Friday, May 30, 2008

Week in Review

We had a lot of fun this past week. We are so happy that the summer weather has arrived. We plan on taking full advantage of it. Here are some of the highlights along with about 25 photos.

Going to the beach with HB friends.

Going to Sprinkles for yummy cupcakes in Newport Beach.

Going to the last gymnastics class for the term.

Going to the Irvine Spectrum for lunch with the girls and playing in the splash pad.

Ava's obsession with strollers continues, even with Rachael's big double stroller.

Going to our little friend Charlie's 1st birthday party.
Seriously, how fun does it look walking up to this? Ava was running towards it.

We were headed up to Rancho so we didn't have Ava in a bathing suit but she didn't care. She went in anyway and who were we to stop her?
It looked so fun we wanted to get in too. She left drenched.

Going swimming at the Beach Club.

Ava has even started to like playing in the sand...not just eating it. It's so great! It reminded me that she is a real little kid now!

Even the duck had a great time swimming. It flew in during the safety breaks and when the lifeguards blew the whistle, all the kids ran in after it!

I thought Eric and Ava looked so cute holding hands walking out - so I took a picture.

We got to Eric's parents house to see this...what the? Cindy is exterminating some bees and this is her bee keeper outfit she rigged up. Quite a funny site from the road.

Adrian came into town so we met up with her and everyone at Wahoo's.

We got Ava to bed at Gram's house so we could play Speed Uno until the wee hours. Rachael's arm looks good here but Eric's was a little bruised.

Michael met up with us at the Suman's house for Sunday dinner.
It's always fun seeing old friends again.

And if you're wondering, yes, Ava is still saying cheese accompanied by the face.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Happy Memorial Day! Here is the holiday artwork courtesy of Ava June.

We had a such a fun Memorial Day weekend despite the dreary chilly weather. The Bates came to visit which is always exciting! On Friday we hung out with them and the Lucas family. Brennan and Josh watched the kids so Rachael, Sherri and I could go out to lunch at Pei Wei. It was so nice of them. They had five kids and took them all to McDonalds. Ava had her first taste of fast food - fries, chicken nuggets, orange Hi-C, ketchup, ice cream, etc. Wow. She must have been in heaven. After Eric got off work the guys went to see Iron Man while the moms took the kids to Prehistoric Pets. We finished off the evening at Don Joses for dinner. It was a very full day and I think all of the kids were very ready for bed when the evening ended.

On Saturday we met up with the Bates at Wahoos and then went to Balboa in Newport Beach and explored. We went to the Fun Zone and took Ava and Carter on the carousel.

We touched the starfish and sea cucumbers in the tide pool exhibit.

We rode the ferry across to Balboa Island and back. Ava and Savanna were in the double stroller and everyone walking by thought that they were twins. We saw so many beautiful homes that we dreamed about owning right on the harbor.

Rachael and I got to spend time at the Irvine Spectrum while Brennan and Eric took the kids to RSM where we spent the rest of our long weekend at the Suman's house. The strange weather was making the mountains look really beautiful so Eric captured a picture.

On Sunday, the Lucas family came down for dinner and the Willard's came too and spent the night. It was Rachael and Brennan's 6 year wedding anniversary. It was fun to have all the kids together and playing. Look at these cute kids.

Lucy taught Ava how to say "cheese" when getting a photo taken.
Here are her "cheesy" pictures.

Brennan brought the game, Chuckers, and we played that all night long.

Ava and Lucy were entertained by Yo Gabba Gabba and Baby Einstein.
I love the blue glow on their faces.

Look at Owen! What a cute smile he has.

Casey brought Ticket to Ride, the Europe version.

On Monday we were treated to babysitting from the Willards and Meredith and movie tickets from Rich to see Indiana Jones. It was so enjoyable to be out at a "real" movie with adults. Thanks everyone! We had a barbecue and and played Scattergories. It was such a fun weekend just hanging out with family and friends.