Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Ava with her own little pumpkin. She was in love with this little pumpkin when we picked it out. She had to hold it in the cart and in the car on the way home but when the camera came out she didn't seem interested in anything but trying to get the camera. Here is what we got.
We also have our own Halloween black cat.

Tonight we went to "Hulabaloo" at the OC fairgrounds. We heard about it through our friend Jim Farmer. A bunch of churches in the area get together and throw a big Halloween party with carnival booths, bounce houses, candy, etc. for free! It was really cool and look forward to brining Ava back when she can really enjoy it. We looked for Jimmy but no luck.

Then, we went to a party hosted by two couples in the ward - the Cannons and Watkins. There was a fire pit in the clubhouse and Ava was mesmerized by it. Our glowing butterfly.

It was good to visit with friends and watch all the kids play together. We learned that little Chase really knows how to dance! Anna and Ava were in the middle of this dancing circle.

The girls found ways to entertain themselves with cups and picking up random leaves outside.

After the party Ava fell asleep immediately in the car so Eric and I just drove around downtown HB. Main Street closes off for trick or treating and some of the houses go all out. Strobe lights and no flash = blurry photo but with the flash on you lose the cool black lights.

We came home and lit our pumpkin and turnips
and enjoyed them the rest of the night.
Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Tonight we carved jack-o-lanterns. Last year we carved too early and they went moldy before Halloween so we didn't take any chances this year.

A brief history lesson on the original jack-o-lanterns from a random website:

The Irish that lived in what is now Great Britain and Northern France would carry a lantern when they walked on the eve of October 31. These lanterns were carved out of big TURNIPS and the lights were believed to keep the evil spirits away. Children would carve faces in the turnips. These carved turnips were called "jack-o-lanterns"...turnips NOT pumpkins!
Legend has it that the "jack-o-lantern" got its name from a stingy and mean old man, named Jack, who when he died was too mean to get into heaven. When Jack went to hell he was met by the Devil who gave him a piece of burning coal and sent him away. Jack placed the burning coal in a turnip to use as a lantern to light his way. The legends claim that Jack is still walking with the lantern looking for a place to stay.

So, when we learned this information, Eric insisted that we carve turnips as well as a pumpkin. Here are our turnips. I carved the happy one and Eric carved the evil one. We had to include a picture with the lights on so you can see the cool colors of the turnip. The insides of a turnip is more like a potato so we had to use a melon baller to scrape it out.

Eric did the handy work on the pumpkin. A power drill was utilized again this year. It's becoming our creative tool of choice for pumpkins.

After the night of carving and Ava was in bed we watched Beetlejuice...kind of Halloweenish, right?

Arson Car Video

This is a video from an Arson Car show last year at Kilby Court in Salt Lake City. Wuss Productions did a great job. It makes me miss the "good ole days" of 257 North. Oh, and if you're not familiar, Eric is the bassist in this band.

I have heard that the recording is still in process but hopefully will be completed soon.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Fun

We went to our ward's Trunk-or-Treat last night. Ava dressed up as a pink butterfly. I am loving holidays even more now that we have little Ava to experience them with. We had fun visiting with friends and family. We went to Don Jose's afterward for a little mexican for dinner, I opted out and got a cheeseburger there instead...yes, Don Jose's serves cheeseburgers. Later that night we went to Steve Knowles' 50th birthday party and visited with Jason, who recently moved to Florida. Here are the pictures.

Sumans. Ava wasn't in the best mood. No smiles tonight. But here is a cute picture that Kayla took and I snatched off her blog.

Family photo.

Rachael and I wanted to get a photo of Ava and Savanna together but Ava was only wanting to be held so this is how that turned out.

We decided to try it with the moms too and it went much better.

Carter the lion and Brennan.

Here we are with Julie and Maile. She and Ava are only 10 days apart in age.

The Eisenbises, Suman parents, and Camille's friends Heather and Pat and their two boys joined in on all the fun too. Here's Jeremy as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Family Photo

What do you think? Does it look just like us or what?

