Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ruby Slippers

We're off to see the wizard! Well, not really the wizard but we are heading to Utah tomorrow to visit family and friends. Yippee for a family trip!

This morning Ava was really into trying on my shoes. She picked out these little red ones from my closet. They look pretty cute on her and she did a good job walking around the house in them - she mostly wanted to see herself in them and hardly would look up for the camera.

Oh, and here is another cute little picture of Ava June to leave on here until we get back and I post about our trip. Can you see the wrist-chub tan line? Ha ha!
Now, I must go pack.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Can you hear the drums, Fernando?

Fernando heard the drums so he and Diane got married yesterday in the Newport Beach Temple. Last night we went to their reception at the Tijeras Creek Country Club. The food was super good, lots of friends to visit with, and Ava loved running around exploring. We had a great time.

The Newlyweds.


Elise and Jason.

Heather and Michael.

Ava on the dance floor. Snotty nose and all.

Some Suman siblings.
Eric, Dana, Meredith, Camille

A true "action" shot by Dana.

Ava and Jeremy giving each other high fives.

Cindy and Ava.

We all loved the intense sparkler exit!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Art Projects

Ava created her first art projects in class today using paint, glitter, markers and crayons. I was so proud. She obviously had a lot of help but she did it! Her favorite part was painting the yellow sun. She wanted to keep dipping her brush in the paint after every stroke.

We also received the ABC book in the mail. It turned out really cute so I thought I'd post a couple pictures for my mom and also for anyone interested in ordering one for themselves. Ava loves it and wants to look at it over and over again. She loves that she is in the photos. Thanks again mom! Hopefully Ava will be saying her ABCs by herself before too long.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Days Off

Eric had the last two days off work. It was so nice to have him around home and hanging out. We didn't do much but that was exactly what he wanted to do...nothing! We had fun eating out, running errands, going to Ava's tumbling class and Prehistoric Pets and washing cars. Eric also wanted to celebrate with a fresh strawberry pie from Marie Callender's.

TK Burger on PCH.
We love Huntington Beach - can't beat the weather or the view!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Centennial Farm

Ava and I went to Centennial Farm this afternoon on the OC Fairgrounds. Over the past couple of months there have been a lot of baby animals born...pigs, sheep, cows, chicks. They were still small and really cute. Ava had a lot of fun checking them out.

Her favorite animal was the rooster, especially when he let out a loud cock-a-doodle-do.

I really thought the little piglets were the cutest - there were probably 12 of them from two litters. The mama pig was huge but the little ones were really sweet and some were sleeping.

Happy Tax Day!

I can't wait to see this guy again:

After Eric's 80 hour work week last week,
I couldn't be more thrilled that it's Tax Day.

Days of Fun

We went to Disneyland last Monday with Rachael, Carter and Savanna. It was actually kind of crowded there so the lines we a little long with two one year olds and a three year old but we still had a really great time and got to go on some fun rides, played in Toon Town, got tortilla and sourdough samples, and got wet in Bug's Land.

Here is Rachael and kids on the Jungle Cruise.

Riding the Carousel.

Here are some shots from Sunday dinner.

Savanna Rae found the sunshine.

Ava loves to ride scooters, skateboards, wagons, bikes, etc. She loves to be outside.

Ava is obsessed with cuddling in blankets. Camille had one to offer so she got cozy and Carter and Lucy joined her.

Jeremy wanted cuddle time too. Look at how Ava loves Jeremy. So cute.

The girls: Lucy, Ava and Savanna

This past week we also went to the beach with Kayla, Meredith, Rachael, Carter and Savanna. Ava was in love with the water. It was freezing but she didn't care at all. She didn't want to hold my hand and she didn't want me to stop her from charging right in. Brave little girl. I can already tell this summer at the beach will be very eventful!

Of course there is always park day to play with more friends.

And going out to lunch. Look at all those cute baby girls.
Sherri, Anna, Julie, Maile, Kayla, Meredith, Savanna, Rachael, Ava, Laura

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lemon Lovin'

Today at lunch Meredith got Ava some lemons to suck on. She and Camille get a kick out of Ava's facial expressions when experimenting with citrus. She has tried lemons and limes many times before and she still has this same reaction. Meredith decided to try it and she had a similar response which was also pretty funny.


Thursday, April 10, 2008


My mom decided to make a little book for Ava with pictures of her with things/people that start with the letters of the alphabet (there is a great template on Shutterfly). It's such a cute idea and I know Ava will love it! Here are a few of the photos she is using in the book.

I is for ice cream.

K is for kiss.

O is for octopus.

Ava turned 16 months on Monday. She is saying some new words: banana, book, show and Papa. She started a new round of classes, she is in gymnastics again but with a new instructor and a play n' learn class which is basically nursery with some helpful tips and ideas of things to do around Huntington Beach and at home. It is cute to see her learn the motions to songs too. We are having fun in them.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Rachael, Carter and Savanna are in town from Arizona so we are having another fun filled two weeks. Tonight we headed up to Pasadena to go to a children's museum there called Kidspace. Tuesday evenings are free and Dana let us know that the museum was totally fun and showed us the way. We had a great time exploring the different exhibits, climbing, and playing. Camille, Jeremy and Meredith joined us there as well. Afterward we went to Souplantation for yummy salads.

Jeremy loved the human size ant hole. You started on level one and crawled your way up and through the ant tunnel. Such a cute idea.

You could ride tricycles outside. Jeremy gave Lucy a ride and Carter was excited to do it on his own.

Ava and Lucy enjoyed the slide.

All of the girls have such a good time together and I love that are kids are good friends...or will be.