Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Walking Ava

Here is a short video of Ava walking without holding on to anything! She is growing up so fast.


Granner the Great

Eric's grandma, Granner, passed away today. She is the matriarch of the 70 plus people talked about in the Thanksgiving post. She is an amazing woman that we all love and will miss greatly. The sadness is on the surface but we are also so happy that she is finally reunited with her husband that she lost so long ago. Thank you for always being a wonderful example to us, Granner.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Eric, Ava and I are on our way home from Arizona. Yes, I'm literally typing in the car on the Blackberry...which is why I love technology! The whole Boswell clan was together again. We love seeing cousins, aunts, uncles, siblings, and Granner that we don't normally get to see. Unfortunately Granner was sick and in the hospital but we all got to visit her there over the weekend. There was dinner for about 70 in Craig's backyard. We ate so much food! Not only for the Thanksgiving meal but also for the KBB (Kick Butt Breakfast) and the Mexi-Freakin'-Fiesta. Wow! Craig and Dawna are so amazing for hosting and cooking it all. Here is a quick breakdown - 5 turkeys, 40 pounds of potatoes, and 3.5 gallons of gravy!!

Family Photo.

After dinner Mark blessed cute little Makenna. She seems like such a sweet happy little girl.

Then there was the white elephant gift exchange. That got a little crazy with about 7 two year olds and other great-grandkids too. This huge dog was the coveted kid item. So nasty!

Ava ended up taking a nap in the high chair twice in the middle of all the commotion. I guess she couldn't handle all the excitement.

The guys had a Turkey Bowl on Friday morning so the girls went to cheer and let the kids play on the playground.

Craig and Dawna had a mini jump house in their backyard. Ava joined in on the fun.

Rachael cut Meredith's hair and gave her bangs. I think it looks super cute and she even looks older to me, which is a good thing when you're 17.

Eric, Ava, and I stayed at the Bates' house. The were also the best hosts with a whole house full of people. The soda was flowing along with good conversation. We miss having them live in Huntington near us.

Ava ended up getting a cold today and has been really miserable although I think she was really trying to be her normal happy self. The first part of the drive was really long as she cried a lot but we stopped to give her some Tylenol and some love. Now she is sleeping peacefully beside me. It is so hard when the little helpless ones are sick.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Summer in November

We've had beautiful weather this week, I can't believe it's November! Earlier this week at the park it was actually hot and not a cloud in the sky! We've had two invites to the beach and one to the pool but had to turn them all down since Ava was napping. What a strange week! It seems like summer again.

Ava has been taking a few more steps and even stands up to start walking with her stroller on her own now. She is getting another tooth and because of that we've had a few hard nights lately but she still is the sweetest when she gets up in the morning and she is so happy to see us. She says hi all the time and uh-oh, wee, mmm for yum, and I swear she tries to say ball but who really knows for sure. She has started to do the motions when we sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, her favorite part is when the spider gets washed out.

We finally replaced our crashed Civic. This past weekend we bought a 2001 Toyota Camry. We officially feel like parents now with a larger and very practical car. We have plenty of trunk space and Ava is stretching out in the backseat. In fact, we turned her car seat around to be forward facing on Sunday. She is very content in her seat watching us and looking out the front window.

Eric's work scheduled finally has lulled to "normal" work hours. He's even been able to take off early to help get things finished up with our old/new/rental car situations.

Tonight we went with Camille and Bryan to the Orange County Museum of Art to see their mid-century exhibit. There was fun modern and pop art work along with hip furniture and photographs of homes that we all would die to live in. Then it was out to dinner, Golden Spoon and back to pick up little Ava. Here are couples shots (yes, Eric is on the phone) and one of the museum. I like how modern it is. You can also see Eric's "dream" car right inside the museum.

I hope there are more warm days over the weekend!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

6 Facts for My Tag

Thanks for the tag Kayla. I don't normally do these kinds of posts. They are usually all about Ava!