We were Simpsonized!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Stroller Action

Here is a minute long cheesy montage video of Ava pushing her stroller this afternoon. While we were at Walmart I got Ava a little baby doll and Ava was so excited to give her a ride in the stroller. As you'll see, she's still not the best walker but it gets better as she keeps trying. This is just one step closer to the real thing!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A ponytail and first word

Much to Eric's dismay, Rachael put a little ponytail in Ava's hair last night. I thought it looked pretty cute and of course I was amazed that she has enough hair to do so.

Also, another development...Ava is saying her first word, hi. She says it when I get her out of bed, when I hand her the toy cell phone, and sometimes as she is waving. She has been saying "dada" for a while but I still think that she was just mimicking us. Hi is the first word she independently says. I took a little video the other day. It's not really "blog worthy" but I plan on getting a better take soon.


The fires here in Southern California have been so scary and have been going for four days. The sky has been an eerie gray for days with the orange sun trying to break through the smoke. My car had ash on it this morning. The kids can't play outside. The Santa Ana winds are blowing the smoke even down here to Huntington Beach and it's so dry and hot. We aren't in any danger at all but Eric's family in Rancho Santa Margarita can see flames from their back yard from the Santiago Canyon fire. I was down there yesterday and the streets were crowded with spectators and photographers. There were road closures too in the area. Luckily today it seems a bit more under control at least in their area, a report I saw said it was 50% contained. I can't really say for Malibu or San Diego or the other fires in the region. Many people have lost homes and I can't even imagine what they must be going through. The Sumans and Gerdts have been very blessed so far. I took these pictures early in the afternoon. By the time I left at 9pm the entire mountain was glowing.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What we've been up to.

There is an Asian Garden section of the Westminster Memorial Park that has a cool pagoda with fountains surrounding it. We have driven by multiple times so last Saturday when we went by we decided to actually stop and let Ava crawl around. No, we don't normally let our daughter crawl around cemeteries but this looked like a "fun" cemetery. The graves we immaculate with photos, flowers, fruit and burning incense.

Eric and Ava hanging out at home.

Last Sunday we visited our friends the Kenchingtons. We were friends from Provo and now Eric and Dave work together at PwC. They have a 3 year old, Joshua and then Anna who is a month older than Ava. It was fun to finally get together with them and chat. Here is Anna and Ava. Cute little girls. Ava is actually bigger despite being younger.

Last night I organized a family baby shower for Dana. We went to Don Jose's, ate great mexican food and Marie Callender's pies for dessert. Of course there were some gifts and the conversation was non-stop.

Here is a quick video of Ava waving.


We got a rental car this week, it was hard to feel "trapped" without a car. Here it is (Dodge Caliber) and here is Ava in her new car seat that saved her in our wreck. She's been in it for a while but this is the first time we took a picture. She looks like such a big girl in it.

Speaking of the big girl, here is another short video of Ava standing and playing with Eric.


It's been great weather here so today we ventured to the beach. Rachael, Carter and Savanna are in town so we met up with them and Sherri and Chase. It was good to be back on the beach since it's been a while. I loved how much we went this summer. Ava wanted to eat all of the sand on the beach.

Carter was so happy to be back with his buddy Chase.

Ava had her first bottle of formula! I can't believe it's true but yes, this is the first formula she's ever had. She had no problem taking it and she seemed to enjoy it. I'm not done nursing...just wanted to give it a try since we were at the beach during her lunch time and I don't do public all.

Eric and Ava took naps in the sun. Here they are after waking.

Carter, Ava, and Savanna at our place playing together. I love that Ava has a lot of cousins.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

More laughs and first steps

Ava was in a giggly mood again tonight. I know we've posted a few times with videos of her laughing but when she laughs a lot I can't help it. I think it's so cute to hear that real laugh/voice. It went on for several minutes although the video is only 40 seconds. Eric was cleaning up her little food toys by tossing them in the bucket and making a silly face at Ava and she thought it was hilarious. After yesterday's events we were really happy to hear that lighthearted giggling from her. Here it is...oh, side note, sorry for the nasty rolled up pants, they were too long.

