Monday, April 27, 2009

Back to Utah

Eric, Ava and I took a road trip to Utah this past week and it was a much needed relaxing vacation. We got to spend a lot of time together and relive some old memories. We stayed with Bill and his family in Sandy. Ava was always excited to go home to Uncle Bill's house each night and to wake up and see Scott and Kimmy in the morning. Her older cousins take good care of her and try to keep her out of trouble.

Scott and Kim are both playing Little League. We got to go to two of Scott's games and Ava LOVED watching him play. She and Kimmy cheered him on from the sidelines. Bill is the coach and did a good job especially since this is the first year of player pitch.

There is a huge hill at the field and Eric and Ava had fun playing on it.
After the game Eric and Scott rolled down the hill.

A video of the rolling:


The kids also got to pick out a treat from the snack shack. Ava chose a ring pop.

We spent about every other day down in Provo hanging out with Eric's side of the family and our friends from the Provo days. The Millers were always hosting a get together! Ava has a lot of cousins to play with. Here she is with Chloe and Jill.

Gerrit graduated from BYU-Idaho and got a new grill for his gift.They had a big party and put the grill to good use. Too bad it was raining the whole day!

Kam is still doing a lot of hair from home and after she did my hair, she gave Ava a little trim. She loved seeing herself in the mirror and sitting on the big chair.

We ate out at all of our local favorites like Cafe Rio, Tucanos, Apollo, Five Guys, Del Taco on Bulldog, etc. We even tried something new...we went to the Mayan and it was a really good experience. The kids loved the cliff divers and the rain forest atmosphere. We loved the fajitas and had fun visiting with Bill and Kayla while the kids were entertained.

Eric, Ava, and I spent some time walking around on BYU campus. There are a lot of new buildings but there are still a lot of memories there. I'm glad that Eric and I spent so much time in Provo together. We're already having fun telling Ava about our lives there. Spring is so beautiful and Ava spent a lot of time collecting petals that had fallen from the pretty trees.

Mark graduated from BYU with his a Masters degree in Information Systems. The speakers were great at the graduation but there was a really long list of names to be read. Thankfully all of the kids did such a great job entertaining themselves and behaving. After they received their diplomas, Mark sang in a little choir with some of the other graduates.

Here is the big family group shot.

And, the little Suman family group shot. Mark and Sara also announced that they are pregnant and expecting their new little baby in December! Hooray for growing families!

Before the graduation there was a lunch/party for Mark and Sara's brother Adam. There was good food and great company. It was fun to see some of the extended family.

The Sumans played some basketball while Ava and I watched and cheered them on.

Ava played with the garbage can top...nasty.

Later that night Gerrit and Mark's dream came true when there was an Arson Car reunion show in their honor for an intimate crowd. Ava was in love with the music and danced her little heart out. She kept calling them the "real" Rockband. After each song ended Ava would say, "Oh, no. It's the batteries!" It was so much fun to see them play again.

A quick video:


Funny crowd shot that Mark took.

After the show Ava and Jeremy took their turns on the drums.
I stole this picture from Amber because it came out so cute of them.

We had so much fun with the Novaks and Sumans. Last night, on our drive back to California, Ava asked to go to Uncle Bill's house. Hopefully we get to see everyone again soon!

Friday, April 17, 2009

More Ultrasound Pictures

I haven't gotten the chance to post some of the ultrasound pictures from April 17th of baby girl #2. We had such a great time watching her move around on the monitor and see how much she has grown inside (3lbs 2 oz)! The next time we'll get to see her will be in real life. I can't believe how time has flown by this pregnancy.


Cute toes.

Star Trek sign.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15th

The day has arrived...Tax Day.
Here is someone who may be more excited about it than me even.

I am grateful for Eric's career and all the hard work he puts in to support our little family. I am glad he gets to come back to normal life and that he will get a little more rest and fun. Although, after our little Utah getaway, we really need to start doing all of those things that we keep putting off until "after busy season." Maybe we'll even decide on a name for this baby girl on her way!

Happy April 15th!

Oh and, I guess I should mention that today is also Spike's honorary birthday. He's 6!
Here is proof that not all of Ava's attention is abuse.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a fun little Easter Sunday. When Ava woke up we had her look for her hidden basket. She was pretty funny looking around for it. A warning though, this video is almost 2 minutes long so feel free to skip it.


Here she is playing with some of her loot. Once she saw this light thing she had to have it with her for the rest of the day. Eric took her into the dark bathroom to see how cool it really was.

We went outside to try to get a couple pictures and of course Spike came and found us. Ava decided to try to pick him up. She has never actually done it but today she was able to and she was SO proud of herself. Poor Spike just puts up with it. He looks pretty pathetic in these pictures. Why he doesn't just run away from her? We'll never know!

Here is the family picture. We only had time for one take on the timer. It came out alright besides a bit out of focus but I just kind of wish I wasn't so pregnant looking in it. Haha.

After church we headed up to Eric's parents house for dinner. We had a small gathering. Rich, Karen, Meredith, Bill, Cindy and us! It was a great little group and for the Egg Hunt, Ava had no competition and she loved collecting the eggs.

Happy Easter!

Oh and one other thing...this is the tamest I have ever seen Ava's hair. Obviously you can tell from the rest of the day's pictures that it didn't last long but all of a sudden she looked so old to me - we love crazy hair Ava!