Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day we stayed close to home. Eric got off early on Friday and with our trip to Utah mixed in he doesn't go back until Tuesday, June 5th. This time off is long overdue. He's been working hard and long hours even after "busy season" ended which I realized never really ends, it's always "busy season". But, for the next two months Flex Friday begins and if he works 40 hours Monday-Thursday he can take off Friday. Let's just say we will be taking advantage of that. Those Fridays are well deserved.

Anyways, back to Memorial Day weekend. We went to the beach along with all of the other hundreds of people visiting Huntington Beach. I really enjoy the crowd on holiday weekends though. It makes going to the beach more exciting, more to see. I am sure as the summer wears on I will not be as excited about the crowds at the beach and will be longing for the days of parking right next to Taco Bell on 9th instead of on Palm and 9th. We bought an umbrella to shade Ava and that makes a huge difference with taking her. I am less stressed about keeping her for burning but keeping her cool.

On Sunday Rachael and Brennan had Savanna's baby blessing. It was really sweet and they had a fun party afterward with family and friends. I love excuses to get together with everyone. Savanna is growing up so fast. We're going to miss seeing them so often when they move to AZ.

On Monday we had a fun day. We stopped by our ward BBQ at Lake Park, met another couple in the ward which is always good (we have to make friends somehow). Then we met up with Bill, Cindy, Meredith, Camille, Bryan and Jeremy at Wahoos for lunch. We went then went to see Shrek the Third (cute movie). Meredith saw a display for the upcoming The Simpsons Movie and couldn't resist getting a pick with the family. Then we went to Bear Street Park and played. Jeremy rode his Razor scooter round and round. Ava played on her towel and with Grandma and Grandpa. The "big" kids played with Stomp Rockets. Then we went up to Rancho, had nachos and watched Terminator 3. It was a great weekend. It's so great that we have so much to do right here where we live. We really love living in California.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Precious Moments

With all of the new tricks and adventures Ava has had sometimes it's hard to remember that ultimately she is still just a little baby...only five and a half months old. It's fun that we still have these precious moments of her falling asleep in our arms. I am sure that won't last forever.

Monday, May 21, 2007

New Tricks

Ava learned that sitting up takes more work and she gets tired. Luckily she has her toys to lean on.

Ava also learned today that she can see me in the car while I am driving if she turns her head and looks really high. Here is my view...cute little eye ball.

A birthday party

Now this is a party! Jeremy turned 5 and had a huge party with his friends...about 30 of his friends. The Eisenbises went all out on this shindig and had a bounce house, cotton candy, snow cones, etc. The theme was SpongeBob Squarepants and Camille went crazy making things, constructing things, painting things, hanging things, etc. It turned out great and all the kids had a great time and left with a very high sugar high. Some kids had two cotton candies in their hands at once. One kid yelled - "hey, this is my fourth one." Eric and I worked the snack bar snow cones. We saw the same "whiz kid" (that's what his shirt said) at least three times. Great party everyone!

Working the Snack Bar:

Ava in the cut out that Camille made:

Jeremy blowing out his candles on the cake Bryan made:

Here are a couple pictures of us and Ava.

Before the party Eric, Ava, and I went to Jeremy's T-ball game. It was the day of Jeremy!
Here's a pic of him in his uniform.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"I'm a big girl now"

Ava sat up on her own yesterday while we had our little play date with Camille, Dana and Rachael and kids up in Rancho. It's been a work in progress and still is but she stays up for longer than one second...more like three seconds now! Later that evening we took a couple more pictures and a video too. I guess it wasn't a fluke because she is still doing it. Anyways, the video is kind of funny because falls over twice in it but she was never sad about it and didn't get hurt. Also, the quality is kind of weird on the video, maybe because it's dark but you get the idea at least. She is happy to have a new view and some independence. We will work on her balance more this week and soon she will be a pro. I can't believe how quickly she is growing up. I can't say that enough.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mom's Day

Well, it's official. I am a mom and I got to celebrate a Mother's Day of my own! It's funny to hear people say Happy Mother's Day to me, I couldn't get used to it. But for me it was actually, I'm so happy to be a mom day. I am so grateful for our little daughter. I love how she can always make us smile and vice versa.

On Saturday night our little family went out to Chili's to celebrate. On Sunday, we had a nice day with church, Eric made us a good grilled lunch, went for a walk down on the pier, and then off to Rancho to celebrate with Eric's parents, the Eisenbise's, and Bryan's parents and brother. We had a yummy dinner. It was nice to be able to spend the evening with Cindy although I was missing my mom. Eric and I are also both grateful to our moms for being so wonderful. We appreciate them and all they do for us and I think that we appreciate them even more now that we are parents ourselves.

Ava was worn out by the end of the evening and fell asleep along with her Grandpa Bill, how sweet!

Super Fun Day

Eric really likes to jog. Whenever he has free time and it's daylight that's what he wants to do. He especially loves jogging down by the beach. It's so great to live close by and have that luxury option. Cindy got us a jogging stroller for Ava's baby shower. This past week we finally put it together. Eric was excited to give it a whirl while I was at Enrichment and he had Ava duty. But unfortunately it was getting dark by the time everything was completed. He got to do his second favorite thing instead, go to El Pollo Loco and read. Eric calls this time with Ava, Super Fun Day.

After it was put together we gave it a test drive in our complex parking lot. I had no idea that when I turned the corner, poor little Ava was getting tossed from side to side. Good thing this was just a test d
rive. Eric will be more aware when he gets to take her out for real.

