Friday, August 28, 2009

Take a Dip

Last night Leah took her first dip in the pool.

She seemed a little worried at first but she liked it.
She even got dunked under water.
What she didn't like was getting out...I don't blame her.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Celebration!

Tonight we took the girls to Disneyland. We went to celebrate Ava's success in potty training. It's been a week and she is still accident free, using the big potty and going in public! We are so proud of this little girl and Disneyland was a perfect way to reward her. She had so much fun.

Ava loves the tram.

We had a couple of firsts while we were there...It was Leah's first Disneyland experience and Ava went on her first roller coaster, The Matterhorn, with Eric. She loved it and probably told me 10 times that the animals were not real.

We rode some old favorites:
Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, carousel, and Dumbo.

Next time Ava wants to ride the Teacups.

2 Months Old

Today Leah turned 2 months old.

She went to Dr Chang's appointment this morning. She checked out healthy and she is becoming a big girl. She also had 3 vaccinations which included 2 shots. Poor baby! Here are her stats:

12 pounds (80th percentile)
23 3/4" long (90th percentile)

Here she has a cute little grumpy, chubby face.

Leah has been sleeping 6-7 hours for the past 3 nights. I am really hoping this is a consistent habit. She still grunts a ton, loves bath time, and being swaddled at night. She also is still a happy, content baby too. A cute little fact...she always smiles when Eric plays with her nose. We love her so much!

Monday, August 24, 2009

HB 7th Babies

This past Sunday we went to our old ward, Huntington Beach 7th, for a picture of all the little babies born in 2009 so far. It was so cute to have them all together and to visit with all of my mom friends. This ward is unique with so many young couples and kids. We miss the them!

13 babies!
Easton, Caden, Topher, Brinley, Cali, Leah, Cohen, Cash, June, Ella, Max, Dane and Weston

Moms and babies...missing Sherri.

The four youngest...the littlest guy is only 2 weeks old!

Thanks to Kris, our photographer and one of the proud dads.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Eric's New Favorite Past Time

Eric's new favorite past time is lawn mowing...
ever since he bought a lawn mower and trimmer this past week.
We are starting to look like real homeowners.

He has been working hard trying to get the back yard green since it was completely dead when we moved in and there isn't a sprinkler system in the back. It's been less than two months and it has grown enough for it's first cutting. I have to admit that I was skeptical if it could be revived. It's amazing what a little water (and love) can do. Hopefully it will be completely green and luscious in another couple of months.

Potty Training

Ava is a potty trained little girl! It's been 4 days and accident free since day one. I am so proud of her. I really talked up wearing panties and she even got to pick out her own Little Mermaid and Nick Jr ones. Probably the best incentive...M&M's as a reward! She loves chocolate. She has only been going on her little potty because said she is scared to go down the drain of the big one. Haha. We'll have to work on that part next week but for now I am really pleased! And,of course she is still wearing Pull Ups at night...I don't even want to go down that road yet.

Here she is showing off her Spongebob panties.
I didn't even know she liked that show.

Update 8/24/09: Still accident free! Ava has conquered the big potty too! She even went in "public" at church yesterday. It's been wonderful not having to change those nasty diapers and I love that she is taking an initiative. She loves how proud we are of her and definitely looks for the praise more now rather than the M&Ms. Today she took a nap in her panties and still no accident. Wow. What a good little toddler!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Rope Swing

There is a short little trail by our house that has a rope swing in the middle of it. Eric discovered it recently on one of his runs. This evening we met up with Cindy, Camille, and Jeremy at the park and then walked over to the swing and everyone took a turn. I think Jeremy especially will want to go back soon. Fun neighborhood discoveries!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


After a late night of swimming...

And a long afternoon of playing dress up...

Ava finally crashed on the playroom floor.

She needs to believe me when I tell her that she still needs a nap.

This Face

I can't get enough of this face.

Quite possibly the sweetest baby ever.

Monday, August 17, 2009


We ventured on our first road trip with our two little girlies to Utah for Justin and Sunny's wedding. The car ride went really well both Ava and Leah are great travelers. We didn't get in until 3am both ways but we can't complain since we had so much fun! We love staying at Bill's house. They are great hosts and Ava loves playing with her cousins, Kim and Scott. This time was extra special since they got to meet Leah. Kimmy was a great little mommy and wanted to hold her a lot. That afternoon we hit up Cafe Rio with Bill for a birthday treat lunch, thanks!

Later in the evening we went to Mark's house for Makenna's 2nd birthday party. It was so fun to see more family, the Suman's new house, and to celebrate with sweet little Makenna.

On Saturday afternoon we went to the Mt Timpanogous temple for Justin and Sunny's wedding. It was such a beautiful sealing and they looked gorgeous. It is always fun to be in the temple with friends and remembering our own special wedding day.

On our way to the Taylors' reception we detoured at Del Taco on 1600 in Orem to eat with Jarond and Jenni and their kids. Then we went to Bridge and their reception was a lot of fun. We danced and laughed and chatted with a lot of old friends. I love how genuine and sweet Justin and Sunny were in their speeches.

Gordon was such a good friend and entertained Ava by dancing with her and holding Leah for us.

Ava was so tired every night since we were so busy and were up late but when we'd get back to Bill's house Ava would find a second wind. This night she finally got settled down and it was quiet in the room but when we went to bed we found her looking like this...she got into the diaper rash cream and smeared it all over herself. I was so freaked out when I discovered her little art project. Ava is one crazy kid.

Sunday we were traveling home but not before stopping off at Kam's house for a BBQ. Tyson is leaving for school in England for a year and we had to say farewell. Even though we don't live in Utah anymore, we'll still miss Tyson when we visit and it's been great getting to know Amber too. Leah was in love with her and didn't let Amber put her down for hours...(thanks Amber). A Miller BBQ was a perfect way to end our trip.