Sometimes she wants to take pictures of stuff - like her blanket or toys which are amusing but today I was holding Leah and she wanted to take pictures of us. Here are her shots.

Half of our faces look good.

She tried to get in the picture and had her finger over the flash.

This one turned out pretty good actually. A nice close up. :)

Oh, this one Ava took a couple days ago.
I like that she holds the camera up high instead of like most kids...up the nose.

Maybe I know what to get her for her birthday now.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Little Pixie

Ava has already utilized her stump/stage in the backyard.
Here is our little magical pixie girl...she is starting to find a love for Tinkerbell.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Goodbye Old Friend

We had two eucalyptus trees removed from our yard today. One was really small and the other was quite huge. My former self (S.E.E.D.) would be devastated to learn that I authorized a tree chopping, especially a tree that housed so many pretty hummingbirds. But, we now live in Orange County, California that has HOAs and Santa Ana winds that threaten our loving neighbors and block their pretty mountain views.

The tree cutters came at 7am and it took 5 hours to take down the big tree. The whole process was fascinating. Alfonso was up in the tree, balancing on limbs and supported by ropes. The guys below guided the falling limbs and hauled away the branches to the wood chipper. Such an interesting profession!

The stump is almost 4 feet in diameter. We dubbed it as Ava's new stage.

The new backyard view. It is looking empty out there but we have big plans that hopefully will come to fruition soon. We see fruit trees, flowers, and a bike path in our distant future. For now we miss our big tree.

Pumpkin Carving 2009

Here are our pumpkins this year! Eric and I each carved a turnip also.
Again, the turnip story is here.

We got together with Eric's parents and the Eisenbises to carve pumpkins and enjoy some yummy soup and apple pie for FHE this week. We tried to get Ava to give us some creative input so we asked her questions like, do you want a happy pumpkin? or sad? mean? a triangle nose? big eyes? So we got a sad, triangle nosed, big-eyed jack-o-latern.

Bill carved his...always creative, of course!

The Eisenbises put in a group effort. Jeremy decided to do a classic jack-o-lantern.

Here are all of the creations.