Also, Ava took 3 steps on her own tonight! It was so rad I almost started to cry. She stood there by herself and then Eric called her over and she took three steps to his hands. She took a couple more steps afterwards but it was getting late and she was getting tired so I couldn't get it on video but be assured that I will. I can't believe that we will have a walking baby soon. It goes by so fast! I attribute her walking success to this doll stroller I got for her during our eventful trip to Target yesterday. Maybe she just needed to see that it was possible!

And, I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone for your phone calls, comments, emails, visits, etc. Ava continues to be just fine as you can see from the video. I am super sore but I know that it's all temporary. Thanks again.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rough Days

On Monday, I was leaving the house with Ava...I closed the door and right away realized that I left my keys on the table. Ah! We were locked out. We tried the apartment manager but she wasn't home. Luckily it was a slower day for Eric at work and he left early to come rescue us. We spent the 45 minutes near the pool playing with what I had in my diaper bag. I'd say it was a freak accident but it happened a few months ago too! I need to be more careful with my keys.

Here is Ava stuck outside getting dirty:

Then today, Ava and I were leaving Target when we got blind-sided by a pickup truck. This man hit us going full speed down Adams Ave. He completely ran the red light, 100% his fault. He hit us on the drivers side back door. All I could think about, of course, was Ava. She was crying in the backseat and I couldn't get my door open. The guy that hit us ran over and got my door opened and I grabbed Ava out of her car seat and brought her through the window. Anyways, we are ok. Ava didn't even have a scratch on her. I am so grateful that her car seat was situated in the middle. I have some cuts and bruises and feel like (and look like) I got punched in the jaw but overall, fine. The firemen, paramedics, police, witnesses, etc were all there so we created quite a spectacle. I called Eric and he hurried right over relieved that we were both ok although really shaken. The paramedics said I would really feel the aches tomorrow.

In the pictures you can see that the trunk popped open and all of the baby food and soda I just bought had exploded and was thrown all out onto the street. The back window shattered which is all of the glass on the ground. The car was "totaled" so this is the last we'll see of our car...I know it's not a "cool" car but it was good to me! I really hope the insurance paperwork goes smooth and quickly so we can get a new car. It will be hard to be without it for the next couple of weeks. We are mostly grateful that our little Ava was safe. It's hard not to think about the "what ifs" but I am trying to just focus on the fact that we are both doing fine and what we need to do next.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Dinner in Pasadena

After Conference ended yesterday we headed up to Pasadena to have dinner at the Willard's house along with the Eisenbises. I realized as we were driving up that the last time we were up there was when Ava was only about 10 days old! Time flies! Anyways, it was super fun to be there again. Dana prepared a great meal. We chatted, watched the Family Guy Star Wars episode, and played Cranium.

Cute serious Lucy.

The laughers.

Ava explored their place.

The group.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

10 Months Old

Today is Ava's 10 months birthday! She is getting so big and very active. Her personality shows more and more everyday. She cruises and crawls all around our apartment and somehow gets into everything. One of her favorite things to do is empty things; her bookshelf, toy basket, blocks, play food bucket, etc. This results in a very messy house in a few short minutes. I am learning that cleaning it up six times a day doesn't mean it won't happen again the next day which really means that I am learning to deal with the constant clutter. We are so blessed with a fun, happy baby.

Here are her 10 month pictures taken in Gram Suman's back yard.

Ava has a doctor's appointment on Wednesday so I will add in an update then with the stats. I am excited to see how much she has grown.

**Well, here is the update. Ava weighs 18 lbs 6 oz and is 29" tall. She is still really tall. She didn't gain as much weight as the doctor would have liked but she knows Ava is eating really good. She attributes some of her eating quirks to teething. She had a flu shot, TB test and they checked her iron level. Ava was pretty sad with her pricks but still had one smile for the doctor. Her diet hasn't changed much just more table foods...breads, meat, dairy. Dr Chang suspects that Ava will be walking by the next appointment!