Friday, January 30, 2009

New Classes

Ava is in two classes for the winter session. She is taking Edible Art and Parent and Me Tot Hour. Here are a few pictures of her enjoying class time. She is always excited to get there and to see the teachers. Edible Art is a super messy, hands on class. They don't make things you can eat, they use products that could be edible so it's safe for little ones. Ava looks wasted and her hair is in shambles in this picture but I love her hands. It shows just how messy we get. It's better in class than in my house!

In the Tot class they play for the first half with different learning stations and they have an art project to work on. The second half is singing time and either bubbles or parachute play. Here is Ava doing a magnetic fish puzzle.

We went to a make-up class today and they had roller skates. Here are a couple of pictures and a little video. She only fell once and she wanted to get up and do it again even with rug burned little knees. She's such a little kid!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ultrasound Day

Today was the day! We went in for the ultrasound and the baby looks healthy and is growing right on track. We are so happy for a healthy baby. Here are some of the ultrasound pictures.

I love that little hand! So sweet. We saw all 10 fingers and all 10 toes.

The baby was in a complete fetal position with it's feet way above the head.
The baby weighs about 8 oz at this point.

And finally, we got to hear about the gender. It's a GIRL! We were in a little awe at first but we are really so excited and happy that Ava will have a baby sister to be friends with. She was moving a lot and kept putting her hands up on her face and putting her hands together. It was cute to see all the movements already.

We are excited to meet that little beautiful girl. We need to decide on a name and start getting used to saying "the girls". Here is a picture of the happy mom, 18 weeks 3 days.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's been a week...

It's been a week since I posted so I figured I was due to put up something. This weekend when we were at Chili's, Ava decided to mimic me and eat her french fries with a fork. I loved it, she wants to be just like me! Haha! We couldn't get a decent picture but you get the idea.

Then, on Saturday we went to take Ava on the carousel at South Coast Plaza but when we got there it was closed down for renovations, the sign said "Horses on Holiday". So, Ava had to settle for looking at the fountain instead. I just like how happy her little face is in the first picture.

On Sunday night we were having a good family game time of Let's Go Fishin' which just so happens to be kind of a hard game getting the fishing hook into the little mouths that keep closing before the 2 year old can get it in there. So, Eric decided to use his finger to grab the fish instead which worked much easier. Ava thought that Eric reacting to the fish "biting" his finger was hilarious. I decided to video for a minute just because I love this real hearty laugh that Ava has. Also, please don't notice the boxes and stuff in the background we were finishing up a "clean out the closet" project.


And some old catch up, January 10th was one of those really nice days with the warm Santa Ana winds blowing. We decided it sounded fun to take Ava swimming. When we finally arrived at the pool it had cooled down a lot and the wind was chilly. Eric and Ava still decided to go in, thankfully the pool was heated, but poor Ava was shivering the whole time. She was still so happy to kick and splash in the water. I forgot my camera in the car but got a couple pictures using my phone.

Here she is warming up...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Eric's Birthday

Saturday was Eric's birthday. We celebrated by going to Disneyland and renewing our annual passes. After waiting in a long line to buy the passes, we didn't have too much time to play so we went to California Adventure and let Ava go on a couple of rides and play in Bug's Land. Here is the birthday boy and Ava on the caterpillar ride.

After Disneyland we headed down to San Juan for a wedding reception of Eric's friend, Chris Tobler. It was such a pretty reception with a lot of yummy treats. Ava and Jeremy had fun playing together. We had fun visiting with friends and family and sampling the food. Congrats Toblers! We got a couple really cute pictures of Jeremy and Ava together but sadly no pictures of the actual reception or the newlyweds!

Gordon and Jared Fairbanks were in town and spent the night at our apartment. It was fun to catch up with them and also visit with the Mangrums. Lisa and her friend got into town Sunday morning and they all left on a cruise that afternoon so hopefully when we see them after their trip we can get a picture! Ava had fun playing with Gordon. He's so good with kids. We had a very eventful Saturday. Happy Birthday Eric!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Chocolate Birthday Party

We had our family birthday party for Eric on Sunday night. He turns 29 on the 17th.

The dinner table:

Instead of a cake I decided to do a chocolate sampling party for the chocolate loving Eric. I gathered some different chocolatey foods that he likes and displayed them for everyone to try. His "cake" was a huge Ghirardelli double chocolate brownie. The best part was that I was able to keep the idea from Eric until we were almost done setting it up. He seemed to really like it! I was really happy with color scheme - dark red, orange and brown. It just seemed to blend nicely together. Ava has taken after her dad and loves chocolate so she was very happy about the party too.

Here is the spread:

The group:

And, just in case Eric didn't get enough chocolate during his party, he got some more as a gift.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Anna is 2!

Tonight we went to the Lucas' house to help celebrate Anna's birthday. There were cute Elmo hats for the kids, yummy pizza, and they did such a great job on the Elmo cake too!

Happy birthday sweet Anna!

Little Band

Ava got a wooden recorder from Santa for Christmas. She calls it her "horn". She gets really into playing it and feeling the music where she closes her eyes, leans back, and taps her foot. Today she wanted one of us to play the xylophone while she played the horn. So tonight, when Eric got home from work they had a little band performance. The music is super annoying but we thought Ava was pretty cute. Eric really likes that she has great jazz qualities of shouting things out in the middle. (she says "ready, set, go") Anyways, enjoy the video:


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Feeding the Ducks

Today Ava and I went to Central Park to feed the ducks. Ava loved it. There were so many ducks and pigeons. Ava fed them for a while but then wanted to eat the bread herself.

When all of the ducks were surrounding her she'd laugh and say "it tickles!"
She obviously doesn't know what that means exactly.

When the pigeons would take off they would all fly together.
It was kind of freaky since there were so many of them.

Once we were out of food (or I guess, after Ava ate all the food) she started to try feeding them dirt. Ava discovered that if she would just the pigeons would jump too.
Here is a little video:


Monday, January 05, 2009

Make Over

The other day while we were in Rancho, we thought that Ava was taking a nap but she wasn't. Eric went to check on her and he found her applying foundation make up to her face that she was able to reach in one of Meredith's drawers. It was even on her teeth and lips. Silly Ava. At least it was washable!

While Ava was giving herself a make over, Rachael gave me a hair make over.
A shorter do and highlights. Sorry for the non-exciting picture...

Friday, January 02, 2009

Jingle Bells

Here is a video of Ava singing her version of Jingle Bells. We end up singing this multiple times a day so we had to get it on film. It's pretty good, despite being a completely different tune and not including an entire line. I guess she barely just turned two so I shouldn't complain. Here it is:


New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve we wanted to get the kids in bed early so we could party like it was 2009. We had an early celebration with all the kids with hats, horns and dancing.

After the kids were in bed we broke out the ugly sweaters and mugs for the Ugly Sweater party. Here are some couple pictures. Pretty ugly, huh? Look at Casey's face in the background.

The Willards decided to go with the whole ugly outfit. I love that they match.
And I love that they are utilizing their mugs too.

Mark and Sara. Mark's hair is sick-o.

Eric and I.
Check out that prego belly sticking out there...
by the end of the night there is no hiding it.

Rachael and Brennan.

Karis and Marty.

Kam and Gerrit.

Aunt Karen.

All the guys:

All the girls:

Gerrit decided to show off his cool dickey he had on under his sweater.
It got a little riskque but I love everyone's reactions.

We had fondue and played a lot of games. We rang in the new year with poppers and kisses.
It was such a fun night.

Happy 2009!