Monday, July 30, 2007

Hot, hot, hot

It has been pretty warm here lately and we've been finding ways to keep cool. The other night Eric and I took Ava down to the apartment pool just to put her feet in and splash a little but she ended up going in all the way. She just loves the water. Today I decided to blow up the little baby pool I had gotten for Ava a while ago but never set up. Ava loved it. It was a little scary seeing that I had to watch her every second in case she fell over but she had a great time splashing and playing with her cup and ducks. She did a great job staying upright and made my lifeguard job really easy. I think we'll be spending most afternoons like this for the rest of the summer. i just wish she would leave that hat on. Her poor little hairless head is vulnerable to the sun but luckily we've avoided burns so far!

And a little video for all the grandparents out there:
(and FYI - the videos look perfect, not grainy/distorted, on my computer but once uploaded into YouTube they look terrible. any advice is appreciated!)

Ava in nursery

We got to nursery a few minutes early yesterday so we took a couple of pictures of Ava. Luckily we have those big floor to ceiling windows so we don't feel trapped in there. The kids like to look outside and, of course, play with the curtains. I love the picture of Ava on the rocking horse. She didn't really know what to do with it but she liked it! She is so small in there with the other "big" kids but she loves to watch everything they do. She is such a great baby during the two hours, the only problems she gives us are messy diapers and that we can handle.

US Open of Surf Finals

Here are a couple of shots from the US Open men's finale yesterday. Eric and I fought the crowds (without a stroller this time) and then joined them on the sand to watch the final two men surf. CJ Hobgood, the American, won. Yipee! It wasn't really that exciting of a finale given that the waves were small and they waited until the last 10 minutes or so of the heat to even do anything. But, the announcer said that there were over 100,000 people there cheering them on! Wow. That's a lot all in one place. We'll definitely look forward to the open next year...hopefully there will be better waves.

Friday, July 27, 2007

It's a mad house down here...

Here in Huntington Beach the U.S. Open of Surfing is happening. So today Camille, Meredith, Eric, Ava and I headed down to the pier to check it out. And it was a mad house. There were so many people. There were a ton of festival booths with free give-aways and displays. There was a stage set up with a band playing. There were a ton of girls in bikinis and guys without shirts. There were surfers, BMXers and skateboarders. Everyone was on beach cruisers and not many people with a stroller like us. It was tough maneuvering out there on the wooden pathways on the sand.

We watched the end of a men's surf heat from the pier. The waves weren't even that big today which is such a bummer because they have been great the past few times we've come down tot the beach. We then went and explored all of the booths. We headed for the bowl to watched some of the Women's Skate Jam. The girls were really good! It was fun to watch.

We went up to P
CH for some pizza at La Rocco's and then headed back into the booths for some more fun. It was hot today! Eric, Ava and I found a shaded area with misters while Meredith collected some stickers and magazines. We finished off the afternoon with Rite Aid ice cream.

We are hoping to head back tomorrow to watch the Legends Skate Jam. Fun times living in Huntington Beach!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Where's Ava?

While we were in Connecticut, Ava learned a new game, Peek-a-boo. She even does it herself. She pulls the blanket over her face and waits to hear, "where's Ava?". She pulls off the blanket smiling and ready to hear, "there she is!" It's super cute.

Here's a little video capturing the moment. I like how it seems like she thinks about what she's doing. I also love how you can hear her laugh behind the blanket towards the end. She loves the anticipation!

Ruby's on the pier

Last night we met up with Cindy, Camille, and Jeremy at Ruby's on the Huntington Pier. It was their first time actually eating out there so I had to document the moment. Surprisingly, my food was really good, not that I have had a bad experience before but it was just better than I had remembered which is always pleasant. The view was really amazing too, with the sun going down over the ocean. Here are some pictures - I probably didn't need to post three pictures about a dinner out, but I did anyway.

Jeremy showing us that he's all done I guess.

I enjoy everyone's expressions in this picture.
Camille must be telling a really funny story because Cindy and Eric are really laughing but then again it is what they do best.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Beach and playground fun

Today we met everyone down at Laguna Beach. It was so much fun. Camille even went all the way in the water, but just because she got knocked down by a wave. Oh no! It was nice going to a new beach spot although, HB is still the best and easiest in my opinion. The Carlsons are off to Texas tomorrow. We'll miss them. It's been fun playing.

This evening Eric, Ava and I went for a walk to a neighborhood park. While Eric ran for a few minutes, I took Ava on the playground, on a swing and down the little slide. She really enjoyed swinging. It was her first time alone in the swing and she was laughing and giggling as she went back and forth. She liked the slide too but it was more hands on since we didn't want her to fall backwards. It's really cute that she likes to do big kid things. I'll have to take her there more often.

Here is a little video (I know, my baby talk voice is annoying):

Monday, July 23, 2007

Piano Lessons

Eric loves to give Ava piano "lessons". This usually happens in the evening when he gets home from work. He wants to hang out with Ava but his creative side is dying to get out after being in the office all day using his left side of the brain.

I really hope that Eric's skills and love of music were passed onto Ava. It will be great to hear her play a song on the piano one day. Not that the banging of the keys isn't cute, but you know...

Here is a shot of the duo playing:

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Connecticut Trip

Ava and I spent this past week in Connecticut with my family while Eric was at training in Virginia. The trip actually went pretty well on the way there considering the flight arrangements. There were people in both seats next to us on both legs of the flight. Ava slept most of the way and was a very good baby. I, however, was extremely uncomfortable and exhausted from just constantly holding Ava. During our layover I was able to get Ava to play and watch a movie on the floor in the airport. Everyone that walked by had a comment or two for us. She is pretty cute though!

