Tuesday, January 09, 2007

One Month Old

Ava had her one month birthday on Sunday, January 7th.
Here is a pic of the babe...
Since it was Sunday we didn't have some raging party. We just did the normal stuff. We went for a nice walk on the Pier though. Ava really loves being outside especially with the great weather we've had lately. We also went to Rachael and Brennan's house for dinner. Very yummy.

Everyone has been wondering who Ava looks like more - Eric or me. Well, see for yourself...

Friday, January 05, 2007

Still Smiling

In case you were worried, yes, Ava is still smiling.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas 2006

We had such a fun Christmas this year. It was a different experience having Ava here with us. We were always preoccupied with what she was doing and taking care of her but we didn't mind much. We love seeing what new things she has to do. We went ahead and put up our Christmas decorations right at the first of December, before Ava arrived so we'd be ready. After Ava arrived we had to get those Christmas cards out in a hurry so we had a little photo shoot with her. Dressing her in different outfits and having different backgrounds. We finally decided upon this picture. All of her clothes were huge when she first came home so her Christmas dress didn't quite fit well enough so we went with this one.

It was a Suman Christmas this year so we stuck close to home here in California. We spent a few nights up at Eric's parents house to enjoy the festivities without the half hour drive. It was so much fun to spend time with Eric's siblings and cousins that were in town, playing games, eating out, chatting. We all have such a good time together. Since there were 5 families having Christmas together under one roof we had sooo many gifts under the tree. Every year it gets bigger and bigger. We always have to take a picture to document it. Eric and I mostly gave each other "needed" items. Eric's parents got us a piano. One of the ward buildings here was getting rid of a piano and Cindy heard about it and scored a deal for $100 for a Yamaha piano. We moved it in after Christmas. Eric loves to play it and I am learning.

Jeremy (Eric's nephew) is 4 1/2 and the perfect age for Christmas. He was so excited for Santa Clause and he got a bike this year. Don't we all have Christmas memories of receiving our first bike? He was so excited. It's fun to have kids around during the holidays. I realized that before long Ava will be that age and really getting into all of the Christmas fun. I can't wait.

This picture is of Ava on Christmas Eve. She got a pretty Christmas dress from Mama Novak. How cute are those satin panties?! She grew a little in those two weeks and fit into her dress a little better by this point.

Ava has grown so much in this first month of life, more then I realized. She had a doctors appointment this morning and she now weighs 9 lbs 3 oz and is 21 3/4 inches long. She is "normal"/average in height, weight and head size. She has been doing really great at night. Sometimes she gives us a good 5 hour stretch of sleep. Dr Chang said that we can start to skip the night feedings if she'll let us. I don't know if that will really work yet but we are willing to give it a try. Ava also received a shot today. It is her second Hepatitis B shot but the first that I witnessed. She was a brave girl and only cried for about 20 seconds. It broke my heart to see her go from happy baby to crying in a split second though. Her eyes are lightening up all the time. They are getting more and more blue. Time will tell though what they will really end up being. She still has minimal hair and it's still brown. The day her umbilical cord fell off was one of our favorite days. It was so ugly on her cute little body. Now she has a really nice little belly button. She has perfectly round little ears on a perfectly round little head. She has long fingers which Eric is proud of - perfect for piano and guitar. She has favorite things too. For example, she loves car rides - puts her right to sleep. She also loves to go outside. She likes her stroller and loves the swing that we are borrowing from the Bates. She is really great. Smiles all the time and looks at everything with her big eyes. See for yourself... :)

Our life at home...

After two days at the hospital, we were ready to leave. It is pure boredom there and kind of depressing. We were anxious to see what life was like at home with our new little Ava. I would miss the advice and help of the nurses but I was not going to miss them coming in every hour and checking, poking, waking up my little baby (and me) at all hours of the night. Actually getting to and in the car to come home from the hospital was an interesting experience. I had to be wheelchaired down while carrying Ava and Eric had to wheel all of our bags, flowers, etc on a cart. It was such a project. Eric and I struggled to even put the car seat in the car. We could not figure it out. We were standing outside of the hospital - trying to get the base strapped in and Ava strapped in - looking really cool I am sure. Finally we got her in and we couldn't believe how tiny she was in the seat. She looked so silly. We stopped by the Del Taco drive thru on the way home so Eric could get his daily fill.

At home we were much more comfortable. We got into a routine of who does what when. After two days of that routine and just being at home, we were once again getting anxious to do something more. It's boring being stuck at home all the time. So we took our first adventure out to Target for what else? Diapers. I can't believe how many diapers she goes through! After that little taste of Target, we were out and about every day even if it was just a quick stop somewhere. We had to get out. We spent a few days up at Eric's parents house - just for a change in scenery. Of course I am worried about RSV and other crazy things so we kept her covered and away from stores at really busy times but we had to get out of the house. We only have about 1-2 hours between feedings so all of our trips were short but worth it. She had a lot of firsts in those few days - first car rides, baths, shopping outings, trips to the beach, lunches, etc. It is so much fun having her home but we were really tired for a few days too. I've heard that that is normal though. :) I have accomplished nursing. I even have been able to multi-task while feeding her. Ava's major accomplishment has been learning to smile.
Eric had paternity leave with PWC. He took two weeks off for that and then the third week the office was closed for Christmas break. Three weeks off and PAID! How great is that? We really enjoyed our time together as a family. Eric and Ava bonded a lot over that time and I really think that it was the best thing for us. He is a lot of help at home and at night so the thought of him going back to work really freaked me out. Eric took his three week break and decided to grow a beard. He got to study a little bit too for the CPA exam. Another accomplishment Eric made over his break was biking to San Diego. Eric, Marty, Casey and Meredith rode their bikes from his parents house (Rancho Santa Margarita) to Mission Bay, San Diego in one day. It was a 90 mile ride and they made it in about 10 hours. With how little training they did, that time was miraculous. It was one of the hardest things he had ever done which made it also one of the greatest. I don't think that he'll be doing it again any time soon though. He really enjoyed riding on PCH, having great ocean views and going through all the little beach towns.