Thursday, April 26, 2007

So advanced...

Yesterday Ava and I went to spend the afternoon with Camille while Jeremy was at preschool. We stopped into Sunshine School just in time for Jeremy to "share" Ava and me. Basically, show and tell. Jeremy was so cute at his school with all of his little friends. Thanks for sharing us Jer. After class - one of the mom's was asking about Ava and I told her that she was 4 1/2 months old. She acted stunned saying that she also had a 4 month old at home (11 days younger than Ava). She couldn't believe how "advanced" Ava was. She kept commenting on how alert, smiley, and strong she was. I was holding her on my hip and this mom said that she would never be able to do that with her daughter, she was too floppy. Anyways, I think it's funny when parents say their kids are advanced but I don't really mind it when others say it about mine. We've heard it often and we are so proud of our baby girl. Here is another "advanced" photo of Ava. :)
The other day I was in Ava's room on the computer and Ava was under her toys in the family room. She was playing as normal - making all of her normal noises, squeals, complaints, etc. Some time passed and I went in to check on her and she was on her tummy, under the couch! I almost had a heart attack when I walked in and saw these two little legs sticking out. Not only did she somehow scoot herself under there, she managed to bring a little toy with her. What a funny girl. Unfortunately there isn't a photo to document that but I'll always remember it.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend Update

We had a good weekend so I thought I'd post about it. On Friday, Eric took the last part of the CPA exam. He felt really good about it so we are hoping that results in another great score and mark an end to the late night study sessions. Since the test was in the morning, Eric took off the rest of the day. We met Camille, Jeremy, Dana, Lucy and Karen at In-N-Out in Long Beach for lunch and then went to the Long Beach Museum of Art. The museum was nice, not very big but the location was great right on Ocean Blvd overlooking the Pacific. Of course the most fun we had was just hanging out together chatting outside of the museum. Jeremy and Lucy had fun playing in the puddle from the morning's rain. Lucy loved exploring the water and by the time we were ready to go she was soaked and ready for a complete change of clothes.On Saturday, Dana and Casey invited us up to LA to go to a Dodgers game. Casey had scored some tickets from a friend and they were great seats - behind home plate on the first base side. It actually turned out to be a great game too. Vs Pittsburgh, the Dodges won in extra innings with a Grand Slam! Wow! It was exciting. It was Ava and my first trip to Dodger Stadium. I loved how the stadium was in the hills overlooking LA. It was beautiful up there. Ava fell asleep in the middle of the game but I think she still had a lot of fun.

On Sunday we had 8am church which came earlier then usual since we got home so late the night before but we still made it there and we had 17 kids in the nursery. It was a busy 2 hours. Then that evening we invited ourselves up to Rancho to hang out with Bryan and Camille. We watched The Simpsons and Family Guy and ate ice cream. What else could you ask for - a perfect ending to a fun weekend.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Lack of Blogging...

I haven't "blogged" for a while now. A whole 5 days! I have some sad laptop died. Done. Dead. Forever. I was basically freaking out wondering about my beloved documents and most importantly all of our pictures for the last 4 YEARS, including Ava's birth photos. We still don't know what the outcome will be of them. Hopefully there will be good news. My brother thinks they are salvageable. I hope he is right. We have learned one of those valuable lessons of backup your files. Why does everyone learn this lesson the hard way? Bill also thinks that the reason for the crash is the system board and we should just get a new one. Easier said then done. Who just has an easy grand lying around waiting to be used on a new laptop? But hey, it's cheaper than rent! Anyways, hopefully this weekend we will make a decision on what to do with everything and take the old one to get the docs and pics off. Here is an old picture of me and my laptop (Almost two years ago exactly!). Oh the memories!

Meanwhile, I finally got our desktop in working order. It had problems - still relatively unused and new but from moving and all we never properly set it up or got it on the internet. So that was last night's project. And here I am today - online and back in touch with the world. It's strange how dependent I have become on the internet. All day yesterday I kept thinking - oh, I'll just look it up, oh, I'll email you, oh, I don't have a computer! Listen to me complaining when some people in the world have never even seen a computer.

Other then the computer dying, not too much else has been happening. We've had a successful eBay week which will help out with that cost mentioned above.

