Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 30, 1998

9 years ago marks the date of Eric and my first "official" date. We went to a jazz concert at BYU and then for a late snack at Del Taco. I learned early about Eric's love for Del Taco and music. We had a tradition after that night of going to see jazz performances every Tuesday night. At Del Taco, I literally did not even get anything - I was so opposed back then and have since let up a bit. We did sit at the Lego table and built our names with blocks and had good conversation. This was long before the Del Taco on Bulldog in Provo - we went to the classic 1600 North location in Orem. The Del Taco worker thought that I had a Connecticut accent...whatever that is...and the garbage can sounded like a donkey. Again, learning early about Eric and his annoyances with certain sounds. We ended the night watching Good Will Hunting and a hug. Awe.

Recently we were going through some of Eric's boxes of stuff kept at his parent's house and he found the ticket stub from that night. I'm glad he thought it was memorable enough to keep.

9 years. Love you Eric.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fountain Play

Ava and I went down to the Spectrum today. It was such a nice day, 75 and sunny. There is a splash pad/fountain there that all the kids play in. I see it every time I go since it happens to be right near where I usually park but Ava has always been too little and I haven't been prepared to have her get wet. Well, today, we had time to kill. I still didn't come intending for her to get soaked but it happened that I had an extra outfit in my bag so I let her go for it. She was much more reserved than I thought she would be. She stayed on the outskirts and just let the water fall on her like rain and clapping. She also has been sick lately so maybe her energy isn't what it usually is. But this didn't stop her from being social with everyone around, making new friends with other kids and adults. I took some pictures and a little video for Eric, sorry they aren't that exciting.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Spontaneous Vegas

On Friday afternoon I received a message from my brother Bill saying that he and his family would be going to Las Vegas for the weekend to visit Kayla's family. I had a brilliant idea that we should go too and meet up with them for lunch and then we could just hang out there for a day. Somehow I convinced Eric that my spontaneous idea was a good one. Friday evening I packed up the car, made a hotel reservation, picked up Eric from work and our trio headed to Vegas.

We hit Friday night traffic and rain along the way so we didn't arrive until about 10:30pm. At this point Eric was second guessing my "good", we were really bummed because Cafe Rio had closed at 10 and we were trying to make it there in time. We checked into The Orleans Hotel and Casino, which was where the cheapest rate I could find was just hours before arriving. As we were pulling up we laughed at how outlandish the sign was, so bright and beaming just like the rest of Vegas but it's always surprising how over the top that town is. This picture doesn't do any justice at all. It ended up being a nicer stay than we were never know in what you'll get there.

Eric and Ava in the pool area (cell phone picture in case you couldn't tell).

On Saturday we met Bill and some of Kayla's family at In-N-Out. It was super crowded since it was noon on a Saturday, not to mention there was a University of Utah vs UNLV game happening. There were Utah people everywhere! The Novaks didn't waste this experience at In-N-Out. Kayla got an animal style burger and Bill got a 3x3, wow! It was really fun to see them and catch up a bit. It's so great that they live in Utah so we can see them more often. Here is Bill and my nephew Scott.

Eric and I spent the afternoon touring around town...down the strip and into some sketchy neighborhoods. Once you get off the beaten path you lose most of the glitz and glamor of it all. We saw plenty of wedding chapels with actual weddings happening. Ava was ready for a break from the car so we found some grass at the Hilton and let her crawl around and play.

We ended our trip good with Cafe Rio. Yum, yum. We got the usual and you should have seen my excitement when I realized we could now order a kids quesadilla for Ava. Of course, she only had a bite or two but Eric and I were happy to finish it off. Here we all are. Savoring the experience.

Our drive home was good. Uneventful besides missing the exit for the 91 freeway by about 5 miles because we were singing songs with Ava. We made good time and in my opinion, it was all worth it since we got to see some family and had a little adventure!

New Pacifier

Ava has a set of play food. She loves to take each item out of the bin but she doesn't ever put them back in so then there are 50 random plastic foods all around our family room daily. There are some rad things in there though, like eggplant, garlic, and a potato. Ava thinks this mushroom is a pacifier and will carry it in her mouth during the day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Animal Collective

This was the most anticipated concert of the year! At least in my house it was. Eric has been really into the band Animal Collective for the past couple of years. So when they announced a show in LA Eric jumped on the tickets and we've been waiting for the big day ever since. Last night we dropped off Ava with Eric's parents and headed to Hollywood. They played at the Henry Fonda Music Box theater. It was a pretty cool venue. It was an old theater that had a huge floor and balcony with old red velvet movie seats.

The two opening performances were lacking in my opinion but not in volume. The entire show was SO loud. The first guy, Eric Copeland, created a lot of noise that occasionally aligned into a pretty cool song, but not very often. And then, I mean, Wizard Prison? They have got to be kidding. Their theatrics were a little over the top, but Eric admitted that he thought they had some really cool music. The loud volume was acceptable for Animal Collective though. Eric couldn't stop raving about the vocals. (The Vocals!!!!) They had great lights that were hypnotizing and really added to the music experience. Eric said the they lived up to all of his expectations and that he was totally pleased with the show. I really enjoyed it too. I seriously had the best seat in the house...dead center balcony, second row with a no show reserved seat for Britney in front of me. Eric went down and got pushed into the front for a few songs to "really" experience the show. Anyways, it was great to have a night out with just Eric in LA seeing a show...kind of like the olden days. A big thanks to the Sumans for taking good care of our little sick Ava.

