Saturday, February 23, 2008

Daily Learning

Ava is learning more and more every day. We have been going to pet stores lately and visiting the animals. We recently went to Prehistoric Pets and she loved all of the snakes, turtles, and lizards. She came home saying that a snake says "ssssss."


A word that I don't love that she has learned is "no" which is a very, very frustrating word especially with that arm wave thing she's doing.


Ava is also learning about body parts. Here is a funny one. I like that squinted eye look she gives at the beginning. We see it really often and we can't decide if she is trying to be funny or if she is copying her parents' poor eyesight.


This is all we could get on video today. You can look forward to other posts in the future though.

Monday, February 18, 2008


February is a big month for birthdays in our families. While the Novak family was celebrating five birthdays in Florida last night, we were celebrating two of the Suman family birthdays here . Lucy turned two and Meredith...the big 18!

Colin sent Meredith this pink hat made by a lady in Belize where he is serving his mission. Everyone had a chance to wear it and get their photo taken. We had fun hanging out, watching Lucy jump around non-stop and beat boxing, playing hearts, and taking care of the kids.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Quality Time

Since Eric is in the midst of tax season at work, Ava and I have had some good quality time together. Unfortunately, Ava has been sick on and off with a cold and a horrible diaper rash for a while now. This week hit her hard and she was running a fever and a runny nose, although the rash seems to be clearing. Today she is doing a little better and since Eric is working we decided to go to the Irvine Spectrum. We shopped and played. It is really fun to go to this mall since there are multiple fountains, a carousel, ferris wheel, an ice skating rink around Christmas, a little train to ride and a splash pad. Ava had so much fun running around and enjoyed her freedom from the stroller. We eventually ended up at the splash pad where she only got a little wet but she loved to watch the jumping water.

Also, since Ava has been sick she has been indulged with some "movie" time with Baby Einstein and a daily dose of Yo Gabba Gabba. She is learning something I think though, she has been non-stop babble for the last couple of weeks and says a few words...hi, dog, ball, sock, shoe and of course, Dada. Here is a video of her saying two of her favorite words, dog and ball. You can kind of see her doing the sign for ball too. Again I will say, she is growing up so quickly.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Day

Happy Valentine's Day!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tumbling Class

Here is a video of Ava crawling through the tunnel at her tumbling class this morning.


Ava started to learn how to do a somersault this morning. It's too cute. The "position of the day" was straddle. She has previously learned squat and butterfly. She has so much fun trying out all the equipment. She tries so hard to jump on the mini-trampoline and she is very close to walking the balance beam without any assistance. She is going to be a little gymnast.

After class we were on our way to "park day" and when we got there I looked back at Ava and she had totally fallen asleep, so precious. I guess she was worn out from all that hard work.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Messy Baby

One thing Ava really likes to do is eat. Today I tried to give her some baby food - she is kind of "beyond" baby food at this point so I didn't think she would want it. I was right but I put it on her high chair tray and decided I would try again in a few minutes. Well, Miss Ava (tall baby that she is) reached up and was able to grab the baby food and spoon and proceeded to walk around the family room eating it. I was occupied at the moment and when I looked up she had baby food all over her clothes, face and our carpet, ah! So she got stripped down and back in the high chair where she continued to feed herself and play with her food. She is getting so old. I didn't get a photo of the initial mess since I was too worried about cleaning it up.

Ava played on the patio today with her new yellow ball. I don't know what she likes more, her toys outside or the bark. She wants to throw it, eat it, organize's kind of annoying. She came in covered in dirt and little bark pieces - especially in her fingernails.

On another's been 72 and sunny for the past few days and we are constantly saying, "We love California!" Wish you were here.

Friday, February 08, 2008

South Coast Plaza

Paris Hilton was at Macy's in South Coast Plaza promoting her new shoe line. She did a "meet and greet" with autographs for the first 200 people who purchased her shoes. Ava and I met Camille, Cindy, Meredith, and Jeremy there to join in on the gawking fun and photo taking. We didn't purchase any shoes but it was fun to be apart of the spectacle. The photos came out pretty good, I thought - very paparazzi.

