Thursday, August 31, 2006

and a wedding...

Mark (Eric's brother) and Sara got married this past weekend (Aug 25) in the San Diego temple. It was a great ceremony and there was a fun party on Saturday. Lots of family and friends were in town so yet again, it was a very busy weekend. We actually made it to the beach for a hour or so. It really is beautiful and I am so glad to be living only a couple of miles from it.

26 weeks pregnant...

Huntington Beach, CA

On August 19th we officially moved into our apartment in Huntington Beach. It has been a hectic two weeks getting everything unpacked, painted, etc. We have hardly any furniture (it's being ordered) and no storage space. I think it will take a while to finally get settled. What we have done looks good though. We have nice new carpet though and will have a new dishwasher and sliding glass door eventually. I will post a picture or two when we are a little more put together. Eric is currently in one of many busy seasons with PWC (that's the office pictured above). He is required to work 55 hours a week for two months. He has been going in early and coming home late but he is learning a lot and is enjoying what he is doing.

I am still working from home for Prosper and working on our home. I have had another doctors appointment and things are still going really well with my pregnancy. I am so happy about that. I had my glucose testing and everything turned out normal with that but they did discover that I am running low on iron. So I am now taking iron supplements to try to end the anemia. I thought I was just tired from moving all these boxes! It has been an exciting time though. I am feeling Ava move more and more. Eric can also feel her kicking in the evening. It's so cute. I am also growing! The belly is getting bigger and more round. I am 6 months now so soon I will be really poking out I am sure.

Our Sweet Baby...

GIRL! On July 14th we found out that we are having a beautiful baby girl. Her name will be Ava. Our baby is happy, healthy, and growing normally. She measured at 19 weeks and 3 days, putting my due date at December 5th. The most important thing is the healthy part so we couldn't be more excited. We saw so many cool things from the ultrasound. It was pretty amazing.

I included a couple of pictures from the ultrasound. How cute is that little hand?? Sorry that they came out get the picture though right?

The moving day...

On June 28th we packed up our apartment in Provo and moved to California. It was a bittersweet day. Kam and Gerrit threw us a little going away BBQ. It was fun to see friends and to have one last Miller BBQ.The evening before we moved we had all of the guys come help us load up the big yellow Penske. We are so grateful to everyone's help with our many moves this past summer.
Penske gave us the biggest truck they had although we only owned enough to fill about 2/3. Our truck came with a couple small user only how do you reattach the car carrier?
Luckily Mark was able to help us out - he waited for the roadside help to come while Arson Car played one final show at Roman Gardens apartments. It was so fun to see friends and hear great music one last time. It was totally sad though. After this spontaneous adventure we took a midnight trip to Wal-Mart for straps to hold our stuff in place.

The next morning we headed out. Our 26 foot truck, Eric's car on the carrier, Mark following in my car, and Spike hanging out with us in the cab. The drive went just fine. There weren't any problems with the truck or the car or Spike. We made decent time only stopping for gas and food. There was one incident with a scary man at the Flying Js in Vegas. He wanted to come along for the ride and help us move. We tried to get out of there as fast as possible. We made it to Rancho Santa Margarita where we'd stay for 2 weeks (or so we thought) safely.
After we made the move we found out that our apartment wouldn't be ready until August so the Suman parents graciously let us set up camp in their house for the 6 weeks. Meredith let us stay in her room while she had all of her summer adventures at EFY, Youth Conference, etc. Spike made his home in the back yard (aka his garden of eden) and in the garage.

Eric started his job with PWC and really has been working hard. He had a two week training in Virginia and enjoyed learning about the company and what he'll be doing this year at work. The best part was taking trips into Washington, DC and seeing the sites. Meanwhile, I went on a couple trips of my own. I went to Arizona for Granner's 80th birthday party and to Connecticut for a week and visited the fam. After two weeks, we were very excited to see each other and hope to
not have to do that again. We also celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary on July 19th!

I thought I would be better at this....

So I must admit that I did think that I'd be better at keeping this updated then I am. I mean at least once a month right? Oh well. I will try to add a couple of posts and backtrack on our life since June.