Tuesday, September 30, 2008

10 years ago...

I know I wrote about this date last year (here) but I couldn't let the day pass without mentioning it again. 10 years ago Eric and I had our first official date. You know, where Eric awkwardly waited until everyone was out of my apartment on their way home before asking me out - I could tell he was totally nervous and for some weird reason I remember that he had his arms up holding onto door frame. I love that he was nervous. I was barely 19 and Eric was 18 but don't worry, we didn't get married until 4 years later. And although there are no pictures from this "historic" date it really was the beginning of everything. I am glad Eric had the guts to ask me out after a month of waiting (or at least I was waiting). After that date we pretty much saw each other every day for the rest of the school year. And now ten years later, we still like going to see live music, Eric is still in love with Del Taco, and we just watched Good Will Hunting again over the weekend. Some things never change and I'm glad for that.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday Birthday Dinner

Yesterday we celebrated birthdays for Rich and Bryan with dinner up in Rancho.
Happy Birthday guys!

Of course the kids had fun playing together.
I love this picture of them entertaining themselves outside.

Lucy and Ava were doing Ring Around the Rosies.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Irvine Park Pumpkin Patch

Today we went up to Irvine Regional Park and went to the pumpkin patch there. It really would have seemed like autumn if it wasn't 90 degrees there. Ava loved trying to pick up all of the pumpkins. She went in her first "haunted" house and the whole time she was in there she was saying "I'm scared" but she did it. We also went through a hay maze where Ava led the way out. It was a fun little outing.

Tonight we went to La Salsa for dinner at Bella Terra. While we were eating outside we heard some live music start up so we checked it out. A Neil Diamond cover band...sweet. Ava loved it (and so did I). She danced and clapped to all the songs. We dragged her away crying for more.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Still feels like summer...

The weather has been so great. Nearly perfect for as long as I can remember. More or less 75 and sunny...I can't ask for much more which is why we live where we do. Today after swim class Ava and I got some cookies and went to a park in Newport Beach. Ava makes me smile. She is always doing new things. I am impressed at how much she learns and does in a day's time. I love spending so much time with her.

Here she is pretending to sleep on the slide.

Ava decided to try going down on her stomach. I'm just glad she isn't trying head first yet.
Here is a video.


Here is another quick video of Ava counting to five.
At the end I ask her what comes after five and she says "Jump!"
Sometimes that is true.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Stereolab and Atlas Sound

Laura and I went to see Stereolab and Atlas Sound play at Detroit Bar last night in Costa Mesa. I had seen Stereolab play back in 1997 but sadly could only stay for about 15 minutes of the show. They never played in Salt Lake while we lived in UT, so when I heard they were playing so close to home, I was excited to go. Then I heard Atlas Sound was opening for them and I was doubly excited to go.

Camille was so nice and came down and hung out at our house while Ava slept. Thanks Camille for the help!

We got to the show at 9:15 and it didn't start until 10:30. So Laura and I sat on the ground and saved our row 2 spots. Meanwhile Laura got caught up on all the new blog posts she missed in the last 10 minutes since we arrived.

Atlas Sound is Bradford Cox's side project from Deerhunter. He used a large assortnment of equipment to create really loud, really atmospheric and really awesome pop songs.

Stereolab has had some people come and go from the band, but the two original members and songwriters, Tim Gane and Latetia Sadier, are still the main people in charge. There was a period from 1997-1999 where 60% of what I listened to was them. I was nervous that the show would remind me that they were 10 years older now and would have lost all the energy and originality that made them so intriguing back then. They totally didn't disappoint at all. They played really loud and had just as much energy as ever. When they played older songs, they still sounded new and unique. I was really impressed.

The "groop" performing.
(There are two other people on stage on the right, but they were behind the P.A.)

Latetia and Tim

Seal Beach

Yesterday we went to Seal Beach and walked around on Electric Avenue, Main Street, and the pier. We found a cool old Pacific Electric train and a fun tree to climb. Always good times together as a family.

On a side note, at the train Eric was walking backwards, forgot we were near a train and totally tripped over the railroad. It was funny like a cartoon but it was also sad because he fell on his side and scraped his elbow pretty bad. One of those things that you wish you were filming. Anyways, I'm sorry you got hurt Eric.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

This is how Eric found Ava last night at 7:45. He changed her and put her to bed without her waking up. I guess that's what swim class and no nap will do to a little girl. I love how she has her leg propped up and her dolly with her. So sweet.

And, it happened again today! Ava was so tired but did not want to take a nap. I let her get up and watch one of her shows with me and I turned and looked to find this. Sleeping again and with her dolly again.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Playing with friends

Today after story time we all ate lunch on the grass and let the kids play.
All these little buddies are too cute!

(Zoe, Reagan, Anna, Chase, Ava, Meredith and Sophia)

I am not sure what was so interesting about that tree
but Ava collected about 15 leaves off of it.

Jody, Ike and Macy

Going around and around the palm tree.

I wanted to get some really cute pictures but I couldn't get any of the kids to even look at my camera. Too busy having fun. Maybe some of the other moms had better luck?

Suman Cousins

Last night Jarond and Jenny Suman invited us to go to dinner with them. They are here from Utah on vacation to Disneyland. We met them and the Eisenbises at El Torito Grill in Anaheim for some yummy food and, of course, funny conversation. We're so glad we were able to get together with some Suman cousins! Thanks guys.


Ava loves to go to Chipotle...almost as much as I do. When we ask her if she wants to go there she adamantly shakes her head yes and when we arrive she squeals with delight. Here is a picture from Monday night's trip. She was so happy to have her water and chip bag hat. She does a really good job at eating rice, black beans, and tortilla there.

Friday, September 12, 2008

3 Rides...

1. Jungle Cruise

2. Pirates of the Caribbean

3. Autopia

Watching fireworks, safely with Dad.

Asleep at home.


Ava did so great at Disneyland tonight. She waited patiently (as much as could be expected) in line for the rides. She didn't whine about getting back in her stroller. She oh'd and ah'd over everything you'd imagine a little one would. She sat on the seats alone instead of on one of our laps. She held my hand throughout Pirates and squeezed it a little more when the boat went down the hills. She held onto her Dad tightly when the fireworks were loud. She fell asleep on the way home. It was a great night. Thanks for being such a good little girl, Ava.


Here is a picture of Ava with her new best friend.

Brobee, the little green one.