While the girls stayed and took pictures, Cindy took Jeremy and Ava
to the toy stores and then went on the carousel.

After the mall we met Eric at work and went out to dinner, just the three of us. Fun Friday.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

14 Months

Ava is 14 months today.

We love you baby.

4 photos of her playing in on our patio.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Tuesday and Super Fun

Last night Eric and I went and cast our votes for the Presidential Candidates. It's kind of sad to admit but it's the first time either of us have participated in voting. We felt good to finally make our "voices" heard.

Today Ava and I went to the Main Street Library and met some friends for Story Time. I had my doubts about Ava being able to sit and listen and I had reason to doubt. She loved the singing time but the actual story time was much harder. Our little girl doesn't like to sit still, especially in a new environment that needs exploring. I think we'll wait a while before heading back. She is the same way in her Tumbling and Dance classes - she loves the free play but struggles in the structured part. I'm not too concerned though - I mean, she is only one years old.

After Story Time I figured she needed to get the rest of her energy out so we went to the park. She LOVES the park. Climbing, sliding, swinging, was super fun. She definitely keeps me moving too all over the toys.

I snapped some cute photos of her playing.

Here is a little video her climbing/crawling up and sliding down.


And one more video of Ava climbing/walking up stairs. I was proud of her because she has been just crawling up but these stairs were a little shorter so she could actually stay on her feet.


Monday, February 04, 2008

Quack, quack

Here is Ava's version of what a duck says, quack quack:

She's so proud of herself. She loves the little yellow stuffed duck that Rachael gave her in the hospital when she was born. His name is Duckie and gets the same attention as the baby dolls - blankets, bottles, and all.

Blog Book

As you may know, I have "published" my blog into a book. I was recommended to a website through a couple of friends, I am going to print a book every calendar year. This first book was a longer time period to get caught up - May 2006-December 2007. It ended up being 240 pages with over 550 photos! I am so excited to have it in my hands. It makes blogging not such a frivolous activity. I have my personal history right here.

I think the photo quality is pretty great, no complaints in that department. But, there is one thing to complain about...some of the text that is supposed to be all white, is a bit colored - tinted yellow or pink on some pages. I am going to have to contact their customer service and see if they can do something. Despite that small flaw, I love that it's a hard cover book, seems very durable. I printed two copies - one for the bookshelf and one to put away for posterity sake. The price, affordable...only $70 per book including shipping (based on the number of pages).

I thought the process was fairly simple and will be much more simple ongoing now that I have completed it once. The software downloads all of your text and photos from your blog into a predetermined format but I went in and reorganized the format using their templates to create the clean and simple look that I was going for. You are able to add more photos and text or delete. You're also able to determine which photos you want larger or smaller, text font and size, page and text colors, options of the size of the actual book, etc. There is way too much to explain here but I just wanted to give the general info. Check out the website for yourself if you are interested.

Here are a couple of photos of the inside of the book (8x10 size) just so you can see an idea of the layouts, with text and photo only pages. The natural light washes out the appearance in the pictures but the pages are very black.

My next project is pretty much completed and ready to be ordered from blurb...I organized photos - from when we first got a digital camera up until our blog started - into a photo book (2004-2006). It basically is 6 photos on a page for about 95 pages in chronological order with minimal captions and month/year dating. I figured since we stopped printing all our pictures we should have some sort of book to show for those days.

So, I am having a complete reprint done of both books! The customer support person was extremely helpful and quick in responses. I had to email photos of the problem but it was no problem at all. They are paying for the shipment of the old books back. I'll have my new books in two weeks. I'm anxious to see the new prints. I'd say I would recommend Blurb to everyone. I'm impressed.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Our little woman

It's not new news that Ava loves my wallet. I even went as far as giving her my wallet and buying a new one because every time she even got a glimpse of it she begged to hold it. She puts old store cards, used gift cards, and my expired Costco membership inside. Well, today I got out an old purse for her to try out and she loves it! I helped her put her toy keys, phone, sunglasses and a comb inside. She carries it around on her shoulder holding it there with her chin. She is our little girl trying to be a woman. I guess now she needs a fun purse of her own.