Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beach, beach, beach

I am trying not to take a million pictures at the beach since they all tend to look like the same day but sometimes it's really hard not to when the kids are playing and being so cute. Here are a few from the summer so far.

June 23, Huntington Beach with Kayla, Meredith, Sherri and kids, Rachael and kids.
This picture of Ava is so funny - what is that sideways glance?

Cute friends playing together.
Meredith, Ava, Savanna, Chase, Anna, Carter

June 27, Beach Club in RSM with Rachael, Sherri and all the kids.

Ava LOVES Rachael's big double stroller.

Afterward we went back up to Rancho for dinner (pizza) at the pool.

June 28, Huntington Beach with the Eisenbises, Rachael and kids.

Ava got knocked over by a wave and this is how her hair turned out, a pretty cool mohawk wave...nasty! Despite the hair, she has a cute little smile in the second picture.

June 30, for FHE on Monday we had a bon fire in Corona Del Mar. It was such a warm night. Ava is in her usual beach bum mode. She was playing in the sand, eating sand, throwing the sand, running in the sand...she left covered in sand. The kids playing in the sand together.

We had hot dogs and smores.

Friends Ty, Nicole, and Cambria joined us too.
Cambria is the cutest baby and looks just like her daddy.

Cute Moms.

Cute cousins.

Ava and her bottle in her little beach chair.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Talking Ava...

Sometimes I think that people don't believe us when we say that Ava talks. She can say so many words, literally about 40...I counted them tonight. When we are at home she tries to speak in full sentences but when we are out she hardly utters a word, well, besides hi and no. She pretends she is talking on the phone all the time and jabbers away but as soon as a real person is on the other end she just listens. Then, the other day, I saw a video on a friend's blog of her son repeating words and I knew that I had to do the same. So here is proof that Ava speaks, a 2 minute video of Ava repeating words that I say...these are just some of the words that she will say throughout the day (she is playing with the remote as a bribery to sit on the couch - everyone knows that's a no-no in our house).


Choo Choo

Today Camille and I took Jeremy and Ava on the little train at the Spectrum.

The whole time we were on it Ava was saying, "choo, choo". It was really cute.

We also played in the splash pad.
I thought these were cute pictures that Camille took of the kids playing there.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Baseball and Boy Scouts

Today we went to our little friend, Jordan's 2nd birthday party. He loves baseball and they had a little tee set up for the kids to play. Ava loved it. Here is Eric teaching her how to hold the bat and then swinging through. She did pretty good, considering.

Eric is the 11 year old Boy Scout leader and tonight he attended his first Court of Honor. Five boys in the troop received their Eagle Scout tonight. It's hilarious to see Eric in his Boy Scout uniform. He achieved his Eagle when he was 14 and not because he was super into it but because he wasn't into and wanted to get it over with. I don't think he thought he'd be wearing the uniform ever again but, here he is...being a leader and encouraging the boys to love the program.


Running is not a sport that I have any interest in whatsoever but Eric has found a passion for it. He likes to push himself and likes the feeling he has returning home tired and sore. I just don't understand it but it is a great way to stay in shape and he enjoys the time alone to listen to music and think. A few months ago we went to see the documentary Spirit of the Marathon. It was a well done movie that told 6 stories about people preparing and running in the Chicago Marathon. They did a good job making it suspenseful. Although the movie didn't make me want to run a marathon, it was inspiring to make goals, work hard, and meet them. Eric was definitely inspired by the movie and by other things too like the book, UltraMarathon Man, and has set the goal to participate in the Big Bear Marathon. 26.2 miles, wow! It's a great goal and he has been training hard for the last few months. Eric has been running 4 days a week along with other training on the off days. He's up to running 13 miles along the boardwalk into Newport. Saturday, September 6th is the date. Come help cheer him on!

Today Eric ran up to Seal Beach so Ava and I met him there at a little sandwich place, Nick's Deli for a post-run breakfast burrito that I heard was one of the best around. On the drive we passed Eric running and snapped this shot from the car.

Here he is looking hot and tired but excited for Nick's!

Eric had the burrito and I had an egg sandwich, both of which were good but we weren't dying from goodness. Seal Beach is a fun little town though.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer is here!

On June 20th at 11:59 it was officially summer. The weather has been hot, hot, hot. Ava has been living in water the past three days. She has been in the baby blow up pool, the community pool in Rancho, the ocean in Laguna Beach, the fountains at Fashion Island, and last night we went in the Mora Kai pool. I can't believe how much she loves to be in the water - even the smallest puddle. It's only the beginning and we're looking forward to a summer of fun. It's non-stop the next few months starting with the Bates visiting, then the Mark Suman family is moving here for two months, the Carlsons will visit, the Smiths are living here for a while, the Millers are coming to visit, we're going to Florida, beach camping, etc. Fun, fun! Can't wait.

Here we are at Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach.

Lucy and Ava at the Spectrum's splash pad.

I took Ava on the carousel at Fashion Island too. I couldn't resist her cute neighing everytime we passed it by. She loves it! Warning: cell phone pictures.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Meredith's Graduation

Meredith graduated from Trabuco Hills High School last night. I am so glad that we were able to be there but it was so hot! The thermometer said 98 degrees in our car and we were just sitting on bleachers in the sun. That is not very fun.

There were about 750 kids in Meredith's graduating class. They read the names first as they walked into the stadium so we stayed to see her in line and hear her name called and then we walked with Ava to find some cool area to sit down.


We ended up walking over to a shopping center and went into TJ Maxx for a while and then went to McDonalds for a treat. Ava played on the playground there and managed to climb all the way to the top of the structure. She wasn't scared though and just climbed down again. She did that a couple of times. I was pretty impressed that she didn't freak out when she saw how high she was.

We headed back to the stadium just as it ended and took some pictures with Meredith.

Back at the house we had dinner and Meredith opened gifts. The Willards, Eisenbises and Eric and I went in together and gpt Meredith a digital camera. I think she really liked it but didn't get to hang out long since she was off again to the Grad Night festivities.

Congrats Meredith! We are so proud of you!


Yesterday afternoon it was really hot up in Rancho so we went to pool. Jeremy, Lucy, Owen and Ava had so much fun playing in the kiddie pool. It's perfect for the girls because they can walk around and play without mom holding them the whole time. Dana brought little watering cans which turned out to be great entertainment. The water felt so good but it was so crowded, especially since yesterday was the last day of school. The kids loved it though and weren't ready to leave when we were.

Before the pool we all went to McDonalds. Ava managed to snatch a few fries.