Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day

This Memorial Day was a little different for us. Ava was with Gram, Grandpa, and the Willards while we went house hunting. They went to the RSM Lake and rented a paddle boat. It sounds like it was a lot of fun! We'll definitely be doing that again sometime this summer. Here are a few pics courtesy of Dana.

I love this picture of the Owen, Ava and Lucy. So cute.

Thanks for entertaining Ava all afternoon! Meanwhile, Eric and I were out looking at homes and we fell for this one down in Rancho Santa Margarita (more specifically, Robinson Ranch).

Our offer has been accepted and we are hoping that all the details work out. We could possibly have a baby and move into the new house in the same week! We'll see how that goes...Later that evening we had a little BBQ and played at the Sumans house. It was a pretty productive day!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random Doings

Life has been happening lately and I had a few pictures that I wanted to post. This is the last month of my pregnancy and I'm starting to feel more and more uncomfortable which has been limiting my motivation to head out and play. I think Ava has been growing a lot which has made her a little clumsy and she is getting her two-year molars in which has made her a little more whiny and moody. Luckily though, she is doing a lot better this week. Even through the tears and whines she still totally makes us laugh and I can't believe how much more she is communicating with us and learning all the time. She is a bit of a drama queen and she still gets into everything that some kids wouldn't even think about. She is in the stage of doing EVERYTHING by herself and she is starting to help me more and more around the house. It's actually quite nice.

We were at Bella Terra walking around and there were a lot of little kids playing in the amphitheater. Ava was having a great time too until she and a little boy ran right into each other. Eric caaptured this classic crying face. She's got the crying and sad faces down.

Tuesday evenings in Huntington Beach is Surf City Nights. We love heading down to Main Street for a nice walk. Ava found the bubble man and couldn't get enough of trying to catch the huge bubbles. She chased them all around.

Eric and Ava watching the street performers.

One afternoon we went to the park to play and feed the ducks. Ava loves chasing the birds and ducks around. This time we saw something that we haven't before...a turtle!

Ava loved this swing and I think she could have spent hours in it with her baby doll.

For Easter, my parents sent Ava some treats, including this cup that lights up on the bottom. Ava LOVES the cup. She is always entertained by it. Eric took her into the dark to play with it again the other day and took this picture. I like how you can just barely see her happy, sweet little face in the glow of the lights.

This past Friday night we went to the Long Beach Aquarium for the free Shark night. Ava was a little nervous to touch the sting ray and sharks but eventually warmed up and liked splashing in the water. Here is Eric trying to persuade her to touch the water.

Ava also had fun climbing on the toys and running around with the rest of the kids.

I love this little happy face.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Jeremy turned 7!

We went to Jeremy's 7th birthday party on Saturday, May 10th. Camille and Bryan did such a great job and the Suman's backyard was the perfect hosting spot. The theme was Pokemon and there were really cute decorations, games, a jump house, and cotton candy. Yum! It was a great party. Happy Birthday Jer!

Cotton candy fun!

Eric ran the Bingo table!

Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you to all my great examples of mothers! That, of course, includes my own mom, mother-in-law, grandmothers, sisters-in-law, cousins, and friends. You are all wonderful moms that teach me a lot about patience and love.

Yesterday was pretty much just like every other day. I decided that Mother's Day can't really be celebrated until your kids are a little older and can actually take themselves for a day rather than still dealing with the same crazy tantrums and whining we get everyday regardless of what day Hallmark says it is.

But, Eric got me a yummy ice cream cake that took care of most of my concerns and a really sweet card. Ava actually gave me the card on Saturday. They worked on it while I was out shopping and Eric had her hide it to give to me on Sunday but as soon as I walked in the door Ava yelled "Surprise!" and immediately ran to her hiding spot and handed me the card. That day we learned that Ava cannot keep a secret. During Nursery at church, Ava was really excited to stick her hands in paint to create this little project for me.

We had a lovely dinner at the Sumans house. We went on a walk afterward and Ava was insistent that the walk would only include Gram, Jeremy, and her. Bryan, Eric and I came anyways but we kept our distance. Every once and a while we'd get a little too close and Ava would turn and notice us and say, "Nooo Mommy, Bryan, and Daddy!" Ava still makes me laugh and smile even though at times pushes my sanity to the limit.

