Tuesday, June 20, 2006

15 or 17 weeks? And less than two...

Well, we had another doctor's appointment yesterday and things still seem to be progressing as normal. I've gained two pounds since the last appointment...I think I am starting to show more, not a lot but it's out there. We heard the heartbeat again and the doctor even heard some kicking although I haven't noticed it yet. I measured at 17 weeks when we thought I was only about 15 1/2 weeks. So the baby is growing good and may be arriving earlier then expected. In about three weeks we will have an ultrasound which will tell us more about the due date and find out the gender. We are so excited to actually be able to see the baby. We are so happy that both mom and baby are healthy.

Less than two weeks until we move to California. The countdown is definitely on. California sounds very fun
but the strange part is realizing that we're not coming back. I mean, this time we aren't just going on vacation. Despite all the joking and ridicule, Provo has been so fun and we are really going to miss it and our friends / family here. Especially when we have fun weekends filled with going to the pool, BBQs and Red Ball at the Miller's house and Arson Car shows.