6 facts that people may or may not know about me...

1. I'm from Connecticut. Interesting to learn that a lot of people I met at BYU had no idea exactly where Connecticut is on a map. They didn't know it was apart of New England and they never met someone from there before. The funny thing is that once you meet someone from Connecticut you hear about it all the time and you are bound to meet more people from there. There are connections between people in my ward here in HB and my old Trumbull ward back home. It really is a small world.

2. I am pretty shy until I am in a small social situation. I hate being the center of attention (no charades for me) but I am much better with small groups or one-on-one. I guess like Kayla said in her #1. I've been told that my shyness comes off as snobbery which I can understand since I'm from the east coast and all. :) Some of my now friends had this confusion at first but I'm glad they got over it!

3. I married "my" missionary, I hate that term by the way. Eric and I dated throughout his freshman year at BYU (I was a sophomore). Then he went on his mission to Venezuela, came home, we dated for almost another year before we were married. He's my best friend. We've known each other for more than 9 years and been married for 5. For some reason I always like to point out that I did date while he was gone (I wasn't that psycho). I had a great time meeting new people and growing but there was never anyone quite like my Eric.

4. From about 1994-1997, I was totally into ska music (who wasn't in the 90s?). My friends and I liked to go to this place in New Haven called Tune Inn to see bands and dance...uh, skank as it was called. My mom never did like that term much. I'm not into ska music anymore but it did spark my love for seeing live bands and I've been going to shows ever since.

5. One of Eric's favorite things to tease me about is an extracurricular club that I was in during high school called S.E.E.D. That is an acronym for Students Enraged in Earth's Destruction. It's a hilarious named and I think it's funny now but back in the day I took it very, very seriously.

6. I don't really laugh out loud much. I am more of a smile and laugh on the inside. Eric is completely opposite and laughs out loud at everything, he makes everyone feel like the funniest person alive. I definitely have a healthy sense of humor but for some reason I just don't really laugh out loud. If it does come out it's usually a sort of obnoxious noise. Some people (like Meredith) always call me out on it when it happens.

Tag...hmm, I swear that everyone in my ring of bloggers has already done this so if you haven't, I guess you are tagged.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

11 Months Old

Today is Ava's 11th month birthday. I can't believe the next milestone will be her first birthday. She has grown up so much. I can't imagine life without her and her sweet toothy smile. I included this picture because the look on Ava's face is so funny.

Since Kam and Karis are in town we took the kids and went out to lunch and also to feed the ducks at RSM Lake. The ducks (and the kids) were a little wild today. Three different ducks managed to bite three different girls! Ava wanted to swim with the ducks. She crawled all around and chased them down.

This was the mean bully goose. Cindy showed him who was boss though.

She crawls!

She stands!

She claps!

When will she really start to walk?

The changing leaves are hard to come by in California but the lake managed to have some leaves down and Ava enjoyed showing them all to me as she found them.

Happy 11 months baby girl!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Suman Weekend

On Thursday Mark and Sara came to visit for the weekend with their two month old baby, Makenna. Mark had an internship interview and he got the offer so next summer they will spend two months living out here.
Dana and Lucy came down to visit as well. We had fun pulling the kids in the wagon.

Everyone got a turn.

On Friday night we went to the homecoming game at Trabuco Hills High School since Meredith was nominated for Homecoming Queen! Bill got to escort her out onto the field and dance with her. It was really cute. Unfortunately, Meredith didn't win the crown but it was so cool that she was one of five girls nominated in her school. She looked just like a Barbie doll in her pink gown and long blond hair.

Ava wore her big winter coat. Here is Gram Suman with the cute little girlies.

Saturday Eric helped his dad move offices while Ava and I went to our friend, Kay's baby shower. The back up to Rancho to see Meredith off to the Homecoming dance.

That night the Suman parents watched Ava, Makenna and Chloe while all the "kids" went out to dinner at Chilis. Thanks!