Ava is still super fun. She gets more and more interactive everyd
ay. Her new trick is turning around in her crib after she wakes up. The other morning I came in and she had done a complete 360. This morning she was turned sideways. I am glad that she is having fun in her crib awake without crying. That's a good thing for me - gives me that extra time to get myself ready before jumping into her routine in the morning. When I get my pictures back I'll add one in. I caught her in the act a couple of days ago. For now you can look at this sleeping Ava:

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Today is April 15th - Tax Day. Well, it is but isn't since it falls on a Sunday and tomorrow is Patriots' Day or in Washington DC it's Emancipation Day. Do you like how I just threw that in there like it's normal? Patriots' Day, Emancipation Day? I have never even heard of those holidays.

Nonetheless it's still April 15th and that means it's Spike's Birthday. Yes, Spike, our cat. He's four years old today.

Yesterday was Brennan's graduation from Chiropractic school and we went to a BBQ up at the Gerdts house. Here are a couple pictures of us at that event.

Dana let us borrow her "Bumbo" chair. It's a little round foam chair that helps babies to sit up on their own. They can't really get out of it. It's a perfect for another place to have Ava sit. It's frustrating for both of us that either I have to hold her or she has to be laying down. Anyways, she looks so cute in it.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

H&M Opening

One of my favorite stores opened today...H&M. I am so glad that it finally made it's debut in Orange County opening 3 stores! Very, very fun. Camille, Jeremy, Meredith, Ava and I decided to fight the crowds and get there early since the first 100 people received gift cards and other goodies. We arrived at 10:30am for the 12pm grand opening only to find ourselves number 200 something in line with no hope of receiving a gift card. Bummer! We couldn't feel too bad considering two things, 1- the first people in line arrived at 6am and 2 - there were about 300 people behind us. But we stayed in line and enjoyed all of the festivities and can proudly say that we did it and were one of the firsts to enter H&M and have our first picks of the loot inside. I was most excited about the baby clothes which proves how much my life has changed over the last four months. We all scored some deals and decided to celebrate with lunch at Rainforest Cafe in South Coast Plaza. It was a very fun outing.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

First bite

How excited does Ava look for this food!? She really was. You can kind of tell in the picture but as soon as I sat the bowl down in front of her she reached for the spoon. Eager little girl. I sat her in her high chair which was more for my benefit then hers. You'll see in the little video that she actually fell to the side but overall did really well in the chair. There isn't some great reaction to the food - but she actually seemed to enjoy it. Of course, I continued to feed her after the video ended and she got much better at "chewing" and swallowing. I also got better at getting it into her mouth and giving her more time to finish before shoving more in her mouth. I guess it was a learning experience for both of us. I was laughing at myself because I really didn't know what I was doing. This morning I fed her again and it went much smoother. She had more staying in her mouth then falling out this time. I really do think she likes it. Just another one of her many, many firsts in her life.

First bites on April 9th, 2007:

Monday, April 09, 2007

4 months old

On April 7th Ava turned four months old. How cute is that? A 1/3 of a year. She is growing up. Not only is she getting bigger, she is learning more and becoming more active. It's so much fun to see all of her new tricks.

Here's a picture of our little 4 monther. By the way, it's getting harder and harder to take a non-blurry picture of Ava. She moves so much! I guess we need to start using the flash a little more.

We went to Dr Chang today and learned some fun things about Ava...
  • She weighs 13 lbs 14 oz (average weight).
  • She is 25 1/2 inches long (90-95th percentile).
  • Her head size is average.
  • She is doing some 5 month old tricks already like grabbing toys, holding her head at a 45 degree angle while on her tummy, laughing, trying to pull herself to a sitting position, etc. (she is so smart for her age...ha ha!)
  • She had three shots and cried like I have never heard her cry before. It was a scary shrieking cry with real tears, so sad. Last month when she received a shot she didn't cry at all so this super baby power must not have been a power at all but a fluke.
  • She is not bow-legged. (Eric was worried with how much she likes to stand)
  • She is not scarred for life from watching The Ghost Rider. We brought her to that movie over the weekend and Eric was covering her eyes and ears at the scary parts. We were afraid that she'd have nightmares forever. According to the doctor though, she doesn't realize the images are scary...just entertaining...for now.
  • She is going to start eating rice cereal tonight (watch for pics of this tomorrow).
  • She is going to bed too late - we are moving bedtime from 10pm to 9pm.
So overall a very successful trip besides the crying her head off part. The nurse there, Florence, gets the biggest kick out of Ava. I am sure she does with all the kids she sees but there is always something happening to make Florence laugh. The first appointment Ava peed all over the scale, then she was smiling and according to Florence it was early, she snorts sometimes when she laughs/smiles (see video below), etc. Today Ava was just checking Florence out - staring hard. I really think she was checking out her brightly colored scrubs but she was doing all sorts of strange faces at Florence with her eyebrows doing little dances. She couldn't get over all of her expressions. I am glad that Ava can entertain her and Florence has a great laugh that just keeps encouraging Ava. Then she comes in with the needles and it's all over. Poor Florence.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Ava found her basket this morning from the Easter Bunny. She got new shoes, a new toy, and some spoons. Wow! What fun. She was so intrigued by the basket. She didn't even take her eyes off of it to smile for her picture. Her little hands were already digging in for the toy. She has been learning a lot about hand-eye coordination and even more about how to get what she wants.

