Thursday, October 19, 2006

Home Sweet Home

We can officially say that we are moved in (that's our jungle entrance pictured above). We have furniture and everything. Ok, ok, so we might be waiting for a few decorative accessories and things to hang on the wall but for the most part we are settled. The other picture here is of our new couches...they were our second "major" purchase. We waited a long time for these to come but we are very pleased with them.

Our first "major" purchase was our new refridgerator.
We bought that in Utah and moved it with us. This is still just an apartment but we are trying to make it our own with the new furniture.

Even Ava has a cute space to call her
own one day soon. The official due date is December 8th (her room is pictured below).

At 32 weeks, my ever growing belly continues to grow but I am still feeling really good. I just hope that this continues throughout the rest of October and November. I have out grown my wedding ring, which I find extremely disturbing, but have opted for a nice $4 version.
I am having doctors appointments every 2 weeks now. Eric's work load has lightened tremendously allowing him to come to the next visit to meet Dr Ricci. We also will have the opportunity to meet Dr Chang on Monday, she will be our pediatrician. I am excited to meet her and have our questions answered.
Eric also continues to study for the CPA exam in his "spare" time. There are four parts to take and he needs to pass them all individually within 18 months of each other.
As one last couple getaway, Eric and I are going to spend a weekend in San Diego. We haven't made too many plans for that trip yet but we are looking forward to a little alone/relaxing time before everything changes with our baby's arrival.
Rachael (Eric's cousin) is pregnant and recently found out they are having a girl as well. I am excited to see these girls become friends. They will be only 4 months apart. It will be fun having them live next door to us
Watch for a belly post one day soon. Everyone back east is dying to see the basketball size belly so I will get one of those pictures on here soon. Let's just say it's not my favorite photo to take...until then...