Thursday, July 30, 2009


Leah had playtime today. She actually was hitting the toys (by accident I'm sure but still cute) and smiling at the mirror. She lasted about 20 minutes on her mat which I thought was pretty impressive.

Today was a good day. Life has been so hectic. It has been hard to feel any sort of normal but today was a good start. We even went to Target - just me and the girls. Both girls took naps, at the same time and I was able to get some long overdue work done for Eric. Although, the best part was that I saw more smiles than tantrums from Ava. A new house and baby has been a big adjustment for all of us.

Hooray for happy kids!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One Month Old

In the midst of everything, our little pretty Leah turned one month old on July 26th. This month has been SO crazy. Leah is still a sweetie. She loves to be held and sleep on her stomach. She has started to make eye contact and will smile when she does catch your eye. Although, smiles are hard to catch with the camera. She grunts all the time which usually leads to a messy diaper or spitting up.

Leah has had more awake periods although sometimes these times are in the middle of the night. Overall though, she has been a decent sleeper and an amazing eater. When she drinks a bottle she will down 4 oz. She has definitely gotten bigger and is starting to even get a little chunk on her. Love those cheeks!

Today I looked up and saw that she finally noticed the mobile above the swing. She was just rocking, listening to the music, and staring at those bugs twirling around.

Thank You!

I'm so glad that Camille took this picture of us with my parents in front of the house. We are so grateful that the Novaks could come for a couple of weeks to help us get settled into our house! They put in a lot of hard work that we couldn't have done without them. Thank you! We are so happy that we were able to host them and hope we have more visitors soon!

Besides Projects...

Besides home improvement projects and the Fair, we did manage to have some more fun while my parents were in town.

We went to the park at the end of our street. Ava was brave with the monkey bars.

I love that the park and pool are now walking distance from our house.
Ava loves this windmill and running around the trees.

We went to the pool.

Even Spike joined us at the pool. I love that he follows us no matter where we go.

We went to Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach.

This marked Leah's first trip to the beach!
She was an angel.

My parents got soaked by the waves hitting the rocks and unfortunately broke my dad's camera!

We went to The Wedge in Newport Beach. There were a million people there because the waves were so big. There were only a few people in the water body surfing. The lifeguards were on crowd control.

We went to dinner at Claim Jumper sans children...thanks Cindy and Bill.

We fed the ducks (and the turtles, fish and birds) at the RSM lake.

We went for drives along the coast and in our new neighborhood.
We went by the Newport Beach Temple, Eric's office, and the pretty park in San Clemente.

Life at Home

We have gotten pretty settled at our new house. My parents came to town for two weeks. They are helping us with some projects and meeting Leah. Here are a few pictures from the week we moved in.

The piano lulls Leah to sleep.

The girls' naptime.

First dinner in our new home.

Our house!

We are still waiting on some living room furniture to come in and art for the walls but our house is starting to feel like a home. Eric is working hard on the backyard to get green grass out there. There were no screens, no blinds, we had all the bathroom faucets changed out, new closet shelves and organizers, battled ants, added towel bars, new outside lights, and a ton of little random repairs and painting, etc. We got so much done since we moved in just one month ago.

We spent a lot of time at home with my parents.
Here are some pictures from these past two weeks.

Taking care of baby Leah.

Papa and Ava playing games together.

My parents got us a sweet new TV. Here is Ava modeling by it.

Leah and Papa watching TV together.

Ava being a cute big sister to Leah.

Ava has her little set up in the garage with toys, new easel, and TV.

Our tree in the backyard has a ton of birds in it, hummingbirds especially. There has to be a dozen or more out there every day.

We also must attract praying mantis because there are two of the that hang out around our house.


Ava loves wearing work gloves and hats. She calls them sticky gloves.

Pictures to prove that my parents aren't the only ones that did a little work around the house.