I didn't take any pictures yesterday but decided to capture one today of me with my little Ava, so at least we have something for the blog. She only gave me a few takes and this is what we end up with...kind of funny.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Poorly Planned

I'd like to think that I am normally a pretty organized person and that I do a good job planning our little day to day outings but yesterday I was not that person. I blame it on pregnancy. Yesterday I thought about going to Disneyland but didn't actually ask Eric until 5:15pm if he wanted to go when he got home from work. He thought a little more notice would have been good. Oops. But he did agree that a couple hours at Disneyland on a warm, uncrowded evening sounded fun. By the time Eric got home, ate dinner, and got to Disneyland it was already 7pm. We got confused on the parking situation and ended up parking in Downtown Disney. As we were getting out of the car I realized the stroller was not in the trunk. Oops. We decided it would be fun to take the Monorail in and save some walking. That was a good idea but as we were waiting for it to arrive we heard the announcement that Disneyland closed at 8pm. Oops. Major oops. I don't know why I didn't even think to look at the hours. When we got to Tomorrowland it was already 7:15. But, we made the most out of our 45 minutes and poorly planned Disneyland excursion.

Ava saw the Autopia cars from the Monorail and wanted to do that but the wait was too long. I guess the worker thought Ava was cute (or maybe that we were mean parents for telling her no) so she gave us a sweet rider's switch card. We got to enter the exit and got right in the next car pulling up. Ava's face here says it all. She loved driving the car on the "snake" as she called the track.

We'll remember next time that it's not really fun to have all three of us cramped in the little car - especially being pregnant with a two year old driver and Eric's knees hitting the steering wheel.

Joy riding.

We managed to get on the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage too. We listened to Ava say, "Where's Dory" the entire ride but I think she really liked it especially when Dory appeared in the window. We had a really long walk back to our car but Ava was lucky to hitch a ride on her dad's shoulders for most of the way. She liked bouncing and dancing to the music in Downtown Disney.

It ended up being a fun little night. Just walking around Disneyland is entertaining in itself so it's always fun. We love having passes and living close by!

Who Does She Think She Is?

Here are a couple more pictures of little Ava and Jeremy from the Arson Car show and "Who does she think she is?" was Eric's comment after viewing this photo this afternoon...

Thank you Amber for emailing me some more pictures. You captured a fun night!


Yesterday Ava sported her new sunglasses around town.
I think these also require a "Who does she think she is?" comment.

This little girl definitely has some spunk and likes to do her own thing.
What will the teenage years bring us?

Monday, May 04, 2009

Sunday Celebration!

Sunday night we celebrated Jeremy and Cindy's birthdays!

Camille got her mom a new Statue of Liberty crown.
Can't wait to see it in action during the Suman 4th of July celebration this year.

Group shot!

When we first got to Gram's house we were outside playing when Ava noticed that Chip, the turtle, had made an escape from his pen and was walking around the patio. She and Jeremy were SO excited to see him out and actually moving. He's getting really big. They took turns walking on all fours with Chip too.

Ava loves when the Willards make the trek from Pasadena to play.

Owen and Ava are birthday twins.
It's fun to watch Owen and remember what Ava was like at that exact age last year.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Scavenger Hunt

On Friday night, Eric and I joined up with Camille and Bryan to form a Disneyland Scavenger Hunt team. Their friends, Heather and Pat, organized the event with 20 of their friends and included us! They did such a great job putting it all together with our official Disneyland name tags (all night long people asked us questions since it looked like we worked there), bags, pens, and treats. We all pitched in $10 so the winning team would split the $200 prize.

We were in it to win it, especially with Bryan (aka Mr. Disney) on our team. Although, after we arrived at Disneyland and we read the 7 page questionnaire, we started to doubt our abilities since most of the questions were really difficult. But, we did our best and talked to as many cast members and randoms as possible (like Emmett) and started to find some hidden answers all over the park. We had three hours to complete the hunt and get as many answers as we could.

Here are some of the randoms.
People like to think that they know a lot about Disneyland
but this group of veterans couldn't answer even one of the questions!

When we met up at Space Mountain, we had an answer for every question but we knew they weren't all correct. After some intense scoring and trash talking the winning teams were announced....WE WON! So we left happily with each having our $50 in hand.

Go Team Sumanbise!

Such a fun little date night! Thanks so much to Bill and Cindy for watching Ava and Jeremy until 12:30 in the morning! They obviously had a lot of fun since they barely had fallen asleep right before we got animals!