Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Happy Graduate and a Future Career

On April 28th, Eric graduate from BYU with his Masters in Accounting (tax). It was a wonderful day. Most of the Suman Family were in attendance and we were so grateful for everyone's support and congratulatory wishes. It was such a great accomplishment and we are so proud of him.
We are excited for all of the adventures that are coming up.
Eric has accepted an employment offer with PriceWaterhouseCoopers and will start with them on July 10th. The office is in Irvine, CA and we'll be moving into an apartment in Huntington Beach. It is exciting to be moving on but we will really miss Utah and all of our great friends here. The big moving day is scheduled for June 30th.

Laura will continue working with Prosper. They have been extremely accomodating and will allow her to work from home in a new Quality Assurance position. She will be able to monitor the coaches phone calls, create reports and offer feedback for training them to be better communicators.

IT'S A...

BABY! We don't know the gender yet but we should on July 14th. This is only week 12 but we couldn't be more pleased with the progress we've made so far in growing this baby. The baby has reflexes and fingernails, tooth buds and a brain! Wow. It's been a busy 12 weeks.
Last Tuesday we had our first doctor's appointment and we were able to hear the heart beat. That little guy is beating fast. Almost twice as fast as mine. We are really looking forward to the rest of the appointments and learning more.
We'll keep you posted.