Friday, March 30, 2007

Turbo Tax Rap

This Turbo Tax rap is the best out there. Go to YouTube and vote for it. Voting goes from 3/31 - 4/8. Please vote there for rap # 122. Support our friends! If you want to learn more about this contest check it out here. Can you believe they could win $25,000?? Good luck Justin and Gerrit. I'll add more details when I hear about them.

First BBQ

We finally were able to fire up the new grill last night. Our hot dogs and hamburgers were way good. Even though it was getting dark we ate outside on our new patio furniture too. Hopefully we can have everyone down for a big BBQ soon.

Fashion Faux Pas

I know I am probably setting my daughter up for social disaster by dressing her in white before Memorial Day, but how cute is she in her little white pants? Anyways, we live in California and it's 70 degrees! Please forgive me.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


This past weekend Ava and I went on a trip with Camille to Utah. I was sad to leave Eric but being tax season we weren't going to be spending too much time together anyway. We had a great time in Utah. Camille and I had fun on our 10 hour drive there and back - chatting it up. Ava did so well in the car, the little sweetie slept most of the way. On Friday, March 23rd, Rachael had her baby! We couldn't believe that we missed it. I was so sad not to be here while she was at the hospital. Savanna Rae was 7lbs 7oz and 19.5 inches long. She is a mini Carter but with dark hair. I can't remember Ava being that small. She is so precious.
So, in Utah, we stayed with Mark and Sara - thanks for the hospitality! I also got to see my brother, Bill and his family. They recently moved to the Gateway in Salt Lake. They have such a fun little apartment right in the mix of it all downtown. Ava and I were treated to some good italian food at Biaggi's...thanks. Of course, back in Provo, Cafe Rio was on the menu for two meals. Yum. It was heavenly! I was missing Felix though - it hasn't been the same without him there. There were other familiar faces missing from the work line too. Just not the same but the food was still great. It was fun to have so many friends come out too. We also made a trip to another "must have" food...The Pie in Salt Lake. Gerrit hosted a "famous" Miller BBQ on Sunday night. It was so great to see all of our friends/family again. I was excited for everyone to meet little Ava. We had a nice time hanging out and enjoying the great spring weather. There was even a little red ball happening.
It was strange being back in Utah again. It's so familiar - it was home for 9 years - but I have made a new home now here in California. We really miss our family/friends though. We can't wait to go back in a couple of months. This time with Eric. Everyone was wishing he was there. Me too. Eric had fun here in California going running, reading at Barnes & Noble, seeing a movie, and having dinner with friends and family that were in town.

Here's a pic of Ava and I at Cafe Rio (nice tongue, Ava)...

Our Ava, Her Blessing

Ava's baby blessing was on March 18th. She looked especially sweet in her little ivory dress. I hope that Ava will fulfill all of those things that were promised to her. I am so grateful for Eric. I loved that he was able to utilize his priesthood to bless our daughter. I also was so grateful that my family, Eric's family, and our friends were able to support us and be there...especially since it was so early in the morning. We had a little brunch gathering at our apartment after sacrament meeting. We had 25 people in our little apartment. I can't believe we all fit! Thanks for sharing this special day with us.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Novak Family Vacation

The Novaks came to California for a visit this week. My parents traveled from Connecticut and my brother and his family came from Utah. We really had a great time together seeing what Southern California had to offer and enjoyed the nice weather which was a great break from winter back home. Mostly we had fun just being together and meeting little Ava. Unfortunately, Kayla got sun poisoning and her face totally swelled up. We spent some time at the Huntington Beach pier, the beach, eating out, playing mini golf, Balboa Island, going to the park, etc. My parents bought Eric and I a gift for the back yard, a grill! We are so excited to have BBQs. We love the new landscape and patio furniture too. It will be so much fun this spring. Thanks guys.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Three months old

Ava turns three months old tomorrow. Wow! She's getting so old. I wish we could post hundreds of mini videos showing you all the cute things she does. She is becoming so much more active. We love to see her play with her toys kicking and hitting them as they hang overhead. When she is really happy she kicks her arms and legs smiling with her whole body. She is starting to grab at toys too. She is drinking from a bottle like a pro. She is so much more alert and can see further away. I love to see her smile at me from across the room or turn her head to find me when she hears my voice. I also love to hear her coos and goos and oohs. Today we went to the doctor for her three month check up and everything went so well. Ava has grown to 25 inches long and 12 lbs 3 oz. She is in the 95th percentile for height. This explains why all of her pants slip off but are too short. Ha ha. I had that syndrome too but not until I was 10. Ava received two more vaccinations today. She didn't even cry when she got her polio shot. She is such a brave little girl. Everyone says how much she looks like Eric. I would have to agree. She has my big eyes but she is all daddy. She even has inherited his dry skin.

We went to the beach this week. We really have to enjoy this great winter weather we are having. The last few days have reached 80 degrees. I love it. Ava got to wear a little sun hat at the beach - she was so cute - I had to take a picture.

We also had a baby shower for Rachael. It's been fun getting to know the other girls in the ward through these events. She only has 4 weeks left of her pregnancy. We are so excited to meet their little girl. We also learned that Mark and Sara are expecting a girl in August. Girls, girls everywhere!

Eric has been working a lot of hours during this busy season. We love to go meet him for lunch or dinner. Eric loves seeing Ava and they are so cute together. He has passed another section of the CPA exam. 3 of 4 - one more to go! Here is a family photo: