Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Getting older...

I just wanted to post about a couple of happenings in the Novak family.

Last Sunday (Feb 18) was my Grandma Novak's birthday and she turned 90 years old. Wow. I really am so amazed by that. She is doing so well, I can't even believe that she is 90. She was born in 1917. Did I mention that she is now 90 years old? I called her on the big day to wish her a happy birthday and she was in such great spirits. She was so alert and aware of everything. She is still very active. Going to relatives houses for cake and visiting, she walks just fine, wears glasses but only for reading, stays up on the current events with her favorite thing...the news, and of course has more opinions then anyone. She lives with my parents but still does a lot on her own and helps out around the house when she can. My other Grandma also lives with my parents (way to go mom!) and they keep each other company in the evenings while my parents are at work. Anyways, I just thought that it was a noteworthy occasion. The first picture was taken on the big day, the picture below is of her playing video games (Mario Kart) with my nephew Scottie last Christmas.

Another noteworthy event is that my dad enters the coveted world of retirement tomorrow! He has worked for Sikorsky Aircraft for nearly 30 years. It has been an up and down experience with them but they have pulled through for the long run. He has worked so hard and provided a comfortable life for us growing up. I am just extremely appreciative and hope that he can find something that he enjoys more with his newly found free time. My parents are putting their house on the market next month and hope to find themselves lounging poolside in Florida before the onset on next winter.

The Novak family is coming to California in March so you'll hear more about them then.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Well, today a little rash appeared all over Ava's torso. We had our follow-up appointment today with the pediatrician which worked out perfectly. Dr Chang decided it was Roseola. Roseola first starts with a fever and then a few days later, after the fever breaks, a rash shows up. Luckily we didn't bring Ava around any kids or anyone for that matter while she had the fever because that's when she was contagious. The rash should go away in a day or two and she will be back to normal. It's not itchy supposedly so that's good. I guess that typically you only get this virus once in your life (usually between 6 months-2 years old) so hopefully Ava got it out of her system yearly.

Monday, February 19, 2007

A trip we didn't want to take...

A trip to the ER.

On Saturday afternoon Ava started acting a little cranky - it was a really warm day here - in the 80s...but then I realized that she may be a little warmer then what the weather was. I took her temperature and it was 101. As the evening wore on the warmer she got and the sadder she was. We gave her infant Tylenol and that helped the fever but the lowest it got was 99. Being a new mom, I wasn't really sure what to do. I figured that a good nights sleep would really help and in the morning all would be ok. I was mistaken about the good night sleep - Ava had a bad nights sleep. She woke up every 1 - 2 hours. Not crying hysterically - but more like a complaining whimper. It was a long one for all of us.
On Sunday morning I decided that Ava and I would stay home from church and rest. Eric was great and went and helped out at nursery. We just stayed in all day. Ava slept way more then she was awake. When she would wake up, she continued with the whimpering cry. It was so sad. Eric just held her most of the afternoon. I felt really helpless. Not really knowing what to do for her. I guess I was trying to be brave, maybe a little stubborn, or maybe just a little uninformed but I hadn't called the doctor yet. When she took the Tylenol the fever would break for a little. In the afternoon I decided not to give her the Tylenol and see what happened with the fever. It stayed consistently between 100 - 101. It seemed like we did all we could - it was time to call Dr Chang's office and they decided to send us to Urgikids, which is an Urgent Care Clinic in Costa Mesa.
This is when the drama really began for us. Eric had to pick up the Bates from the airport right when we had to go to the clinic. The clinic was closing soon so we didn't have a choice, Ava and I went over and waited for over an hour to see the doctor. The doctor couldn't find a reason for the fever. It wasn't any of the common things - she didn't have a cold, diahrea, vomiting, ear infections, etc. Just as I was finishing with the doctor, the Bates dropped Eric off at the clinic. He was just in time to hear that we needed to take Ava to Hoag hospital's Emergency Room. I think this is when I lost it a little bit. I could help but shedding a few tears thinking about what little helpless Ava would have to go through tonight. It was already 10pm when we arrived at the hospital.
Ava had to get an IV for drawing blood and administrating antibiotics for the fever. Since she is an infant her arm had to be put in a splint so she wouldn't bump or hurt the IV. There was more tape on her arm then there was skin. They needed an urine sample and the only way to do that with an infant is with a catheter. She had her temperature check multiple times throughout the evening and this was done rectally. How awful. This little baby being poked and prodded. Finally we received some test results back. It looked like a virus. The annoying thing about this result is there isn't much you can do. You just need to let the virus run it's course and treat the symptoms. We were released from the hospital at 1am.
Today, Ava is again just resting. Sleeping a lot still but better than yesterday. She has had a smile on her face a couple of times. We were really missing that smile yesterday. Her fever is still down although she is still a little irritable. We tried to get an appointment with our pediatrician to see what more should be done. Nothing was available until tomorrow though. So we will lay low and monitor her closely for another day until Dr Chang gives us the final verdict. I can't wait until Ava is back to her normal happy, giggling, smiling self. I hope that's soon and I hope that that was the last ER trip. :)

Here is a picture of Eric and Ava at the hospital.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

Ava is enjoying her first Valentine's Day. She is our little "sweetheart".

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Camera happy...

Sometimes we can't put the camera down with little Ava around. Well, more like I can't put it down. She is growing so much I just want to remember every detail. Here are a couple of her latest.

We decided to venture down to the beach this afternoon despite the blustery winds. Ava had her first experience with sand and water. Of course, we have been down to the beach before but she actually hasn't put her feet in. We documented the occasion.
Ava didn't actually like the water all that much. She cried every time the wave came in and touched her feet. I mean - I can't blame her. The water was freezing! But, she liked the sand and she enjoyed hanging out with me on the beach while Eric studied for the CPA exam.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tall, tall, tall...

Ava June had her two month check up today. She is growing so much. She is in the top 10th percentile for height - measuring at 23 1/2 inches. Ava weighed in at 11 lbs 5 oz. She also had three immunization shots. It was so traumatic for her. She cried after each one calming down right before the next one was given. It was really sad to see her little face almost purple from crying so hard. The rest of the afternoon was spent just napping and eating. I can't believe it's already been two months! Here is a short video that we made to send to my parents of Ava just being Ava. Sorry you have to hear my dorky comments in the background.

This past month was Eric's birthday, January 17th. We hosted the family dinner and birthday party for him and Rachael. Eric finally got what he's always wanted for his birthday (an iPod) and the best part was that I was able to keep it a surprise. Justin and Gerrit sent Eric a gift...A birthday rap video. It's totally rad.

This past week Eric got to do something that he never has done before...he got to feed Ava! She is still learning how to take a bottle but I am sure that it will get easier as time goes on. Ava also slept the night through - 8 hours. Ahhh...if only every night was like that.

Eric and I have a new calling in our ward. We are in the nursery.
Each S
unday we get to spend two hours with 10-15 kids ages 18 months to 3 years. They have playtime, snack time, a lesson, sing a couple of songs and then more playtime. The lesson is really funny - they have about a one minute attention span. They are a lot of fun though. Carter is in our class so it's fun to watch him play.

Tonight, Rachael and Susie Price threw me a post-baby baby shower. They insisted that the ward would want to help us celebrate and I really think that they did. It was a lot of fun to visit with the women of the ward. I finally got to officially meet a lot of people in our complex too. It was a lot of fun to have the Suman/Willard/Gerdts family there again too. It was a great turn out. Ava got so many new clothes - I need to organize the closet to make room. Thanks Rachael! Eric and Ava spent their first alone time together during the shower. I really missed her even though I was only gone 3 hours.