We made it though, and just in time for Grandma Ruth's birthday! We went out to Ruby Tuesday’s that evening for dinner and I got to have that steak I’ve been wanting. Afterward we had a great cake for the birthday girl.

Ava was fascinated by all the faces. Two great-grandmas oohing and ahhing over her and her grandparents too. She really is a good baby. We had a tough time keeping a napping and eating schedule but she made it through alright. Also, with the time difference, bedtime got pushed back pretty late. Both great-grandmas enjoyed rocking her to sleep. They love to be out on the deck in the swing. It was fun to see the kids with them, swinging away.

We had fun hanging out with everyone just chatting and visiting. We got to visit my favorite store, Target, a couple of times too. Ava feels right at home there. We watched a lot of late night Mets games on TV and of course, the weather channel. There is a lot of weather to stay on top of around here, not like California where we have either sunny or cloudy and 75 everyday. Ava learned what hardwood felt like. She left with a couple more bumps and scratches!

One afternoon my parents, Ava and I took the ferry from Bridgeport to Port Jefferson, NY on Long Island. The ferry went about 7 miles per hour only so the ride was just over an hour long. The boat was quite big (bigger than expected) holding cars and equipped with a snack bar and real bar. The day was really pretty. We strolled around there and went out to dinner. It is such a quaint little town with fun antique shops and pretty architecture. Then back on the boat for our journey home.

On Wednesday, Bill, Kayla and kids flew in from Utah. They hit very heavy rains and after they spent 5 hours on a plane and picked up their rental car, they ended up spending about 6 hours in the car stuck in traffic from NYC (usually only takes an hour and a half). The highway was closed due to flooding. Eventually they made it though. Scott and Kimmy had so much fun helping and playing with Ava.

That same morning, Michelle came in on a train from Brooklyn to spend the day with us. She was also delayed as they were re-routing trains to non-flooded tracks. It was not a good traveling day and it's the most rain I have seen in a long time. Michelle met me at a little cafe near the Statford train station. We chatted there for an hour or so then headed back to my parents house. It was so fun to have Michelle back at our house. She practically lived here when we were little girls...always having sleepovers and eating ice cream and stuff. We went to the "white house" diner for dinner and made it just in time for her to catch the train back to the city. I miss having her around in my life but I am so glad that she is happy out there. (I love in the second photo how Ava is looking at us taking the picture)

In between rain storms we also went to the Beardsley Zoo (Ava's first zoo trip). Scott and Kimmy loved seeing the animals and getting their pictures taken on the statues. We rode the carousel. It was Ava's first time on one. She enjoyed it. She especially wanted to suck on the big gold pole in front of her. My favorite animals of the day were the Siberian tigers. They are so big and majestic yet in a lot of ways they look like our little house cats. It's strange. After the zoo, we went into Fairfield and had Pepe's pizza. It's New Haven yummy! Again, Ava's first time with New Haven style pizza.

Later that night Scott and Kimmy sat together on the computer chair and watched Shrek together. It was so cute how they were sitting together and Scott had his arm around Kimmy.

My parents' house is on the market. There were a few showings and an open house while we were there just to make things a little more interesting. It sounds like it will sell soon and then they are off to Florida. I am so glad I got to come back to my home for possibly the last time. I am also glad that it'll be documented that Ava was actually here even though she won't remember. We played out on the deck a lot. Scott enjoyed playing baseball. Kimmy and Ava went "swimming" in a pool that was really a boat but a great size for the little ones. Meanwhile Scott was in the back yard in the sprinkler. I had forgotten how much I dislike the humidity and how it makes you sweat!

I also had a chance to visit with my Uncle Tom and Aunt Maureen. On Friday evening, Bill, Kayla and I left the kids with grandma and headed off to our favorite seafood spot, Jimmy’s. My aunt and uncle are also trying to move to Florida so eventually they are all going to be down there together.

The last day we were there we had Extreme Grand Slam breakfasts at Denny's before heading to the airport. On our way there I got a view of NYC from the Whitestone Bridge and couldn't resist taking a picture. It was sad to say goodbye to everyone. I love living in California but it's hard to live far from my family especially now that there is a granddaughter involved. It was also sad to say good bye to our home there. I am pretty sure that it will sell soon and the next visit will be to Florida. I'm not sure when I'll be back to New England.

Ava again was amazing on the plane. Sleeping the whole time. We had a delay in Detroit and got to spend an extra 2 hours at the airport. We were so happy to see Eric and Eric was especially happy to see Ava. By the time we got home it was 12:30am. The best part of the story was that when we got home we realized we were locked out. Eric climbed the fence and broke in through our bedroom. Craziness. I am glad we are home and rested now.

Visit with the Knowles

Jason, Wynnter and Lilly came down from San Fransisco to Fountain Valley to visit Jason's parents. We were leaving for CT that evening so we had to go hang out for a little bit. We went to the Knowles' house and then had dinner together at Stonefire Grill. I am so glad that Ava and I didn't completely miss them this time. They are packing up and moving to Florida this week. Hopefully when my parents are down there we can visit them there. We need to see them more often! Good luck guys, it was so fun to see you and as always Lilly was so cute. Love her.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy 5 year Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to us! Eric and I have been married for 5 years today! We had such a wonderful wedding day. I love thinking back to that time and how happy we were and still are. I am so lucky to have such a great husband who is just as great as a father. The San Diego temple was so beautiful that day. I love being married and I am so grateful for such a sweet little family.

Here are a few pictures from our day five years ago. We look so much younger!