Here is a short video clip from the song Fireworks.
The video does not capture the show at all and on
blogger it's all pixelated, but it's a sample.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Clinton Kelly

I admit it, I love the show What Not to Wear. I love it (Eric says) because of the hosts but I love the advice as well. One of the fab duo was at Macy's in Mission Mall tonight, Clinton Kelly, and I just had to go sneak a peak. He was so great. Loved him, didn't want to leave him, so funny too. He did a mini fashion show for the petite people in the world, had a Q&A session, and even critiqued a few audience members. No I didn't ask him anything and no I wasn't critiqued (scary!) but being in the audience was good enough for me. I seriously think he's so great and I'm glad I had the opportunity to snap a few photos and hear some good advice on what to wear and of course what not to wear for this fall season.

I officially have a mini crush.

A quick update...

This is where Eric has been.

Currently he's already worked 48 hours this week. Thankfully, September 17th is coming up and then hopefully the hours will relax a bit. We've really missed him at home but have been trying to have either lunch or dinner with him everyday.

Ava has been making her way to the piano everyday. She loves playing it and on her tip toes she can just barely reach the keys.

On Saturday night we got together with the Willards and Eisenbises and went to El Torito Grill in Newport. Camille has been dying to go there and try the fresh table side guacamole. Too bad it ended up having too much lime in it for her taste. Eric got his usual "bag of gold" and loved it.

Today Ava and I are off to meet the girls for lunch at Wahoo's, of course. Then we'll spend the afternoon in Rancho and see what shopping has to offer. We have to stay busy!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Rome?! I want to go.

I saw this on a few friends' blogs and couldn't help but be curious.
I took the quiz and found out that I belong in Rome.

You Belong in Rome

You're a big city soul with a small town heart
Which is why you're attracted to the romance of Rome
Strolling down picture perfect streets, cappuccino in hand
And gorgeous Italian people - could life get any better?

Friday, September 07, 2007

9 Months Old

I can't believe Ava is 9 months old. That's the same amount of time I was pregnant for. Weird. She is now 3/4 of a year!

Anyways, Ava is a sweetheart. She is a great, happy baby that keeps us smiling and laughing. The past nine months have been amazing and I am so grateful she is in our family.

Here are some pictures of her this morning as she was playing.

A new favorite.

Busy playing.


Happy baby.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Night Out

Tonight Eric left "early" from work so we headed over to Fashion Island to see a guy, Matt Costa, play an acoustic show. We weren't familiar with him but liked the sound of his music description and wanted to check it out. It was enjoyable but we didn't stay for too long. Wahoo's was calling us for dinner.

After eating we walked all around to the different fountains and carousel. Ava loved to watch the water and horses. We decided to take a couple pictures. We hardly have any photos of us with Ava so this was an opportunity.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


So, I haven't posted this before because I cannot get a good picture of Ava's teeth coming in. They have been in the works for the last few weeks. She is getting two on the bottom middle. They are so cute and sharp! This is the best picture I could get without assistance. Here is how they look when she is just laughing.

Labor Day in Arizona

This past weekend Ava and I flew out to Arizona for the Bates' housewarming party and other Labor Day festivities. Eric had to work all weekend (yes that includes Saturday and the holiday) so this was a perfect event for us to escape to. Rachael and Brennan's place was super cute. They have done a great job at making it the perfect home for them.

On Friday it was hot. Ok - let's just say it was like 100-107 all weekend so yeah it was hot. We went from the airport straight to Cafe Rio. Yummy! Miss that place. We met a bunch of family there and Debbie had these great buy one get one free coupons. They would never do that in Provo. I hope they aren't hurting for business. Meredith, Rachael and I spent the afternoon in the air conditioned mall. That evening the Bates' had a BBQ with everyone staying at their place. That night we went on the search for a Cold Stone. We went around and around until we finally found it right before they locked their doors at 11pm.

On Saturday we went to this fun pool. It had a lazy river, whirlpool, diving pool, water slides and a fun water playground in the middle. It was great to be in the water. Everyone had fun.

Later that evening was the party. It was a BBQ and people came from all over. There were a million kids and they had fun playing together. Even little Ava was trying to be in the action.

The cook.

Granner and Ava.

Little Savanna fell asleep amid all of the noise with Karis. She is so sweet.

Ava and Ella had the same shirt on so of course it was the best photo op.

Carly, Meredith and Tori.

Terry and Reagan.

Debbie, Lucy and Dana.

Carter got a ponytail.

Lauren and Stephen.

On Sunday we didn't escape 8am church but I did escape working in the nursery. Although, Ava was a handful the first two hours wanting to crawl around everywhere and this is where we spent most of our time. But by Relief Society she had warn herself out and fell asleep in my arms.

Craig and Dawna hosted Sunday dinner with my favorite, meat and potatoes. It is so great to spend time with extended family although we were really missing Eric. That evening we played games at the Bates' house and chatted into the early morning while the little ones slept.

Meredith and I had popsicles.

Ava and Adrian.

Monday was travel day. We went to a great little Mongolian BBQ place - thank for lunch Brennan! Ava was so great on the plane sleeping the whole time as usual. Ava was happy to see Eric (as was I of course) and kept laying her head on his shoulder which I think is her version of hugging. It also was Camille's birthday so we went up to Rancho after Eric picked us up and had pizza and cake and watched Raising Arizona.

A big thank you to the Bates for letting us stay with them and being amazing hosts. We had a great time. We'll miss you in California but we look forward to coming and crashing with you in November again.