Anyways, today is the day. Eric arrived home early from work and whisked Ava away with him down to the beach for a jog. I am patiently waiting for their arrival home and to hear how it all went. She still looks pretty small in there even though she was more bundled for the real ride today. It's nice that he gets to take her along and I have a few minutes to myself. A great time to catch up on my blog!

Monday, May 07, 2007

5 months old

Ava is 5 months old today. I really feel like this month is a turning point for her. After this month she will no longer be an infant. From this point on she will really start doing things - like getting teeth, sitting up on her own, crawling, walking, talking, etc. Not that she hasn't grown leap and bounds already but these are the BIG things coming up. She is such a sweetie. Really a good baby. We love to see her smile and love that we don't hear her cry too often.

We have been having really warm weather the past two days. Today the thermometer said 88! I am trying to keep Ava in the coolest clothes she owns but I can see where this summer might be the season of little sun dresses.

We went to Doctor Chang for her appointment today. She is now 15 lbs and 26 1/4 inches long. She is still in the 90th percentile for height and after gaining over a pound this month she reached the 65th percentile for weight. We will introduce some fruits and vegetables mixed in with her rice cereal this month too. I am excited to have her try new foods. Watch for future posts on this and maybe another video. Ava had one shot. She cried for a minute but not like last time, which I think the entire office was grateful for.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Weekend in RSM

We had a wedding reception to go to up in Dove Canyon by Eric's parents house for Tyler Andre, a family friend. Cindy did a great job on the dessert table and everything was really beautiful. Eric's cousin Jarond and his wife Jenny were visiting from UT as well as Mark and Sara so we went to lunch and hung out at Eric's parents house on Saturday and entertained ourselves with Nintendo Wii.

On Sunday we celebrated Cindy and Jeremy's birthday with a family party at Eric's parents house. Dana made a fun iPhoto book of birthday pictures dating back to 1980 something for Cindy. It was fun to see those old family pictures. Jeremy got an array of fun gifts and even a Spongebob skate board.

Rachael took the opportunity to get the three little girls together for a photo. When Lucy kept crawling away, Ava falling over and Savanna sinking into the couch we decided that the mom's should just hold the girls. Turned out to be a cute pic.

Before we headed down on Sunday we decided to take a stroll toy the beach since it was such a warm day. There happened to be a Pro-Volleyball tournament happening right next to the pier. We love living here near the beach and having these events come through town. The competition and weather really brought out the locals and tourists. The beach was packed and parking was terrible! We had to park on Palm - that has never happened but gave us a little glimpse of what summer will be like here on the weekends...a madhouse.


Here are some fun pics of Ava. Rachael, Ava and I went to the Irvine Spectrum last week and we had her try on a couple pairs of sunglasses at Old Navy. Like Rachael said, sunglasses are so impractical for babies. They make for funny pictures though.

Here is Ava in her Bumbo seat again. It's a fun chair but she is already trying to find ways to sneak out of it by arching her back or scooting around. It's also kind of sad when she drops the toy she is playing with...she can't reach it again. Something she can reach though are her toes! Toes and feet are a recent discovery of Ava's. Something that we have discovered about her feet is that they are smelly! Ha ha. For now it's kind of cute. I guess she should start wearing so
cks with her shoes.

Carter and Ava are such good little buddies. He tries to help her do everything and Ava just smiles at him. I especially like Ava's double chin in this pic.

Something that we aren't sure if Ava enjoys is being tossed in the air. She doesn't get tossed too high (like just barely out of our hands) but it is a little bit of a rush for her. She always makes the same face though (see below) - it's a straight mouth scared look and she always extends her arms out. Maybe we need a video of this to really explain.

Friday, May 04, 2007


So the Bates family organized a Cinco de Mayo party only it couldn't actually be on the 5th so they renamed it the Tres de Mayo party! We had The Bates, Eisenbises' and the Lucas' over to our house for some good mexican food. There was even a pinata!

See the spread:

See the people:

Anna Lucas and Ava are just a month apart in age (Ava older). You can tell that they enjoy the same actvities, like sucking on their hands!

Thanks for a fun party Bates!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A few pictures...

If anyone has talked to us in the past 9 months, you know that our favorite place to eat out is Chipotle. Yum, chicken burritos. So it was fitting that the first time Ava sat in a high chair was at Chipotle. Rachael let us borrow her chair cover so she could be a little more comfortable. It was really cute to see her sitting in the chair. She looked so small! We also realized that it's more work to have her sit in the high chair versus in her car seat while we are out and that we have two years or more of her sitting in high chair so this is one thing that we are ok with waiting on. It was still cute to see her in it and here's the picture to prove it:

Yesterday Ava and I went up to Rancho with Rachael and her kids to hang out for the afternoon. We did this last week as well and it was a fun break from apartment living. Dana and Lucy came down from LA and Camille and Jeremy were there too, not to mention Cindy and Karen and Meredith and Bill. Ha ha. There are so many people! Anyways, it was fun for all the kids to hang out together and for all of us to just chat and hang out. Dana made chocolate chip cookies and we ate lunch out and went to Old Navy. It was a fun afternoon and hopefully we'll be doing this more often. Here is a super cute pic of Jeremy, Ava and Carter just lounging together on Ava's blanket. These two boys take such good care of her.

Here is Ava in her beach wear. Now that the weather is warming up we are looking forward to more beach days. We went last week with some people from the ward. From that smile, you can imagine that Ava really enjoys going to the beach.

Ava has really enjoyed putting blankets over her head. This kind of scares me a bit (SIDS) but sometimes I don't even know it has happened. Like on Sunday we went in to get her up for church and this is how we found her in her crib.

And one more...here is a picture of Ava right before heading to church about a week and a half ago.