Ava turned 4 months old yesterday. She celebrate by hanging out with mom and dad at El Torito Grill and going to see The Ghost Rider in Irvine. We didn't realize that the movie was going to be "scary". Hopefully she isn't tormented by scary images of the devil for the rest of her life. Eric did his best to cover her eyes though when necessary. Today Ava was sitting in her bouncer seat just yelping away. I know yelping is a strange word but that is the best word to describe it. I don't know what she was doing but she has discovered her voice and loves to hear it although in this clip she doesn't seem very happy. Eric took a short video to share with you (below) and proves that she isn't only smiles and giggles. Shortly after this little rant, she fell asleep. Oh, she is naked because she just had a bath...

Tomorrow Ava has her 4 month check up. I seriously get excited for these appointments. I can't wait to see how much she has grown and learn what new things to expect in the upcoming weeks. She might even get the ok to start eating rice cereal. Ooooh. I will post an update tomorrow.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Grass - what's that?

So this post I am just sticking in here because I didn't have the pictures from Eric's phone until today. This was April 7th and Ava touched grass for the first time with her bare feet. This was actually at the Irvine building. There wasn't any great reaction from Ava - she didn't seem to mind - she didn't seem phased at all. Anyways, we still need the documentation of all the firsts that we can.

Friday, April 06, 2007

How late is late?

So, not a news flash in our household, but it's "busy season" for everyone in the tax profession right now. Thankfully the April deadline is rapidly approaching. Every accountant is probably working late nights right now. Eric has been working late but it hasn't been too bad...until last late is late? Really, take a guess at how late Eric worked until last night - - I seriously think it might be an all time record. On Thursday, April 5th, Eric went into work at 8:30am (normal) and worked until 5:30am April 6th (not normal). Is that the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard?! Eric walked in our door at 5:55 this morning, crawled into bed and set the alarm for 9am to head back to work. I think it's the most insane thing that has ever happened but he said there is a deadline and the work has to be done. I am not really sure what my response is to that but April 17th is almost here. We welcome that day but in the meantime I will try to smile and nod and help Eric stay awake and healthy. I really do appreciate how hard Eric works and how he supports our little family. I am grateful that he enjoys what he does and the learning process of it. Hip, hip hooray for flexible Fridays starting in May!! Here is a pic of Ava and Eric this past Sunday when we all went for a hike in O'Neil Park. I know Eric is hoping for more days like this soon.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

She laughs!

Ha ha - Ava and I were just hanging out this afternoon and I accidentally scared her (she still has a major infant startle reflex) then she just started laughing her head off at everything. Anyways - this isn't the first time she laughed but it's just starting to get more common now. Eric walked in just as she was laughing and grabbed the camera to take a video. So here it is...oh, please take notice of the little snort in the middle.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Sleeping baby

Everyone says that newborns sleep all the time, whenever and where ever. It's pretty much true. I decided to start documenting where Ava sleeps, I am a mom on the go so she gets her naps in when she can. See for yourself...
PS: We love her arm positions. So cute. I am surprised we don't have a picture with her arms straight above her head. That seems to be her most favorite position. Anyways, enjoy.

On mom's lap, at the beach.

On the couch.

In mom's arms.

In the bouncer seat.

Playing with her toys.

In the stroller, at the beach.

In the pack n' play at Grandma Suman's house.

In the car, in her carseat.

In her boppy pillow.

And of course, in her crib.